(Setting) The Bouchard Collection

| >The Uptown District, being somewhat isolated from many of the fighting and rioting that plagues the other parts of Glitch City, is home to a humble-sized building planted amidst other building complexes present within the commercial part of the district.
>The Bouchard Collection, as its name might suggest, is home to the private collection of the Bouchard family.

| >Displaying many items, mainly firearms, slowly accumulated over several generations, the collection itself is not insignificant. As such, while the building maybe humbled by others around it, it is by no mean tiny.

| >Typically, the entire building would have been reserved only for the family and its close friends. Otherwise, it might have been displayed to the public on rare occasions, for the scholarly interested in the historic values of items displayed there. A few times in charity for some establishments of education as to spark an interest for the past in the younger generation.

| >Today, however, is not a typical occasion. The front gate to the collection opens wide for all to enter, with no entrance fee.
>Inside is the entrance hall, itself minimally decorated with some stonework, several images, some paintings, some pictures - black-and-white or colorized - all depicting scenes or artistic renditions of the soldiers, the battles, and all else that might have happened during the World Wars more than a century past.

| >A desk decorate the room, with a pair of figure behind it. One was a frail, middle-aged man, a streak of blond can still be seen among his now mostly-grey hair. He is dressed in a formal black suit and dress pants.

| >The other was a young woman in her 20s, dressed in a khaki trenchcoat, similar to something one might expect to see within the collection itself. Her dark blonde hair was neatly made into a French braid which runs elegantly down her back, her blue eyes occasionally glancing over to the main entrance as she talks with the older man.

| >a young man, maybe 20, in very simple clothes black jeans and white shirt walks in. They have dark bags under their eyes and maybe seems a bit lost or maybe has nowhere really to go and just seeing where they can be.

| >>858638
>There was a few other people already in the entrance hall, some loitering around looking at the art pieces in the hall. Some was looking at what seems to be an electronical leaflet. Others disappears in one of the many entrances to different exhibits.
>The young woman was the first to notice the man, although the old gentleman soon takes notice of you as well. He walks over to greet you while the woman gives you a warm smile. She does seem fairly pretty when she smile.

| "A pleasant afternoon to you, my dear guest, and welcome..."

>The man announces politely with a bow. He pauses for a moment as he gets back up from his bow before continuing;

"Welcome to the Bouchard Collection, I am Paul Lambert, the Keeper and Curator of this collection."


| > A large man walks in. He seems out of place, with a face in need of a shave and an odd lumpy case on his back. He scans the room he's in. His hands drum against his thighs in an odd pattern as he finally takes notice of the person greeting

"Oh, howdy. This is quite a galleria all right."

| >>858830
"Pleasant evening to you as well. As you may have heard, my name is Paul Lambert. I am the Keeper and the Curator of the Bouchard Collection."

>Paul says, quickly turning to greet you. His eyes glances between the two guests as he continues.

"I am regret to inform you that, due to the number of the visitors today and with me as the sole curator, we cannot provide a guided tour of the collection."

| >He gestures to racks, situated between some paintings of a battlefield long past.

"Although Ms. Bouchard, the esteemed owner of this gallery, has kindly provided the electronic leaflet which will provide map and information regarding the different part of the gallery and the items within."

>He pauses for a moment before continuing.

"We are quite sorry for the inconvenience, but we hope that the leaflet would be able to provide you with a pleasant experience."

| "...and my thanks to both of you for being here today."

>A woman's voice, with a hint of British accent, speaks up. It belongs to the woman in the trenchcoat, who had approached the group while Paul talked, still smiling brightly.

"Ah, of course, and this is Ms. Elise Bouchard, the current owner of this collection."

>Paul quickly introduces her to both of the guests.

| >>858668
>the young man looks at the handed information.
>their voice soft spoken
"T-thank you. Sorry, was a bit lost there."
>they scratch the back of their head
"Is there somewhere recommended?"

| >>858860
"Thanks for..having us?"
>they say unsure of the proper way of addressing curators

| >>859157 >>859158
"Well, you could pick up a leaflet and see for yourself what suits your fancy. Don't worry, you still have time to explore your options."

>Elise replies, taking a moment to produce another spare leaflet from a pocket inside her trenchcoat and hands it to you with the same warm smile.

"Although I'll admit, my favorite would be the British arms exhibit, my family did collect a lot of those. We even have a dedicated section to Lee-Enfields and Lee-Metfords."


| >>858858

"Oh uhh... thanks. I was mostly wonderin' if y'all are acceptin' donations or buyin' up pieces for further displays 'n such."

> The man rolls his shoulder, drawing some attention to the bag he happens to be carrying with him.

"Got some of these... pieces... that I don't need no more"

| >>859361
"Why, of course, although we typically discuss this in-between display. We left our contact information as part of the invitation."

>Paul says matter-of-factly, but Elise chimes in with a pleasant smile;

"But! I think we would not mind taking a look at them right now, of course."




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