InfoCentral (12/11)

| Hey chummers, It's ya boy, totally the real CN here back at it again with another one of these amazing info threads where we can all shoot the shit together!

If you're doubtful I'm the REAL DEAL, know that I LOVE little kids and own just about forty small girls alone!

Which Proves that I am in fact, the genuine CN, shonen protagonist of GC's Underground!

So come on share some stories and info with me!


*(Results may vary)

| False. The real CN died when some shanty hotel got nuked from orbit by a PMC.

Sure took out a lot of them in the process. They even named a drink after the geeknerd and his dynamobuddies at... uh... the Oscar Down? Lock and Lily's? idk some place.

| Yo what's your dong size?

| >>802813

| >>802813
Its like, Huge, massive even.
But I wish people would stop asking you know.

(*According to the NSA)

| ...y'all hear about the revamped andy regulations coming up? not passed yet, shits always slow with the Quince but

expect a lot of COPING and SEETHING soon, lol.

| Why is it when I always get caught up in something another one of these imposters pop up? -CN

| >>803190
Sounds like something a FAKER would say.

Prove you're the real CN, what good deeds have you done recently!

| >>803190


-Remington (Not Royal)

| >>803203
No. -CN

| >>803256
Holy drek guys... I think that's the real one...

| >>803095

...am i the only drekhead here who's excited about The Quince doing something about those skinshifters or what?

| >>803274
I am and the fact people even ask me to prove it is ridiculous.
What's the deal with these new regulations? -CN

| >>803311
To be fair, there can be a lot of imposters.
-Red 9

| >>803311

Get this- apparently a bunch of people have been getting outed as andies wearing hyperrealistic faces and voices. Some are even kitted out to hell and back, while others have drek like simulated breathing and apparently all of them can eat and drink.

Pretty normal right? Well, except for the "looks almost identical to real people" thing. People are *furious*- lilim and humans alike.

Some have even mentioned bringing restraining bolts back in style.

| >>803353
So... it's androids that just look realistic? I mean if they're sentient like lilims I don't really see the issue here.
Maybe so but I still don't have to like it. -CN

| >>803354

...bruh. You sure you're the reeeeal CN? Or born yesterday?

It's illegal for andies to cosplay as us meatpuppets. And for good reason.

If you thought the refugee crisis a few years ago was bad...

...just wait until it's all Invasion of the Body Snatchers up in here.

| >>803358

They could be you. They could be me! They could even be...


| >>803358
I suppose it could go that route but even so it's not exactly cheap to do that right? If that kind of paranoia starts cropping up its cause a corp would be backing that sort of thing. People can barely afford plastic surgery, let alone making an android look human. -CN

| >>803372

Tell that to the "meatpuppets."

-Clair de Lune

| >>803380
*sigh* Truly paranoia and lack of common sense rules things in this place. -CN

| >>803385

Paranoia might be a human fault, but its served us pretty well.

We're supposed to "mimic" humans, after all. Whatever that means.

-Clair de Lune

| >>803403
It's a fine defense mechanism in certain amounts, but when it leads to harmful actions based off unrealistic fears, then you just end up benefitting no one. -CN

| >>803409

What harmful actions?

-Clair de Lune

| >>803385
Yeah yeah call us paranoid, that is until a robo-Loli version of you is seen walking around!

Then you'll be sorry chummer.

| >>803413
The stricter regulations in this case. In general the prejudice.
Considering I'm over 6 feet tall I think it would be easy to tell the two of us apart. -CN

| >>803418
>Six feet tall
Nice try Omae, I know a 5'11 cope when I see one!

| >>803415
That sounds awesome though... I'm gonna find cute me and invite her to a nice dinner date!

| >>803419
Oh, he's not bluffing. Cunt's like a chubby flag pole in a trench coat. No offense to CN.

'Chubby flag pole in a trench coat' and 'No offense' do not belong together.

What? It's endearing.

| >>803418


-Claire de Lune

| >>803418


Its a moot point anyway because anon is making a false equivalency.


| >>803426
That is very much true, but that's kind of the logic for half the laws here. -CN

| >>803428

...I mean, Anon was comparing these androids to lilims, because he's thick in the head and can't tell the difference between a Doll and a Lilim.

It's like comparing an ape to a person. They both have genetic ancestors, but one's sapient, and the other's concerns cap out at scratching its balls or deepthroating a banana.


| >>803431

...pleasantly graphic.

-Clair de Lune

| >>803431
Not exactly the metaphor I would had gone with too but I suppose it gets the point across. -CN

| >>803431 >>803432 >>803433

what u talkin about willis

an andy's andy, right?

| >>803435

Is it really that difficult to write "android" out in full?

-Clair de Lune

| >>803435
Better yet, why don't you actually start trying to explain what you think an android is instead of just saying the word again so you can actually learn what one of then are. -CN

| >>803435
If you think dolls and lilims are one and the same, I'm positive you have as much brain as the ape in the dude's metaphor.

| >>803437

bruh....every1 knows wtf andies are...

| >>803438

who asked u lmao

| Here we go...

-Clair de Lune

| This thread is making my head hurt more than usual... -RR

| >>803439
Okay pretend I didn't. EXPLAIN to me what an android is. Enlighten me. -CN

| >>803446

robots dressed up to look like people, that act like us and do all the jobs people dont wanna do or cant do. sometimes they even do things better than most and thats why you see more robo celebs like Hatsune Kira and Miki Miku.

but they still have to look obviously robot otherwise theyvreall can start replacinf everyone causw theyre designed bettet than normies. but then some megacuck corp imported a bunch of illegal bots from russia or somwthing and theyre running around doing shit like torching bars and the media just blamws it on runners cause dey dont know any better.

| >>803449

...Wow. Was that even English!? And I thought I had every dialect package installed! -PrankQueen90

| >>803449
I could had almost sworn I was experiencing a stroke while reading this. In any case, you seem to have a few misconceptions in place here on androids that aren't exactly true. -CN

| >>803449 >>803455

This ought to be good...

-Arm of the Not So Free World

| This thread is making me want to start cutting.


| >>803449
Okay Androids aren't dressed up to look like people, just have our likeness. That doesn't mean they're meant to just blend in with us completely intentionally. And sure some of them may have skills that may make them better at a person, but it's never above a point that a person would be able to do themselves if they put the effort in learning. Finally, if androids have to be programmed these skills, by your logic, they have to be programmed to have the want to 'replace' us. Also the whole torching bar and Russia things is just... not true. -CN

| >>803461
I mean, there are dolls out there programmed to imitate people, doublers and stand-ins are classics.
There are also stories about these types of Dolls having bugs that make them think they're the real deal, especially when they have advanced AIs instead of classical VIs.

There's also the aug deficiency, an android will always be better than someone who's all flesh, trying hard cant make you bench press a car.

| This entire discussion is making my head ache with how chronically retarded it is. Can't you people not be robot/aug racist for ten seconds or were your brains rewired tp the point where if you don't, your heart stops beating?

Who even gives a shit if a robot looks human or not? Does it fucking matter if they're human or machine? Shouldn't who they are matter more than what they are? Stupid fucking morons.

| >>803472
It does matter, as much as you might peg it as "Racism" differences do exist between us and Androids. That fact is clear cut. The problem isnt only that they could look like us, but that some might be created to imitate individuals. Just imagine this: a politician you hate gets a robot clone and now he's in office forever, making the same laws but with a lot more processing power and the potential for literal bugs in his system.

How fun does that sound?

| >>803474
Sounds to me like you already got laws about impersonating others and all that jazz. Bad people will do bad things, who would've guessed! It's almost like power hungry politicans don't already have other ways of keeping proxies in office forever! Androids or robotos ain't the problem here, the problem is that some people, shockingly, are assholes. And big corps will always find new ways of ruining life for everyone, androids or nah!

| >>803465
Even without augs people find a way to get an advantage regardless. Augs are just the most common and widely available. Just cause other options like genetic engineering or power suits are different levels of cost or legality doesn't stop people anyways. -CN

| >>803474 >>803492

Ugh. I can't believe I have to explain this drek but i'm going to because the actual autist above >>803449 confused the utter crap out of this conversation.

Look, I made that "ape" comparison because "Dolls" (as in, Autonomous Dolls, a CLASS of "andy") are not the same as "Lilims," and trying to compare the two is literally like comparing an ape to a human being. One has *true* sentience, is literally *born* and *raised*, while the other is *made*... programmed with arbitrary desires, feelings, quirks, personality... they're tools.

If I was a lilim I'd be insulted to be treated the same way as a Doll. And this regulation is supposed to target them *specifically.*

But as we all know, about the only thing Quincy can do correctly is fuck everything up, so who knows whats gonna happen.

You all owe me for forcing me to write a goddamn essay. Pay up, geekboy.


| >>803519

Ok Humie

-MaDRifle #&$&283

| >>803519

ok humie

-StingHer22 #$&÷>$*@*

| >>803519


amidoingit? is this a post? how do you even trip onbcodes??? ugh im too old for technologym...


| >>803519
But you *enjoy* the spite. -CN

| >>803519


AGGHhH who chosw thisbusername1?1 i asked speciricslly to be called ICE QUEEN!

год даже не правильный!!!



| >>803525

I cannot confirm or deny that.

Also, this has to be the crappiest attempt at a raid i've ever seen.


| >>803527
Who even are these spammers? -CN

| Track those IPs and we'll show them a raid, kotzbrocken.

| >>803529



We are the cancer killing normies like you all. Heard you fleshpuppies talking shit, and didn't think that we would hear it?

-MaDRifle #&$&283

| >>803535

van u help me!??!

no one on grifchan isbresponding and u cant change my username to be correct

пожалуйста, мое нервное облако умрет от смущения!


>>803529 >>803527 >>803528

uh... ok humerus

| >>803535
If lights go out in a few hours, don't bother checking.

Are killing shitposters now?

Nein, just the stupid ones. Bring the collective IQ up a little.

Fuck yeah.

| >>803535 >>803536
So... you're androids then? Is that what I'm getting here? -CN

| >>803537 >>803538

I cannot confir or de

| >>803519


You're not wrong, but you're also not right.

...Meh. Its a waste of time.


| >>803535
So you're... MDR apparently?
And you're a Nagant? If you're looking for other Griffon people I can point you in the right direction. -CN

| >>803557

Other Griffon people?

-One Eyed Wolf

| >>803562
Some PMC. -CN

| >>803564

You seem fairly in the know. ;) Don't suppose you ran into them during a job?

-One Eyed Wolf

| >>803567
Maybe I did, maybe I did. I run into a lot of people with guns. Often times they're putting them at me. -CN

| >>803568

Hmm, that is true. You get a lot of drek thrown at you in this business. But the words on the street say you're also well reknowned for turning enemies into friends. Or is that just a rumor?

-One Eyed Wolf

| >>803569
Now I'm getting curious why you're so curious about this. -CN

| >>803570

Knowledge is power. You're a celebrity, right? Can you forgive me for wanting to dig a bit?

-One Eyed Wolf

| >>803571
If it's about my 'status' then I'm sure there's more interesting things you want to ask about then some small time PMC that I may or may not know about it. -CN

| >>803572

Mmm, you got me there. Maybe I was hoping that by flattering you, I'd get a little bit of advice for doing contract work of my own. You know, how to survive all this drek.

-One Eyed Wolf

| >>803574
You don't need to go that far, I usually give that away for free. First one being, never do a milk run, they never are a milk run. -CN

| >>803577

A milk run?

-One Eyed Wolf

| >>803578
A milk run is like a job that is supposed to be exceedingly easy on paper. Like 'going to the store for some milk'. But despite how many job posting there may be like that, they never are. Usually they leave an important detail out or the runners they hire are meant to be die or be guinea pigs in the job. -CN

| >>803579

Huh, that sounds terribly familiar. For the longest time, I just assumed that there were more lactose intolerant runners than not.

-One Eyed Wolf

| >>803581
Second thing I would say is make sure to get reliable and discreet equipment. Don't buy from a Stuffer's Shack unless you can't really afford anything else. If you're more of a Matrix person, making your own deck from parts in small time tech shops is better than buying one wholesale, until you can find and cannabilizd high end stuff. If your gonna be the one shooting or slashing your way through stuff, make sure you keep things well maintained but don't go overboard. If you walk around with a whole armory on your back you're just asking for trouble. Find the few things that work and keep it hidden unless you need it. -CN

| >>803583

Ah... that... actually sounds really practical.

-One Eyed Wolf

| >>803585
Finally always triple make sure of something before you commit to it. If you're taking an asset for a job make sure it's not being tracked. Never take a straight route between two locations, that's how you get tailed. Maybe it's being a little paranoid, but making sure everything is a okay before you get home means you can feel like your home is still safe when you get there. Making enemies is kind of inevitable in this business, but that's why also making friends is important. A favor owed goes a longer way then any amount of nuyen or zenny. -CN

| >>803586

A favor, huh...

People really trust something like that? What's keeping them to their word? Like, do you sign a contract or something?

-One Eyed Wolf

| >>803589
No you don't, but things that happen in the community spread out through word of mouth more than you think. If you're a cold and backstabbing runner no one will want to work with you, which works long enough until you fall into a trap. If you act like a green horn razordkid no one will take you seriously. However if you're someone that has both the skills and trust that backs up their word, you get a lot of farther than those than don't. Some say I'm *too* trusting of others, and that may be true, but you can't be an island either here. The people that hire us don't give a crap, so we got to try and do that with each other. -CN

| >>803591

Hmm... an island, huh.

I've always wanted to visit one. Probably the Maldives.

But I digress. I was under the impression that most of you types were the eponymous "lone wolves" that are often depicted in mass media. I can't say I'm not impressed... even a bit enlightened, to learn otherwise.

...or at least, about how *you* operate. I feel that if this were taken seriously by a larger population of "razorboys," there would be far fewer of them littering the morgue.

-One Eyed Wolf

| >>803596
I agree, sadly a lot of the newbies aren't receptive on getting advice on those who've been through this. They have to learn by doing... which usually means they don't live to apply the lesson. -CN

| >>803598

Heh, or if they *do* live, they do so as something completely different- enough that maybe dying would have been preferable.

...that sounded excessively edgy just now, I apologize.

-One Eyed Wolf

| >>803600
To be honest yes but it's not entirely incorrect either. -CN

| >>803602

mmm... well, this conversation has been more interesting than I expected. I'm beginning to see why people say you're one of the best, CN. I look forward to us crossing paths some day- even if it did take a little persuasian to crack that shell of yours. ;)

See you around, "geekboy."

-One Eyed Wolf

| >>803604
Indeed, hopefully it will not be on opposite sides. -CN

| >>803606

One can only hope.

-One Eyed Wolf

| Robots and dolls need to BTFO.

Point bar.

A shitton of people, and by people I include lilim in the grouping, die because of unscrupulous cowards who deploy them in warzones to appear more "humane".

They pretend their hands are clean all the while their little dolls murder anyone above 18 due to loose programming.

The tools of corpo scum are scum too, nothing else to say about it.

| >>803708
I can't exactly speak on this but also I can't see how dolls used in war zones are relevant to a conversation about regulation in a city. -CN

| >>803716
The cities are just the battlefields of tommorow.
Instead of bullets we kill eachother with economics.
And when Zaibatsu decides the experiment ain't worth the trouble, you'll see the dolls in the streets then

| >>803726
Bro, you know too much, they'll make you vanish with just a big red stain left behind now. :)

| >>803708 In a desperate conflict, against a ruthless enemy, where you get shitty or no briefs, you don't really know who's friendly~
Though...The human aspect is lost with dolls deployed...

| Ok but what about the news deets tho? I didnt come here to see bio-luminescent QUINCY agents talk about andies or bots or nothin' where the NEWS at?

| >>804202

I'll give YOU news.

| >>804202
I mean new laws in the city *is* news. Just not interesting for everyone. -CN

| Have you seen the new info interface thing, chummer? If half of that was real, then we missed one hell of a battle.

| >>804550

With our luck, its totes real, chummer...


Chew on this, QAnon. Two interesting additions to the city that may... or kay not be related.

First off... built with funding from a couple of "legally" registered "non for profits," there is an honest to god church being set up somewhere in Downtown, not too far from... ugh...

...Neko Park. Didn't quite catch the name of the uh... sect, but their aesthetic kinda resembles the Trans-Catholic Church.

| Its not the biggest or nicest house of worship but its had some passion put into it. A few of the hobos and other refugee riff raff have been using it as a shelter. Far as I can tell it kinda resembles dem monodeistic religions except that the "god" looks like the Sun, or somethung. They refer to their prime deity as "Sol" and sometimes talk about a "Mother Terra" and "Daughter Luna." Chip truth.

| Next up... got us another organization poking their heads around town, asking questions, all while spreading some of their own. Word is they're looking for something, or someone, and they're not afraid to butt heads to get their answers.

They kinda resemble some weirdo techno futurist cut-away from the Humanis Polis Policlub, but the mildly fascist undertones and other similarities end there.

They call themselves...

...the Sanction.


| >>805391
Are these that Church of Solar people? I've heard about them in passing from some spacers.
This... sounds a bit more worrying though. What do we know about whoever or whatever they're looking for? -CN

| >>805400

Church of Solar? Idk, first i heard of it, i aint religious.

No idea on the technofascist larpers except that they have a penchant for bald heads and keep asking about something called a "matrixilite."

| Fuck forgot to sign. This is totes Gunkeeper23. Yeah.

| >>805403
Matrixilite.... what the fuck is that supposed to be. -CN

| >>805405

Fuck if I know geekboy. If yer the "real" geeknerd, i bet they'll be asking *you* that question nexr.

unless u want to take one for the team abd seek them out instead. lol.


| >>805407
I might do that if I figure out whatever the drek that thing is first. I'll need to ask around, I'm sure someone knows if they're looking for it here in GC. -CN

| It almost sounds like they combined matrix and satellite~
A satellite in the matrix sounds strange, but that's just me~

| >>805408

Lol k, whatever floats your boat.


ikr? Either that or some old video game about a nuclear meltdown. Chernylite? Shadowlite?


| Well, if it's news you want, I been hearing that The Necromancer has been slinking in Neon recently. Rumor has it that they group has been doin' some lookin' into some old phone booths or somethung. I iunno...

| >>805416
Or maybe an old old movie about how they envisioned the Matrix~

| >>805712
Who goes around calling themselves The Necromancer? -CN

| >>806128

| >>806128
That person, apparently~

| >>806128
I iunno man, they're a real creeper, walk around in all black and stalk people... rumors say the freak can speak to corpses and that they group is some weird one. Heard no good out of em'.

| That, chummers, is why you burn and not bury the dead. Don't want creeps in all black disrespecting your dead's privacy now, do you.

| >>803604
going to put this to you real simple drekhead. do not take this guys advice. the hotshots aren't the future. they'll get old and die out. simple facts.

it's not about trust. it's about fear and respect. go hard. go fast. be smart about it. if they're too afraid of you they're not gonna put a fucking trap on you, and whoever's stupid enough you make pay. you fall into one and get bit? your problem

don't be a wuss. be a killer. gl, runner.

| >>806758

| >>806758
That's the kind of attitude that brings in the new blood Sammies with 50% augged bodies and a armory on their back, strutting around like they own the city, only to get themselves and everyone around them killed cause they can't even get the basics down. Being high and mighty might work for you, but we're not islands and when you get on the wrong side of a corp you ain't beating them or escaping them on your own. -CN

| >>806758
who hurt u

| >>806758

>get old and die out.

Who doesn't?

-Neon Knight

| >>806783
well then maybe they should have some humility. i do. age gets the best of us all. the young are gonna take over. roll over and accept it, old dog. woof fucking woof.

i'm not high and mighty babe. i'm just fine. i'm a damn realist. some drek gang won't mess with you if you zero a moron who picks fights.

and guess what? there are corp puppies rolling around in the dirt with us, getting their hands dirty, to stab others in the back. it's all the same game. wake up.

| >>806786
bite me sweetheart

| >>806789
Yeah and those 'corp puppies' don't tell you they work for the corp, or would rather continue to push this twisted thought process you got cause it's easier to use solo runners like one time toiler paper roll then a team that works together and knows when to not die or get double crossed by a client. Also calling me an old dog is weird, I'm like in my mid 20s chummer. -CN

| >>806789
Keep that up and eventually someone's going to plot against you. If you think you can fight the whole city then you go right ahead, I'll be waiting to strip your corpse.

You can't last forever, chummer. I'll be laughing when you fall.

| I think a lot of folks will laugh when CN becomes old news, most of which will be corpos HARR HARR!

| >>806791
whatever. don't talk like your big shit then. i'm not some one time big flash bitch. i know what i'm doing. trust me when i say i know how to be quiet like about it all.

i'll be waiting for them. laugh it up, drekhead.

| >>806791
CN age reveal question mark?

| >>806794
I never have chummer, I don't like gloating about my drek, everyone else just never stops talking about it. If it was up to me no one would know the business I'm up to and a good amount of it people still don't know for good reasons. -CN

| >>806797
then maybe don't sling garbage advice. if you know what you're about, then you know the chummer next to you can't be trusted. do every gig like it's your last. that's how you make it real. that's the only way you get to disappear when it's said and done. "networking" just makes you like any other corpse with a steady paycheck.

| There's always a bigger fish, just try not to panic when you stumble into it with your over-inflated ego you gathered from zeroing a few new bloods that can't tell left from right.

Oh, and you do have an over-inflated ego, otherwise you wouldn't be slinging garbage advices either.

| >>806799
For as much garbage the advice is, it's kept me alive. I don't treat a job like its my last, I want to fucking live to come home, plain and simple. I don't have plans to disappear, I want to get things done and live to appreciate it when it's done, not go out in some grandstanding blaze of glory. -CN

| as if i'm dealing with new bloods. no. i've dealt with the rejects. out in the fringes. boosters with no hopes besides geeking the next sorry drek they see on the road, scrapping augs and car parts. those are the people you zero. their fear is respect, like i said. all that biz.

big players? big fish? i'm a shadow. i don't fuck with that, sweetheart.

| >>806802
So you get respect by making the 'rejects' fear you...? I mean I don't really follow the logic but at least you're smart enough to mess with big players. Let's just hope they don't ever mess with you. -CN

| >>806802
If fear is how you get your respect, then I'm sorry to say, pal, you're not respectable; you're just a tyrant.

Mate, having to watch your own back everyday, every night, just to survive? I mean, if you want to live like that, that's your choice. I have no beef with you, but I don't envy you.

| >>806805
wouldn't you want the psychos off your back? meet them halfway, show them what for, do a little stand off, only deal with it again when the dreks come barking. i'm not out here trying to flash a pretty face and smile and nod my way through this shit. i bet you're a corpy, babe. you sure talk like a corpse. one of those ones who thinks she's all "sympathetic".

that's how it is. i take my lot. fewer risks. expect the betrayal. no surprises.

| >>806807
It is what it is.

If that's your happiness. Best of luck to you. I hope our paths don't cross, because if I die, I die happy and remembered. If you die, you die alone and forgotten.

Although I don't think we're worth remembering either way.

| >>806807
Have you ever stopped to consider that the reason a lot of these people bother you is due to how you treat them? I'm not saying you got to make nice with everyone, but knowing there's some people who got your back means you can breathe easier sometimes. Also I don't work for a corp, as much as they want me to sometimes, since I've pissed off a lot of them over the years. -CN

| >>806809
i'll believe there's real chummers out there when someone finally proves it to me. and hey, babe. that's free game. i ain't got no criteria. maybe someone'll show me i'm a drekhead and i'll just have made an ass for myself. but right now? no. i don't have any faith in that sort of biz.

alone and forgotten. but maybe having done something important. i don't have to be a good person to leave a mark.

| >>806810
Well then if we ever meet in person, he's hoping I can prove you wrong then without there needing to be a body count. -CN

| >>806811
maybe, but i'm not making a point to meet any drekhead i meet off this biz. (partial offense). if you get the vibe running out there, say something, but no guarantees, babe.

| you know i gotta go back to that "good person" drek nonsense. what's the point? we're all the badguys ain't we? just because we make personal heroes with whatever fellow to-be damned chummers we meet doesn't mean we've done anything right in the world. don't delude yourself. this isn't a storybook. the worlds cruel and we're just as. i'll kindly pour one out for your zeroed our brains, though.

| Lots of barking here.
how about acting instead of typin'?
-Code 00

| >>806812
Well you haven't been posting with a name so chances are you'll recognize me before I do you. My name on here is the same I use for jobs. -CN

| >>806815
moron shit, but it's cute, i'll give you that. chances are you'll miss me anyways.

when i find a gig that's worth it i'll put down the bottle and get running. meanwhile i will bitch ALL I LIKE. quit harshing, drekky.

| >>806817
Well thankfully I don't got to know it's you to leave hopefully leave an impression. I'll treat you the same as any other person on a job. -CN

| C-can we get back to the topic of CN's cock now?????

| >>806819
... -CN

| >>806810
Oh, I have done a lot in my life alright, both the good and the bad. Some important and some, not so much. I'll still say that if I go out, I don't regret it. I trust and I am trusted. I love and I am loved. That's not how it works all the time, but I took the leap of faith.

We're not the good guys, everybody's a gray here. It's just what shade of gray you want to be.

Everybody leave a mark alright, no matter how small.

| >>806819
It's magnum, we all know that much. What exact caliber is the question.

| >>806824
i want to be pissed at you and keep bitching but you're stabbing at the poetic side of my heart. 0/1 drek, you win this time.
lady's caliber. like a .22.

| >>806827
MUTT... feels fitting. -CN

| >>806827
See, I'm already leaving a mark. I'll call that a win.

| >>806827
Real Ladies rock ACP.

| >>806830
shhhh. don't tell the boys. it's all about the upper hand, babe.

| >>806830
Which one, .380?

| >>806830

What a strange way to say .50 Action Express.

...also, did CN get a sex change or is this some weird kinky drek you're doing behind Engy's back? >>806828 Donglord.


| >>806833
No, I didn't Merc. Besides they would be the worst place to do anything kinky considering she checks this board too. -CN

| >>806834

Hah, I knew it. She has a voyeurism fetish.

Inb4 you introduced her to en tee arr too, Cock Noticer.


| >>806835
....What? -CN

| >>806835


ferget ah said 'nething.


| >>806837
Mate, a friend to a friend, what's the size, really. Or maybe like give the width and then the rest can guess the length themselves.

-Red 9


| >>806838
No I understood what you said, I just don't believe you actually said it. -CN

| >>806841
I refuse to give this question a real response. -CN

| >>806843
Fair enough.

Doesn't mean we'll stop asking.
-Red 9

Right on.

Where the fuck did you cunts come from anyway? Where were you when I was-

Whoops, gotta go!

Same, girlfriend's calling
-Red 9

The bastards.

| >>806842

Believe wat. -M9

| >>806856
Voyeur stuff, also its pronounced 'NTR' Merc. -CN

| >>806857



| >>806865
Merc you're on the Matrix, use a search engine. Actually on second thought maybe not do that. -CN

| >>806866

Wat!? Now that makes me *wanna* do it.


| >>806867
Ara ara~ Do it, you won't~

| >>806868


| >>806867
I'm saying not to do it cause you probably won't like the results dumb nuts. -CN

| >>806978

AH'll show YOU ***NUTS***!


| Please don't share pictures of your nuts in these threads...

| >>806997
Don't worry she doesn't have any. -CN

| >>806872
Ara ara~ Here we are experiencing the rapid de-evolution of a denizen of this wonderful place~

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