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[News] Steele Group International acquired New Dawn Security and New Dawn Research Group.

| Last week, Steele Group International, a multinational conglomerate specializing in engineering and manufacturing of military equipment and various pharmaceutical products, finalized a purchase of New Dawn Security(NDSec) as well as its sole subsidiary, New Dawn Research Group(NDRG).

“The New Dawn Group’s well-equipped and highly advanced research and manufacturing facilities will be an excellent complement to our military business,” said Steele Group CEO Daniel Bauer.

| Some of our dear readers might be familiar with the highly controversial private military company New Dawn Security, who had ceased their operation in the city following a disastrous peacekeeping operation during the chaotic Glitz conflict as well as a combined class action lawsuit filed by some of the biggest corporations in Glitch City.

| The lawsuit had resulted in an agreement that limited NDSec’s ability to field various military technologies and the amount of infantry within the bounds of Glitch City, the agreement that is due to expire within the next few months.

| “We do not think that (the agreement) will affect us much. Glitch City is an interesting place. We may consider expanding into it in the future, as it is a very accommodating environment for research and development, although it is not something that we have specifically set our eyes on just yet,” said Daniel, when asked about the implications of the demilitarized agreement.

Will the expiration of the ban on NDSec’s military technologies signal the expansion of the Steele Group’s influence within the city?

| Boy I sure love it when a corp absorbs another and forms a bigger and even worse corp homunculus. -CN

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And then they spin off their asset into a Corp Homonculus Clone army.
Classic corpo posturing bullshit...

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