What to do

| What to do when your body starts rejecting the nanomachines?
I'm low key panicking

| Go.

| No worry, bruddah. You come to shop, I fix u up. Very common. I do very cheap just for you, my friend. Cousin M come pick you up now, yes? Yes, he will be there soon. Do not make him wait, hahaha

| Do you have a particular hatred of cat ears? If not go to the doctor NOW

| become one of those hot bounty hunter guys or girls. they can't track you anymore baby

| Hey so its OP
I was rushed to the hospital. I still have no clue what's happening but the doctor didn't look hopeful.
Still feels like my body is shifting between shutting down and waking up. But I'm hooked to machines.

Sorry for the freakout everyone ):

| You'll make it OP!

| Update:
Feeling better went through surgery but I'm not out of the woods yet.

Thanks for hearing me out /U/ love y'all.

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