So, like, I'm stuck.

| Hey, me and my best pal, Don, were like driving home after a long day, and like the truck ran out of gas? A-And we're parked nearby Flooded?

So, like... uh... Can somebody help, or know someone who can, man? I don't wanna be here too long, man!

- Casey & Don

| >>801504

Near Flooded, huh? Just your luck that's our stomping grounds. Where are you exactly?

| Don't worry, there's prob step-bros around to help you.

| Chummer, screw the truck. Get the drek out of there. Who know what kind of drek lurk around in flooded

| If you need a tow and maybe some extra defense, I could use with some pocket change for helping yall out

> EZBreezy

| >>802325
Like, I think we're somewhere on Teror Street, man. Thankfully not too close to the water!
-Casey & Don

| >>803244
Teror street lmao
Right next to spooky avenue!

You're fucked omae!

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