Need instruments, have cash

| Yeah someone give me a lead. I don't trust any sucker out there selling an instrument out of their fuckin basements.

And especially don't give me recs for like, those ones that are for augged people or I'll break your fingers


| Johnny's AugTunes Joint at the corner of 14th and Elysium has everything you need, chummer.


| Try one of the supermalls, chummer

| >>859027
Supermalls turn up total drek that isn’t worth the effort. I’ll kill you

- EZBreezy

| I guess it depends on what you mean by my basement, I've dug up plenty of barely functioning instruments out of a scrapyard downtown. With a little TLC I bet you could make these babies sing!

- Gomi

| instruments are for boys


| >>859354

I'll break your fingers too.


PM a link to these places bc im bored and maybe this will keep me out of trouble

- EZBreezy

| >>859362

Yeah sure thing, beaming em your way now. Good luck there chief! Digging through the trash is hard work but fuck me if it ain't the funnest shit!

- Gomi

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