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An honest question with an honest answer?

| Riddle me this, danger/u/...

...are there any crimes a human can commit, that they would not be punished for, that a synthetic could, and would be punished for?

Assume for this conversation that "synthetic" refers to all non carbon-based life- lilims, droids, autonomous dolls... you name it.


| Suicide. People are vindicative enough that they'd fix a synth right up just to fuck with them. And yes, it's STILL illegal in some places.


| Ah fuck, I forgot how to put my name back on.


| Jaywalking. Sounds stupid, but it's a lot harder to prove intent with a human and our fleeting thoughts than it is with a machine that has a built in streetmap and thoughts all kept on handy log files.


| Not a crime but forgetting your alarm is pretty bad. Mind you it's my boyfriend's alarm and our neighbors expect me to wake his ass up since I'm "technically" not sleeping I'm just charging. SMH


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This thread is permanently archived