zamn where's the guys are at?

| ey yo, g/u/rl, i feel kinda like finding some guys to get 'personal' with, ya catch my drift?

any venue y'all recommend to go find some guys to 'bond' with?

| VA-11 Hall-A is always populated

| >>857312
ey, thanks, chummer. you know its been kinda hard to find cute guys when i was stuffed up at ma place, ya know? no boys on the matrix and all that, been hard on a g/u/rl.

| boys don't exist

| as a proud boy, I can comfirm that we do not exist

| laughs in genderfluid

| mf get's drank

| as a boy i can confirm we exist

| >>404433
stop lying

| >>858036 yea g/u/rl, don't scare us, not funni

| >>858042
im not lying ;-;

| are you saying tomboys arent boys??? ;-;

| >>858068 a tomboy is a term for a girl who dresses like a boy

| >>857313
I getcha, but tbh most nights out tend to be taco fests anyway. Still, you won't meet any boys staying coped up in your flat all day.

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