| So long story short, I was fucking around with tech and decided the dumbest thing I could do was make a gun into a sauce dispenser, equipped with twelve delicious sauces to choose from.

The only problem was that the gun I modified wasn't mine, but one I was handed by a Shadowrunner...

I forgot about it and now they're on the loose with the culinary equivalent of a warcrime and bioweapon combined.

I'm so sorry.


| >>803714
They whisper his name in hushed tones down in flooded and manic terror downtown... yes, The SAUCY GUNNER.

| >>803714

What a *delicious* story, OP. Why don't you *serve up* some more *bite sized* tales?

| >>803737
Please stop making fun of me! This is a terrible thing! Imagine being literally shot by ten million scoville hot sauce! Can you still laugh now??

| >>803742
>Can you still laugh now??

I haven't stopped!

| I'm going to quote Shakespere and say this;
You are a saucy boy.

| Just imagine the mental damage alone from being shot with mustard until your brand new armor smells like montreal smoked meat.

I'm pissing myself over here chummer!

| yo actually can you like drop the schematics for this monstrosity i need to build it like right now for a prank


| >>804018
You would break the geneva convention for a PRANK?

| >>804196
>Current year
>Taking the Geneva Suggestions seriously

| >>804196 >>804203

Ah, but does Geneva know the smokey spicy taste of Capsicum Roast Crunch?

| >>804196

It wont be seeing war, dipshit. It'll be seeing the inside of a country kitchen and it'll be hilarious


| >>804397
Yeah, and the Unabomber was only exploding mailboxes, and he thought it was hillarious too!

I will not have this blood on my hands!
Atleast not Twice!
...or thrice.

| >>804404

idk what a unabomber is but i'm building this for my friend. give me the plans to make it or i'll just do it myself

- EZBreezy

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