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(Setting/bar) Capsule Corner, act ii

| > The Motor District is under temporary lockdown in an attempt to curb the illegal street races, as if that every stopped anyone.

> Inside the Capsule Corner, the bartender and two semi-regulars have made a blanket-fort using furniture and a motorcycle

> One straggler sat by themselves at the bar, observing. Two took a corner to sleep in together. One stayed passed out in a booth.

> The night goes on.

| >>818148 >>818472

"You need some nice and comfortable! Yer too serious and neeeeeeeed to spend some time to yerself. A night like this does the heart good."

> Dusty is starting to bob her head a little bit, as the weight of Chanka seems to be rooting her in place

"Pete, he'd always say, 'Dani, you oughta not focus so much on the next day. Yer here now, so just relax with me here. The lake's nice.'

> A wide smile spread across her face as she impersonated Pete.

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This thread is permanently archived