(Setting/Bar) The Bizarre Beefeater, Night Shift.

| >The evening arrives once again upon the bustling Downtown of Glitch City. Following a particularly long break, the Bizarre Beefeater at last opens up its doors to the masses to satisfy their fill of food, drinks, and merrymaking.
>Returning regulars might notice the establishment slight difference in embellishments and decorations from last time they visited, although the place retains its charming vintage wood and leather aesthetic.

| >Although the decorations might be somewhat different, the faces definitely remain the same. Behind one of the counters stands a by-now familiar canine figure, Sniffer the Butler, ready for service alongside many other bartenders and waiting staffs, dressed in their prohibition-era suits and bowlers. Likewise, in the corner, a jazz band play their tune(https://youtu.be/Z4zHMtJv9W8)
>The Bizarre Beefeater still stand, offering the usual service routine throughout the night.

| >A patron enters the bar
>A tall, well proportioned woman, whose dark skin and ebony hair provide a striking contrast with her choice of attire: A perfectly immaculate white suit, skirt and tights. A large Corporate marking reading: "SEOL" is emblazonned unto her suit's sleeve, alongside another mark reading: "03"
>The woman's stance, gait and presence is that of one who knows she is of the highest crop, and isn't afraid to show it.
>Her golden eyes watch the employees as she sits.

| >>816276
>Some of the staff members looks back at you, some in awe, some with a hint of envy.
>Sniffer, however, remains neutral, coming over to serve you with a polite bow.

"Welcome, ma'am, to the Bizarre Beefeater. I am Sniffer, how may I be of service?"

>He looks back up and adjusts his suit slightly, the Black suit provide contrast to his own fluffy white fur.

| >Into the bar walks an absolute tank of a man wearing a long red coat but despite the long brightly colored coat his most distinguishing feature is the metal pompadour affixed permanently to his skull. He seats himself and politely asks;

"Hey, excuse me! Is this the Beefeater?"

| >>816281
>The woman crosses her legs and smiles to the canine bar-tender.
"I'll take a Brandtini, hold the garnish, just the drink."
>Her voice is smooth and unaccented, she must be using some speech based augment... or she possesses a really strong grasp on language as a whole.

| >>816307
>Another bartender, a short-haired brunette with a somewhat oversized uniform, walks out to greet the man with the red coat.

"Hey, hello! Yes, this is the Beefeater, how can I help you?"

| >>816309
"As you wish."

>Sniffer says with a nod, quickly turning around to the BTC dispenser behind him and briskly mixing up a brandtini. He finishes up and put the drink in the appropriate glass, sliding it to the woman.

"Brandtini for you, ma'am, would you like anything else?"

| >>816310

>The man in the red coat smiles and leans forward.

"So I found the right place then? My sister told me to come by for your reopening."

"And I'll take a Suplex too."

| >>816439
"Yeah, there was a bit of an incident, but you found the place. Give me a sec, I'll get the drink fixed up for you."

>The bartender replies. She, too, turns around to mix up a drink at one of the BTC machines. She puts the finished drink in an appropriate glass and hand it over to the man.

"Here you are, a Suplex. Anything else I can get you?"

| >>816522

>The man shakes his head and waves his hand.

"Nah, thanks. I'm fine! But I think I was supposed to bring something now that I'm thinking about it..."


>He begins talking to the other patron immediately, asking out of curiosity.

"Hey! You come here often?"

| >>816624
"Alright, just holler if you need anything."

>The bartender says, before quickly turns to address other patrons.

| >>816400
>The lady takes up to drink and sips from it
"Not bad."
>She says, her tone betrays some surprise
"Most of the 'fancy' bars in this city tend to spend their assets on decor alone, forgoing the drinks themselves to be mediocre, I'm glad to see this unspoken rule doesn't apply here."
>She smiles, exposing her blinding white teeth
>The Dark-skinned woman turns to you and her eyes slowly drift upwards.
>She slowly lifts an eyebrow, speechless.
>Is this new fashion?

| >>816775
"Thank you for your compliments, ma'am."

>Sniffer replies with a bow.

"I shall leave you to your drink, please call me if you need anything."

| >>816775

>The man with the metal pompadour cranes his neck to look behind him, thinking the other patron was looking behind him then turns back to face her.

"Are you okay, lady? Is there somethin' wrong with my hair?"

>He jokingly "fixes" the giant metal haircut attached to the top of his head and busts out laughing. Once he finally recovers and wipes a tear from his eyes he offers up a handshake.

"Gideon. Nice to meet you."

| >>816785
"I was simply thinking of how novel it looked, is this some kind of fashion I've somehow never heard of until now?"
>Gideon's "fixing" of his metallic hair elicits a giggle from the woman, her expression morphing into an amused smile.
"It's a pleasure, Gideon, The name is Karin; Karin Schaffield. Feel free to simply call me Karin"
>She shakes your hand with a soft grip, cool metal plating covers her digits.

| >>816833

>Gideon's handshake is firm and a little much.

"Novel? It's just my work uniform. How else are the boys gonna know who's in charge?"

"As far as the hair, it's like a permanent helmet. Mostly for driving nowadays..."

"If anything, I'd say you're pretty novel to me; Most of my friends aren't that well put together."

| >>817047
"Oh, I see! Driving is it? How nice, I mostly have others handle that part of mundane life you see?"
>Karin flashes a wry grin, letting go of your hand slowly.
"Oh? Me, Novel? I'll take that as a compliment Mister Gideon, I pride myself in my being always on top of things."
>She winks
"Although I will allow you to know that even I have my lulls in such self-control"
>It's hard to tell because of her ebony skin, but she reddens a bit, her voice a tiny bit bashful

| >>817048

>Gideon raises an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah? What kinda trouble do you get into?"

"I'm supposed to be in control but most of the time I'm just one of my own employees."

>He chuckles as he takes a large sip from his drink

| >Another figure wanders into the bar, a pale young woman, her hair dyed strawberry blonde and styled into a long bob. She is dressed in a light blue sweater vest over a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans and sneakers.
>She makes for the counter and takes a seat near the other two patrons.

| >>817811
>Sniffer approaches the newly-arrived woman, putting down a glass he was cleaning.

"Welcome to the Bizarre Beefeater. I am Sniffer. How may I help you, ma'am?"

| >>817866
"Ah, you must be the butler."

>The woman remarks as she sits down, smiling at the canine bartender.

"Can I have a Americano please, thank you."

| >>818250
"I am, indeed."

>Sniffer replies, keeping up his usual neutral tone as he turns to gather the ingredients; namely a bottle of vermouth and a bottle of Campari from a shelf nearby. He also takes up a bottle of club soda already under the counter. He mixes up the drink, garnishing it with a slice of lemon before sliding it over to the woman.

"Americano for you, miss."

| >>818541
"Thank you."

>The woman replies, taking the glass.

"Nice haircut."

>She says to the guy with the metal pompadour.

| >>819197

>Gideon stretches his neck around, supporting all that weight day after must get tiring.

"Hey, Thanks. You too! It's more useful than it looks. Name's Gideon."

>He offers a handshake with a smile.

"What's yours?"

| >>819285
"You can call me Lamiere."

>The woman replies, shaking the man's hand.

"It does look heavy though, is your neck alright? I know some guys that have to wear helmets all day and it's not good for their necks at all."

| >>819766

>Gideon releases the handshake and immediately reaches for his drink.

"Yeah, I gotta admit I wish I thought more about that before u had it installed... but I can't let my guys know it hurts, one of the perks of being out y'know?"

>Gideon repeats the same question, again.

"So, Lamiere do you come here often?"

| >>819775
"Few times, yeah. Right now I'm waiting for someone though."

>Lamiere replies, reaching for her own drink.

"You probably should remove it if it starts hurting. That, or get some augs for your neck, I guess."

| >>819803

>Gideon nods.

"I dunno, it's kinda part of my brand now. I might think about some support some time though."

>He takes a long sip of his drink.

"My kid sister used to frequent this place before some *stuff* happened and I guess I sort of wanna know what type of people hang out here..."

"Hopefully whoever you're waiting on shows up!"

| >>819806
"Yeah no, personally, I don't any brand is worth hurting myself. But then again some people did more questionable stuff for their 'brand' than this."

>She shudders slightly when Gideon mentions the 'stuff' that happened, but she takes a drink from her own glass.

"Some *stuff* indeed."

| (don't think*)

| >>817809
>The woman looks a bit embarrassed
"Well, some say I'm quite scatter-brained, you see I tend to go on tangents... Which is not ideal in my line of work since I often end up conducting interviews and talking with people."
>She scratches her cheek, chuckling lightly
"It's gotten me in some trouble with my secretary quite often, as she has to deal with redacting the minutes of my meetings... It's quite embarrasing to admit indeed!"
>She takes another sip of her martini

| >>820483

>Gideon leans in seeming interested.

"Interviews huh? What do you do?"

"My uh, 'secretary' isn't quite so strict with me."

| >>820938
>The woman takes out a small silver case from her breastpocket, with a flick she opens it and reveals a neat stack of business cards.
>She hands you one.
>It reads: 'Karin Schaffield, Head of client relations and Insurance specialist'
>A company logo matching the one on her outfit adorns the center of the card, reading SEOL RECOVERY.
"This is what I do, I am the head of our Client Relations department, which means I'm usually interviewing clients about insurance claims."

| >>820938 >>820483
>Lamiere leans in as well, although to Gideon instead.

"You have a secretary as well, Gideon? What do you do for a living?"

| >>820956

>Gideon takes a once over on the business card and tucks it into a pocket on the inside of his jacket.

"Insurance huh? What type of insurance are we talking here?"


>He laughs and gives a big toothy grin in response to the question.

"I own a restaurant, Superkick'N Karaage, downtown. And my employees? let's just say they're a lively bunch so I need at least one person I can rely on."

| >>821081
"Oh, please don't tell me the place have that metal pompadour as a mascot."

>Lamiere replies with a smirk.

| >>821082

>Gideon laughs and slaps his knee forcefully.

"Nahhh, but it is *my* mascot. This is *our* mascot."

>Gideon shows his back and a design featuring a deformed cartoon chicken wearing a luchador mask is present on his jacket.

"His name full name is Kazu'chick'a 'Yolk'ada, but we call him 'Yolkada' for short."

"Gonna be honest with you though, without the hair; I doubt half of my boys would even recognize me."

| >>821085
"Yeah, that makes more sense. Superkick, and chicken."

>Lamiere says, finally connecting the dots between the mascot and the name.

"Well, that hair is pretty iconic."

| >Another figure enters the bar, a clean shaven man with brown hair and green eyes. He is wearing a long-sleeved button-down shirt and a pair of jeans.

"Ey, chummer, where'd you get that pompadour? That's sick!"

>The man says as he walks past Gideon and takes a seat beside Lamiere.

"Yo, Haley, you called?"

>Lamiere smiles at the man as he sits down.

"Hey Eden, yeah."

| >>821969

>Gideon again, pretends to comb his massive metal hair, flashing a glance at Lamiere.

"Your bud seems to think it's cool. Got this thing when I was yakuza. Shimohira likes to keep augged out enforcers around and I asked for this dope-ass helmet hair."

>He busts out laughing again.

"It's got tons of features I never get to use anymore."

| "Got acquainted already, have you?"

>The man asks Lamiere, who replies;

"Yeah, this is Gideon. Gideon, this is the friend I was talking about."

>The man turns to Gideon.

"Blue, nice to meet ya."

>Blue looks back at Gideon, seemingly even more interested in the hair.

"Doesn't look like a good helmet, I'm not gonna lie."

>He mentions as he tries to wave over a bartender.

"How does that work?"

| >>823220

>Gideon immediately offers Blue a handshake.

"Nice to meet you!"

"I'm not too big on the science mumbo jumbo myself but it's largely plates of some steel alloy around some sort of shock absorption system."

"The front here actually works like a hammer and it's rigged to some pressurized pistons so it can extend and retract at different speeds."

>He thinks for a moment.

"My 'secretary' says it reminds him of a pile-bunker, whatever that means."

| >>823224
>Blue takes Gideon's hand and gives it a firm, almost military shake.

"Well, drek, that's neat."

>He mentions as Gideon explains it to him. Lamiere clears her throat.

"Talking about hair, have you noticed anything different about me, Eden?"

>Lamiere asks, prompting Blue to turn around. He eyes the woman up and down for a moment before replying.

"Oh, right, did you dye your hair? Sorry, got caught up in the metal pompadour thing."

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