(Infostream) Automated Information Interface System : Operation Camlann

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| >[Overview : Operation Camlann]
Operation Camlann was a joint operation carried out on 24/9/20XX. The operation includes the raid on the secret facility and stronghold of GoI-0018(Kriegshund, refer to Addendum 2.0) for the purpose of eliminating GoI-0018 presence and influence within Glitch City, which in turn would weaken GoI-0009(The Cult of Savior Resurrection).

| As a result of intelligence gathered from Incident C-13-5, C-10-1, and D-31-7 confirming ties between GoI-0018 and GoI-0009. GoI-0018’s goal of exploiting and destabilizing the region with direct and indirect actions through GoI-0009 has been deemed a threat to Glitch City’s well being and as such the operation has been approved.

| In addition, a proposal - alongside various relevant gathered intelligence - was sent to various groups and individuals of interest in order to request for both combat and intelligence support with the operation. This action resulted in various key pieces of intelligence shared by some of the groups of interest and individuals of interest, as well as Joint Strike Team Epsilon ‘Mordred’s End’ being established for the operation(Refer to Addendum 1.0).

| After thorough planning, the operation commenced on September, 24th at 2202 hours. The operation was concluded at 0035 hours the following morning. Full plan, operational timeline, and after action report can be found within the addendums.

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>[Addendum 1.1 : Joint Strike Team Epsilon ‘Mordred’s End’]
>[Addendum 1.2 : SET Strike Team Kappa ‘Grail Knights’]
>[Addendum 1.3 : Individual of Interest-0035('Strigid')]
>[Addendum 1.4 : Group of Interest-0003(Impulsive Ones)]
>[Addendum 2.1 : Group of Interest-0018(Kriegshund)]
>[Addendum 3.1 : Area of Operation and Initial Assault Plan]
>[Addendum 3.2 : Operational Timeline]
>[Addendum 3.3 : After Action Report]

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>[Addendum 1.1]

| >>[Addendum 1.1 : Joint Strike Team Epsilon ‘Mordred’s End’]
Joint Strike Team Epsilon ‘Mordred’s End’ is a task force created in collaboration with members from GoI-0004(Impulsive Ones) for combat duty in Operation Camlann against GoI-0018(Kriegshund). The task force is composed of ST Kappa ‘Grail Knights’(Refer to addendum 1.1), IoI-0035(‘Strigid’. Designated ‘Scepter-4’, refer to Addendum 1.2), and 3 combat teams from GoI-0003(Designated Scepter-1 through -3)

| T-1 ‘Pearce’ acts as high command for SET units from outside the area of operation while T-1 ‘Arthur’ and IoI-0008(‘Impulse’, Scepter-1-1) act as field commander for their respective unit.

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| >>[Addendum 1.2 : SET Strike Team Kappa]
SET Strike Team Kappa ‘Grail Knights’ is a special-purpose team created for combat service during Operation Camlann. It consists of 3 five-man fireteams(Designated Kappa-1 through -3) of SET T-1 and T-2 Operatives reassigned and redesignated from SET 1st Strike Corp. Each operative is equipped with equipment from the experimental SET Standardization Program, with the exception for operatives from fireteam Kappa-3.

| Fireteam Kappa-3 is to be equipped with Juggernaut, Marchwarden, and Operative series of Integrated Combat System, replicated with the help of IoI-0035 and manufactured in limited numbers by GoI-0003.

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