Tips for long-term VR stints?

| Hey danger g/u/rls. Haha. Is that what we call ourselves?
Whatever I guess. I've never really been one for forums, IRCs, messageboards, but I'm having some trouble and need some advice.
I wanna escape. We all do, right? I've been running a Sunamara X-G2 model VR deepdive kit but I have no clue how people stay in for extended periods of time. I've heard of IV nutrient drips but that stuff scares me.
I hear some people can go for months, though. Any advice or VR vets?

| stfu lurk more

| >>bb076f and this is why... I tried dummy

| a sunanara X-G2? gee, what are you some sort of retro hipster poser. why not get a rig built this generation? if you're hard up for cash I know a few sites that'll pay to use your wetware to mine crypto. not the best line of work but if you're still running a g2 then you have no excuses.

| A. The retro stuff is cool and functional and b. It's not like anyone ELSE here can afford the new yamigata line.

| >>806563 you would if you spent less on dumb shit like neural dampeners and kinetic gell. you don't need every single part of your VR rig to glow with raindbow LEDs

| >>806773
Bullshit, Rainbow AR LEDS are all the rage you know?
What kind of chummer doesn't plaster the stuff everywhere?

| Okay, well, I'm not out here putting LED and stuff on my kit! And yeah I spend the money on the neural dampeners. It makes the deep dives feel more real. The whole point is to not be in meatspace, you know?

| >>806796 nope. i dive to get paid not for some bullshit 'feeling' like you. God, tourists like you really piss me off. I'd ask if you know how dangerous this shit is but I'm sure you stick to all the clean main public safe hubs and don't bother touching any node off the beaten past.

| >>806921
Whatever! I literally go exploring all the time. I like digging around through, like, antiquated VR-MMO ruins and stuff. Can't I be a hobbyist who just happens to want to spend more time in there? What the heck could you even be doing to get paid with that, chummer?

| My trick in staying for months at a time is VR porn.

| Gross. Nobody asked. Plus all those models are way too exaggerated anyways. I've seen way too many bloated Miki's on sculpting forums and stuff.

| >>807025
Intelligence, secrets, blackmail, probably things like that~

| >>807025 if you can't figure out how to make some moolah on the net then you need to log off. as long as you have solid rig skills, some grasp of net architecture like web way protocols or server structure and some flexible morals then work will find YOU. If it means anything I grind like the rest of us spidering for a hospital, real wage slave debting, disco?

| >>807063
Th-that's wild, though! Isn't that criminal? Can they do that stuff through here? I think this might have been a mistake.
I mean, I know architecture pretty well, but I really just like messing with datarot and stuff. Whatever's falling apart. It's fun to pick through. I don't think there's any business there, though?? It's just that these companies keep hosting dead spaces!

| And who says "disco"?

| >>807074
Anything can be used for good and bad, I think~
But what do I know, I'm just a washed up ex-intel officer~

| >>807080
I find it hard to believe an ex-intel officer is on here... But whatever. Can I at least get some advice on what I originally asked? Please? If you really are, then you must know some tricks.

| >>807097
All kinds of people are on here, believe it or not~
As for tricks...I preferred working out on the actual field, rather than doing dives, since I find them more fun in person~
With that being said, I do have some experience in it, but all I did was just build up a tolerance by nearly damaging myself~
Though, I guess if you don't wanna risk it, just try to get better gear~
So, git gud, or shill~

| >>807102
What if I wanna 'git gud'? What do I do? Especially with deep dives. I guess if I'm gonna be in there, I could bear to try and make a living...

| >>807114
Just stay in as long as you can, endure it~! If it feels like you're dying, you're doing it right~!

| >>807115
Well, okay, if you say so. I'm sure I can just put together some ripcord procedure if my brain overheats, right? Right...

| >>807117
Good luck...~

| >>807117

Knock yourself out, literally

| some tips from an ol' pro for OP if you wanna go *in*:
/ get some jack-site sec and some solid ice. don't skimp.
/ make sure your ways out work -- need at least a Plan A, B, and C.
/ run ext coolant? if you go cold, use gallium; else, borated H2O+PbBi. both are abundant in scraps; try the old factory on the south side of Flooded
/ for long skimps, you either wake up for nutrient or you drip. there's a reason some of us get arm ceph ports lol

others feel free to correct me +*

| oh, and map your binds well. it makes a *huge* diff.

I got an ancient program for your rig type that could help you with binds, can send the source digilink with a sha verifier if you're interested...I think there's still an F compiler out there...

| I went three days and I just came out. I feel like I'm running a fever and I chugged a bunch of water and puked it right back up. I'm such a drekhead. I shouldn't have done this. This sucks so much.

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