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Be careful with you phone!

| You can never know where it might land you!
Yesterday, the bastard threw me all the way to Neo-Bombay!
Even though I dialed the seaside!
Crazy right?

| ...Neo-Bombay is a coastal city, hello?

| >>799892
Ahah, you got me there! But it was the Seaside with a capital S I was going to silly!

Bombay is too loud to be the Seaside!

| Don't you mean Neo->>>Mumbai? Bombay itself hasn't been "Bombay" for almost a century, now.


| >>799937
Nah, you heard what I said, I said Neo-Bombay!

Mumbai is too busy to be called Bombay!

Maybe the network is lagging behind on some of its updates though!

I'll just have to try again!

I haven't been to the Seaside since the forties!

| >>799948
... >>>Which forties?


| >>799951
Why that's actually a good question!

I've been travelling for so long, I can't really tell anymore!

Once again, another reminder to be careful with your phones!

Especially public ones.

You never know when they'll take you in.

Have a good day!

| >>799875 ohh, thanks me that i use handheld instead phone, who use this old kind of technology wtf

| >>799953
Yes... thanks for the reminder.


| Wut a public phone

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This thread is permanently archived