I want Major Chanka to CRUSH me!

| She said she couldn't step on people because of her weight!!!! but I say! PLEASE DO, JUST FUCKING KILL ME IN ONE SHOT.

| Yabe. It got worse.

| >>807064
It hasn't even begun.

| Maybe she can jump first to get a little height? Or jump off of a chair? I guess that makes it more of a stomp than a step though.

| >>807085
I know it'll get even worse.

| >>807002 me too~

| All of you need to go touch grass.

| >>807111
Why touch grass when I can touch live circuits~?

| >>807086

| >>807113
Touch FLESH.


| >>807167
You can cut your own flesh off and stick it up your ass.

| >>807167 >>807182
I can help with that...~
One of my new drones needs a test subject, after all...~


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