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Weapon recommendations?

| Streets around where I work have been rougher than usual lately and I need something to keep me safe... So basically exactly what it says on the tin. Gotta be unintrusive and easy to surprise an attacker with, but still pack a punch. I >>>would get a gun, but the gangs in this part of town have a monopoly on those and even if they didn't my workplace doesn't allow 'em anyway. Thanks in advance.


| Taser, Magnum Dong Geekboy swears by them apparently.

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Magnum Dong Geekboy???


| >situational awareness to always take note of escape routes
>pair of legs to employ said routes in times of need
>a gun, fuck your workplace, unlicensed conceal carry like a b0ss

| >>816688 Listen to that last part, OP. You really gonna let yourself get fucked by The Man?

God created all men, but Sam Colt made them equal.

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If I had the money to get out of the repercussions of unlicensed CC I wouldn't be working here in the first place... More to the point, like I said—gang monopoly. They've bought out all the gun shops, literally and figuratively.


| Get a gun from another part of the city where the gangs don't have a monopoly.

Seriously, just catch a taxi or something.

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Legendary Magnum Dong CN????? Do you not know him?????????

| Evo 4, pretty awesome czech submachine gun

| >>816693 y not the first two? is it your expectation that carrying a gun is going to save your life from some morbidly manic motherfuckers out there? deter these retarded, clueless to the concept of a future cocksuckers, - to leave you to your own exploits?
sometimes its more productive to just run the fuck away, evade the detection and the following completely arbitrary fucking confrontation altogether, than flex nuts like some hardass motherfucker those gangfuckers trying to be.

| ofcourse, should attempts at reasonable solution of a situation exhaust themselves - you are to be prepared for the catharsis of rapidly escalating conflict, and you are to take initiative and leave your opponents to react. if you are not, - be most certain that death will follow. or if you are not so lucky, - shock, panic, agony, and the pure primal fear of your impending demise as you are left bleeding on the sidewalk.

| just imagine being on the receiving end of a gunshot. the sharp everpresent burning pain in your abdomen, as the sidewats bullet has spun your intestines on itself, like a forkfull of spaghetti, mixed around and away from their rightful place. the absolutely inconceivable, most disoriented state of mind you get when you are critically wounded. i mean when you really put the possibilities in the perspective - maybe moving to a better n8bourhood is a viable option

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Well some others brought up stunguns so I'll say if you want that, the Riot Police series is pretty good. Don't worry about the name, it's not actually police issued or something, it's a marketing gimmick. I prefer the mark I model but mark II has more of a kick to it if you really want to knock someone out for a few seconds. I've heard the battery can be a unreliable at times though due to the higher voltage. -CN

| a pepper spray is reasonably effective. while it does not disable em right away, it instantly impedes sight giving you an advantage, and(talking about aerosol variants)fucks with breathing so you can make quick escape. you can spray the can ad you are running, leaving a cloud of nasty shit to knock the wind out of the pursuers.

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You greatly overestimate the amount of time I spend on the Matrix. That said...

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A stungun and pepper spray are both equally tempting, so I think I'll get both.


| Consider a bag of sand, good for distraction when thrown and can be substituted for a blunt weapon when swung from the end of a rope. :0


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If you can't get a gun, the recommendations for a taser or pepper spray are good. But if you want a lethal option for when things get very dicey, I recommend a good sword. Something that can chop off limbs easily or pierce a throat. You could also simply jury-rig a single use firearm, or make an improvised weapon to conceal.

| There should be atleast a thousand guides on the matrix by now about how to make your own improvised gun from shit you can get at the store.

That is, if you for some fucking reason can't go anywhere outside of the neighborhood for a second and buy a gun somewhere else that gangs aren't controlling the business.

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