An Invitation & A Few Other Inquiries

| Greetings! I hope that this message find all of you in good health. My name is Paul Lambert. I am a curator and keeper of a Bouchard Family's Collection. I am making this post as an invitation on behalf of my mistress and owner of the collection, Elise Bouchard, to come visit her personal collection of antique arms, uniform, as well as various other bits and oddities.

| The private collection - now totalling at almost 200 items - will be opened for visit for a day with no entrance fee on the upcoming 4th of May. Opening from 7 AM to 7 PM. You may find the collection in the Uptown District here;
>[A location is posted]

| On this note, I would also like to make a few other inquiries. Namely if any individuals are in possession of other antique arms, uniform, or other antique items that they are interested in parting with, with particular focus in arms from the World War period. Or if you have any questions regarding the collection's display. You may contact us here for any questions or inquiries;
>[Contact Information is posted]

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