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I need recipes~

| I kinda wanna try like... different edible recipes. So far, my favorite so far is like... Canabis Tea.

It's very warm, and I like sitting out in the fire escape with a mug, veggin' out watchin' the world~

... Where was I? Oh yeah, weed. I wanna try some other MJ-infused things~
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Cannabis tea? How do you make that?


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Oh, it's actually very interesting~! Like, I really love Chamomile Cannabis Tea for example~
You take rose buds and of course, weed, grind them down to a powder. Put them into a tea-infuser, and then steep it in Hot Water for 5-10 Minutes~

It's very tasty and toasty, so I'll take some before I go to bed~
- Ganja

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This thread is permanently archived