(Setting) Lily's Place Family Diner

| >There is a small square building located in a decidedly more middle class area of Uptown, just skirting the border between it and the more affordable residential areas beneath the district, where housing projects, both realized and theoretical, dot the landscape of rubble and gutted streets. Like much of the city, it represents a sort of anachronistic bubble in time, its plastic booths layered with wood veneer and synth leather seats that have been meticulously polished and replaced, firm to touch but soft to warmth and extended seating.

>The only thing that doesn't seem anachronistic are the way the windows, wide and unbroken in how they extend around the building, seem to dim the sunlight ever so little- courtesy tinting to some guests, but to others, a tell tale sign of thick, armored, bullet resistant glass.

>At the center of the diner is a granite countertop shaped like a square, behind which stands a circular back bar with a variety of drinks stocked, reflected in a mirror pressed against the wall. As if to reflect the time of day, you would mostly see different flavors of coffee, and "coffee-" further up, snugged surreptitiously at the top, are squat bottles of an amber liquid, one of which has a prominent "X" labeled on it.

>When one first enters the diner, perhaps initially mistaking the building for a larger than normal /burg/brand/burg/er joint, they'll find themselves behind a small podium bereft of its maître d'- there's a tiny call bell here, and a small sign, written in crude lettering, which reads:

"Pls seat yurself, thanx- <3 <3 <3"

| > a large motorcycle comes to a stop just outside, carrying an equally large man. He’s dressed the biker part yet his presence is somehow subdued. He makes his way in, in a gentle manner and stops by the podium.

> he pulls off the helmet he’s wearing, revealing a sun baked and worn face. He scans around the joint and the podium, nodding to some unknown camera before finding a booth where he can keep an eye on his bike

| >>796838

>Soft voices emanate from somewhere in the back, followed by a kitchen door opening as the waitress heads in your direction. The waitress is a tall, bubbly woman wearing a near immaculately pressed blouse and knee length skirt, along with a worn green apron- which struggles tightly against a well endowed chest.

>She has two large furry white ears- reminiscent of a bunny's- sticking out of her head from within shoulder length blonde hair. They gently fold underneath the top of the door frame as she passes through the kitchen and stand up straight to face your direction.

>She smiles warmly, and picks up a laminated placemat/menu from within the center bar, fills a plastic glass of water, and mosies on to your table.

"Welcome to Lily's Place!" >She says, her voice comforting and just a bit seductive,

"What would you like?" >She places both the water and the placemat in front of you- it's your standard diner fare, at least, the kind of menu items you'd see in a Midwestern style establishment circa the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The menu is festooned with american-style breakfast foods dating from white and wheat toast with jam to biscuits and gravy and chicken fried steak, to decidedly more... exotic dishes, such as "chicken and waffles."

>There's more voices in the back, these sounding closer to animalistic squeaking, though.

| >>796842
> the biker looks over the menu briefly and gives his knuckles a solid cracking before assuming a more relaxed state. His broad shoulders slouch slightly, his eyes soften.

“Y’can jus’ bring two mugs of coffee. I’m still waitin’ on my partner to roll by and she’s never on time. She’ll probably be late to her own funeral with the way she works.”

> he cracks an odd smile at his joke, before giving a nod back to the waitress

| >>796847

>The waitress smiles politely at your joke and heads toward the center bar, where she reaches up and pulls down a bag of coffee beans and begins to work on a fresh pot. Seconds later, the smell of brewing coffee wafts through the air!

| >Another figure - a fairly young woman with a dark blonde french braid - enters the diner. She adjusts her ill-fitting trenchcoat as she notes the ballistic glass making up the windows. Her heavy-duty munition boots making a prominent *thud* against the floor as she makes her way around to another booth, just beside the biker's.

| >>796855 >>796886

> the biker eyes over the girl walking in. No, she's not the one he's waiting for; she knew better than that. She gave a short exhale, remembering the person he once knew and how little she once knew.

> Soon after, he inhales deep and gets a strong scent of coffee. Something inside of him knotted up and he began to wonder if he'd made the right call on getting something that would turn him inside out if he had enough.

| >Two figures enter the restaurant an older teenager with shaggy dark hair, dressed "up" in a cheap dark colored blazer and slacks. In front a little girl sporting twin odango buns and wearing a long bright red scarf runs into the restaurant arms outstretched mimicking an airplane.

>The teen speaks before taking a seat at a nearby booth.

"Yu! We're in the restaurant now, you've gotta behave yourself ok?"

>The little girl puffs her cheeks and stands next to the booth in defiance.

| >>796886

>The bunny waitress nods to you and slides a menu-placemat at your table as she balances a pot of fresh coffee and a mug with the other hand!

"I'll be right with you!" >She says cheerily as she serves >>796891 his coffee.

"Is that all for now?" >She inquires of the biker!


>The bunny waitress' ears twitch in the direction of the new arrivals but instead of focusing on them, her eyes dart to the kitchen- the doors swing open to reveal a shorter girl with grey hair, dark eyes and two fluffy canid-esque ears. She's dressed much in the same way as the bunny waitress, but is significantly flatter and has broader shoulders... and also an exposed, grey colored tail, full of fur and wagging slowly behind her.

>She straightens her outfit- she's also wearing a black tie, and a cleaner apron- and makes a bee line toward the two teens.

"Ohayou gozaimasu-" >She says, bowing slightly before stopping herself short.

"Good morning, welcome to Lily's Place." >She blushes slightly. She looks between the defiant teen and the older one at the booth.

"...is... there something wrong? We also have tables available."

| >>797048

>The older boy greets the waitress and speaks in a rather proper tone.

"Good morning. Quite a fine place you got here."

>The little girl begins circling around the waitress, inspecting her from every angle, curious and in awe of her rabbit ears.

"Whoa! You're so pretty! And those bunny ears are so cute! I'm -- *eck*!"

>The teen takes a quick tug on the little girl's scarf and the older one speaks.

"Apologies for my sister. She's been kind of a handful this morning."

| >>797048

>The older sibling continues.

"We can sit wherever, I'd just need her to sit first. Have anything sweet to keep her occupied for awhile?"

| >>797060
>The bunny waitress giggles and gently pets the small girl, moments before she's yanked away!


"Hm..." >The gray haired waitress nods and brings a hand to her chin, thinking.

"How about a strawberry milkshake sweetie?" >The bunny girl responds first, much to the other's annoyance.

"On the house!"

| >A group of two women enter Lily's place
>One is tall and well proportioned, wearing an immaculate white suit which created a stark contrast with her dark skin and flowing black hair.
>The other is short and thin, with fiery red hair and a mean glare, both her hands were deep into the pockets of what looked like a modified Sukajan biker jacket.
>They both walked up leisurely and looked around.

| >>797048
"Yeah, jus' that for now,"

> He cuts himself off as his ears perk at the familiar sound of a particular engine. He spots someone park right next to them and there's a shift to the air around him. It seems a weight has been lifted

"the girl'll tell you what she wants in a minute"

> Soon after, the new biker rushes in with a heavy bag on her back. She pushes aside the people at the door as she rushes to hug him, embracing his head in a tight hug as he beams on

| >Following behind the two women was a smaller girl, long black hair going down slightly below her waist. She wore a grey hoodie with a print of a meowing kitten on the front and a pair of jeans with black boots at the bottom.

>A single drone follows her inside and lands on top of the girl's head. She looks around at the establishment, her eyes wide as she exhales slowly.

"Homey~! Comfy~! Cute~!"

| >>797048
>The woman in the trenchcoat nods and leisurely scans through the menu she'd been given, before she looks over to the two siblings(>>c8a6db).

| >>797069

"H-hi! Welcome to Lily's Place, we'll be with you one moment..." >The bunny girl says, as she refocuses on the biker's missing partner. She smiles wide.


"Er, um, welcome!"


>The grey haired wolf girl visibly bites her lips as the flow of customers increases, and almost seems to bark toward the direction of the kitchen!


>On command, the kitchen doors pop open with a bang and... no one seems to exit them?

>Oh wait, someone did- a short girl with a baby face, curly brunette hair, a chef's hat about half as tall as she is short, and... a large, bushy tail, akin to a rodent or...



"Sicily!" >The wolf waitress says sternly, physically pained. She nods with her ears and head at the entrance.



>She then turns back to the trenchcoated lady.

"Ee-eh, gomenasai, do you need help...?"

| >>797110
"Yes, actually, do you have any biscuit and gravy?"

>The trenchcoated girl replies, looking back up at the bunny girl.

"Oh, and a cup of coffee would be nice."

>She then turns to the two bikers in the booth next to her, peeking over.

"Hey, uh. This might be weird, but you look familiar, do I know you?"

>She asks.

| >Another figure enters the store, a respectable height, completely covered in dark clothes with red hints
>A hood paired with some sort of respirator facemask hide most of their face, barring their red eyes and some stray white hairs
"Excuse me."
>The voice is muffled as they walk past the entrance towards the counter

| >>797110

> The smaller biker finally breaks off from the hug and sits down, pulling off their helmet to reveal a woman covered in what could be assumed to be grease, which also seemed to coat the legs of her jumpsuit. She wastes no time getting comfy and begins to look over the menu as the other biker began an answer

"Me? I'm jus' some lance corporal, partner. Maybe you got me mixed up with someone else"

> He gave a less than cordial grin. He didn't want to ruin the moment

| >>797063

>The teen nods, with a smile.

"Yes, I think that would do nicely."

>He turns and notices the scarf in his hand is now missing his sister.

"Yu! Yuzhen! Where'd you go?"

>The little girl is now peeking her head inside of the kitchen to look at all of the other animal girls

| >>797110
"Woah, look at them Mii-san, they've got tails and ears! Aren't they simply precious!?"
>The tall dark-skinned woman says, her voice has a touch of "mondial" accent, the kind people who know many languages and speak them fluently often have, her speech, though relaxed, reeks of diplomacy and contracts.
>She's corporate to the bone.
>The other, smaller, redhead simply shakes her head and snorts
>She spits out in a rough japanese dialect

| >>797124

>The bun's ears light up and she scribbles your order quickly on a notepad!

"We do! Would you like white or wheat toast with that?"


>A smol gir- chef? Squirrel? Barrels passed you toward the other customers at the entrance, seemingly speaking a mile a minute. A soft voice pops in front of you, underneath the center bar's counter.

"Privyet," >Says another girl with animalistic features... large, floppy ears reminiscent of a beagle's, in this case, attached to the head of a short haired teen whose expression navigates between resting sadface or perpetual, barely held depression.

"Er, hello. Welcome to... the Place." >She says, stumbling over her words.

"What do you order?"


>The wolf girl takes down your order, but upon realizing the young girl is missing, she looks back toward the kitchen, her ears and tail standing up shock straight!


>As the young girl peers in, she spies a... mess, by any other name-

>A young catgirl sits on top of one of the currently off burners with a heavily customized laptop, tapping away animatedly and seemingly unaware of the much taller catgirl pulling at her leg. The laptop girl has headphones draped over her ears, whose volume is so high it can be heard from here- power metal.

>A LORGE, thick... or maybe just chubby girl waddles past both cats, carrying an enormous soup tureen that clinks loudly with kitchen utensils. Wrapped around the tureen appear to be either the longest set of uncut nails you've ever seen, or god forbid... claws... but she disappears around a wall before they can be inspected further.

>Indeed, more of the action within is blocked from your path when a blonde girl with wide eyes pops in front of you! She stares down at the curious girl, her large, curved ram horns scraping slightly against the door frame, digging the next of what seem to be many dents in the metal surface.

>The ramgirl smiles wide!



>The squirrel chef nearly bulldozes both corp woman and gangster bodyguard, due in no small part to sliding across the floor before coming to a stop beneath you both!

"HiwelcometoLily'sPlaceHomeofFreshfamilydiningdoyouwantcoffeeteawaterwherewouldyouliketosit?" >She spits out at the speed of light.

| >>797134
"Wheat, thank you."

>She quickly answers before turning back to the bikers again.

"Weird, well, sorry for interrupting then."

>She turns away hesitantly, a thoughtful expression on her face. Before she suddenly turning back again.

"Wait a second, aren't you Pistol Pete?"

| >>797137

>The bunny girl nods and jots down your order!

"It'll be a few minutes, let us know if you need anything else!"

>She hops- er, she sprints toward the kitchen at incredible hihg speeds.

| >>797137 >>797138

>She then pops back because both the GM and the bunny girl forgot you ordered coffee as well.

"Sorry about that-" >She says as she fills you a mug.

| >>797138 >>797140
"It's alright."

>The woman replies with a smile, accepting her mug of coffee.

"Quite a sprinter, aren't you."

>She teases.

| >>797144

"Ehehe, you can say that-" >The bun replies, gently scratching one of her massive... ears.

"It runs in the family."

| >>797145
>She giggles at the sudden pun before continuing.

"Ran straight into that one."

>The woman replies with a sly smile.

| >>797134
>The weirdo with the mask nods to the waitress, before tapping their neck deliberately
"Zhurm aal zham, shaashlik yurk ogri."
>Their words are guttural, deep like a cave, but after a few seconds, the mask seems to light up and delivers the following sentence in robotized english:
"Hello, friend. Meat please."

| >>797150

>The bun nods politely!

"We weren't expecting so many guests so soon! And our staff is a little, um, green around the ears, so to speak."


>The depressed looking dog girl blinks her eyes, and hear floppy ears raise a little bit. She leans in closer to you.


| >>797152
"To be honest, I wasn't expecting the place to fill up so quickly either."

>The trenchcoated woman replies.

"What's your name?"

| >>797137

> Pete's hands flexed as if second nature when hearing his name. No doubt the beginning of a motion he'd practiced for years. His partner's hands moved in tandem, her eyes locked on to Pete's who was locked onto this new girl's.

"Look, keep yer voice down and yer imagination lower. Keep it like Horatio's philosophy, all right?"

> He gave a nod to the girl, who relaxed and went back to looking over the menu, drumming her fingers to an imaginary tune

| >>797153

"My name's Cindy!" >She says, pointing proudly to her nameplate- which is completely blank.

>She makes a show of turning on the device and messing with her phone, and seconds later her name appears in glowing LED's.

"What's yours?"

| >>797152
>The person's eyes narrow under the hood
"Zahir alm hinoune."
>She taps her neck again, this time the mask says something else
>The person nods and sighs
"Shaashlik shalnis snasel minamou."
>The mask chimes up again
"Any meal with meat will do."
>Seems to be some sort of Translating device, this person no doubt cannot understand a lick of what anyone is saying without it

| >>797157

>The dog girl continues to stare at your masked form with the blankest of stares. At this point, you probably also notice the deep bags under eyes, a sure sign of restless nights.

"...um... let me... talk to my, uh, boss..." >She says, very slowly, before looking over your shoulder at the grey haired girl.

"Uh, Aki? Hey, Aki!"

| >>797154
"So it is you."

>She grins and does that zipping up her mouth gesture.

"Your secret is safe with me, don't worry. I'm off the job right now."


>She says, looking at the glowing nameplate.

"Cool nameplate, did you make it yourself, or is that standard?"

| >>797160

"Oh, big sis made a bunch back home for us to wear! Said it would look nice~"

>She fiddles with it and you watch as Cindy's name includes two hearts on either side!

| >>797161
"Oh, that's nice."

>Elise comments, taking a sip of her coffee.

| >>797160

> Dusty finally turns and locks eyes as well, doing her best to bore holes through this person questioning Pete. She finally speaks up, her voice reinforcing Pete's restricted words.

"Good. We're retired and we want to keep it that way."

> Both of them take a slurp of coffee in unison and let their mugs hit the table loudly, shaking everything atop. Sounds like they were ready to get to the next act of their show

| >>797166
>Elise raises an eyebrow at their behavior, still smiling, unfazed despite Dusty's attempt at intimidation.

"Both of you are significantly less chill than my dad used to make you all out to be."

| >>797159
>The person simply tilts their head again and asks for the mask to translate once more, after which they simply seem even more confused

| >>797169

"Don't ever meet your heroes."

> They spoke out in unison, although neither seemed to notice that the other said anything. Both were much too focused in looking over the menu. Even Dusty's moving of her bag onto the table with a loud thud wasn't enough to shatter the concentration both shared like many other things.

| >>797165

>Cindy nods in thanks and takes the opportunity to head toward the kitchen to put in the orders, also using this as an excuse to drop out of the conversation between the three customers.

| >>797170

>The dog girl looks increasingly uncomfortable as she tries to get the other waitresses' attention. She's even visibly sweating.

| >>797171
"Would be true if you are my heroes."

>Elise comments, stifling her laughters at the pair speaking in unison.

"Both of you are cute together though, so I guess I'll leave you to whatever you were doing."

| >>797134
>The corp woman, claps her hands together and nods
"Any table will do sweetie, but I'd like to have one with a good wi~de view of the shop if you can manage that!"
>She stretches the word wide along with a stretch of her own arms
"Oh, and I'll have coffee! This meanie here will have water"
>She adds, poiting to her smaller comrade, whose glare only intensifies

| >>797173
>The person seems to come to a realization and mutters
"Heshaal, min almaash. Ahmir smallin minou ael, yurk inir."
>They tap their neck and the voice exits the mask once more
"I'm sorry about my getup, I am very sick, it's for my safety."

| >>797175

"Onecoffeeniceladyonewaterangeryladyokaywidespacebacktablelemmeshowlemmeshowlemmeshow!" >The squirrel chef spits out, but politely, as she reaches a hand for one of you to take, fully intending on leading you to the booth herself, it seems!


"Oh, uh, right..." >The dog girl says, relenting.

"I... guess I understand." >She takes a notepad and pen.

"And you just want... meat? Nothing else?"

| >>797179
>The taller lady takes the squirrel's hand with a wide grin.
>Her hand is warm.
>The "Angry Lady" simply follows along, both hands behind the back of her head
>She's obviously keeping watch of her surroundings, her eyes darting around the diner.

| > Entering the restaurant was yet another set of women. One was tall and dressed in corporate-casual attire with a stylized 'H' on her breast. A comfortable set of gloves covered her hands.

> Following by her side was a shorter woman, perhaps average in height if not seemingly dwarfed by the one next to her. She was dressed in a gray suit, her brown hair pulled into a messy bun while her hands fiddled with a datapad. She looked exhausted.

| >>797134

>The little girl sees the scene in the kitchen taking place and absolutely loses her marbles.

"Wow! They're all so cool! My dad always tells me there's tons of different kinds of people in this city!"

>She excitedly begins speaking to the ram girl.

"I'm Yuzhen! I'm 8 years old!"

>She takes a Kung fu pose, getting low to the floor and putting her hands in the shape of claws

"And I'm a panther!"

| >>797180

>Soon, the squirrel chef brings you to a booth which substantially meets your specifications- the center bar is at a slight angle, giving you a view of both it and the entrance, along with the throng of new customers. To your right, a child still has their head stuck in the kitchen doorway, gawking at whatever secrets lie within. The shape of the windows means you also have an unobstructed view of the outside parking lot.

>You also note the existence of restrooms adjacent to the kitchen.

"Iwillobtaincoffeewaterandrinksberightback!" >The smol says, launching herself toward the center bar with ridiculous speed.

| >>797179
>The mask translates this as
"Eraal shim zaan il sash... shaaslik sni nakro."
>The mask speaks again
"With some side dish... anything with meat."

| >>797181

>The grey haired girl looks like she's about to grow a few actual gray hairs but when customers are involved, one does not have time to stress out. She greets the latest arrivals!

"Welcome! Please take a seat where you like, I'll be with you soon-" >So saying, she heads off toward the kitchen and the child-


>The ramgirl fondly pets the "panther" on the head!

"Nice to meet you Yuzhen! I'm Umiko!" >She says as she pushes open the door to allow the big bunny woman to hop in!

"Order up!" >The bun girl says excitedly before reciting the breakfast items she's managed to write down in the past few minutes. Immediately, the big catgirl manages to pull the smaller, laptop obsessed one straight off the burner, which immediately ignites. If the kitchen were chaotic to begin with, it becomes a cacophony of animal noises and various languages immediately.

| >>797186

"Er... dah..." >The dog girl says, scribbling something on her notepad which reads "...teak & eggies."

"Um... you can, uh, sit here, if you want." >She gestures to the stools at the bar counter.

"I'll deliver your order, okay?"

| >>797188
>The person nods and goes to sit down
>As they do, they take off their mask for a few second, coughing and hacking follows before they put it back on
"Argh... Ymnis, merki..."
>They sigh

| >>797110
>Taking a seat at one of the bar counter stools, the small girl hums to herself, patting her drone gently.

>The drone looked more like a little chicklet from afar, it even chirped like one while being pet.

"The staff are cute too~!"

| >>797190 >>797191

>Then, much like a ghost returned from the grave to haunt you like spirits of diner's past, a very short and very young looking girl pops her head over the counter. Where did she sneak in from?

>This one has no animal features to speak of, but there is an unmistakable strangeness to her- from her ashen colored skin to impeccably straight, long black hair.

>She adjusts thick black eyeglasses and puts on a brave face.

"Hello, and salutations!" >She says, with obvious practice,

"Welcome to Lily's Place, a dining establishment specializing in breakfast food and affordable, hearty meals native to the Southern United States! May I interest you in prime Colombian coffee? It's 100% organic, fair trade, and preservative free!"

| >>797193
>The weirdo with the mask simply tilts their head and asks the mask to translate
"Aashmi, lerinaas minon."
>The weirdo seems to swear under their breath

| >>797194

>The ashen colored girl blinks and scrunches her face slightly.

"I apologize, I did not understand what you said, can you please repeat that?"

| >>797195
>They look up to you, red eyes scanning every inch of your face
>They tap their neck again, and more of their weird tongue escapes the mask
"Ahmir sherz aal lerinaas minon, krek vaal zhathir."
>The mask speaks again
"My translator is having issues, please address me with few words."

| >>797196

>The girl blinks again, and then slowly lowers her glasses to get a better look at you and your mask, before returning them to her face.

"...Fascinating. Your language does not match *any* classical, indo-european, or asiatic linguistic trees that I am yet aware of..."

>Her eyes seem to sparkle!

"Are you... are you a so called 'spacer' like our big sis? But even her 'native' language most closely resembles simplified Hànyǔ..."

| >>797198
>You can't see much of their face, hidden in shadows and the mask, just the large red eyes and the stray white hairs fluttering here and there
>The mask itself, however, bears mention, it's design is strange, and tiny little mechanical pieces seem to shuffle around it's surface, almost as if alive
>The mask once again mouths off in their tongue, probably translating your words, they also speak before the mask responds

| >>797199
"I am indeed from Space, far away from here. I only speak Drachis and Imperial, your language seems to me like the odd one."
>They seem to be weirded out by the little one's interest
"You should not get too close, I'm very sick."

| >>797193
"Coffee, huh...I'll take a cup~!"

>Smiling wide, the girl takes the drone from off the top of her head and sets it down on the counter.

>The little drone begins to hop around, taking in its surroundings and all the people around it.

| >>797187

"Ah, thank you, of course."

> The tall woman spoke somewhat stiffly before gently gesturing towards her compatriot and walking towards one of the booths.

> The shorter, frazzled woman's steps were hasty in order to keep up with the heavy and measured pace of her friend.

"Tierra, I know I said we could eat anywhere, but don't you think this is a little...?"

> She sighed heavily before the two settled into the booth. She glowered at Tierra upon being ignored.

| >>797199 >>797201

"Fascinating... I never heard of Drachia! But I've heard of 'Imperial,' that's the language spoken by the Corsicans that most closely resembles Espanol, right?"

>At the mention of your illness, her enthusiasm is muted somewhat.

"Oh, I apologize, I was not aware. Will you get better?"


>At the girl's words, the smol seemingly remembers that she's supposed to be taking in orders.

"Hot coffee arriving soon!"


>Moments later, the tall, busty "bunny" girl sprints toward your booth and comes to an easy stop, menu-placemats and filled glasses of water at the ready!

"Welcome ladies! What would you like?" >She says, cheerily.

| >>797204
>The weirdo listens to the translation of your words before speaking in their deep tongue again, which is then translated
"No, Imperial as in Kiosian. I wish I could be rid of the Blight, but it is incurable, and contagious, be cautious."
>Their eyes narrow, although they seem to be... happy in some way
"Yhuul, zaari vin lathok innes ahmir luukri. Ahmir yuul ni nahzim miil nark dilok."
"I would hate to ruin a young one's future. Be cautious."
>They reitirate

| >>797205
>The smol blushes but still looks quite sad...

"I understand..."

>And a thought strikes her.

"...if I may be so bold, if you are highly contagious, why are you out in public?"

| >>797204 >>797205
>The girl smiles softly and watches her drone explore, humming softly to herself, listening silently to their conversation.


| >>797206
>They shake their head and begin rapid firing language through their translator
"Passes through blood, not that bad. Be careful."
>They seem dissastified somehow, so they say more to the machine
"Other races, don't suffer too much, unless outstanding issues. Leaves system after a while. In my kind, incurable, crippling."

| >>797204

> Tierra perked up immediately upon the arrival of the "bunny" girl. She doesn't even look down at the placemat while her counterpart dives into it, adjusting her glasses as she read.

"Two coffees, one for me, one for her. I would like three eggs, sunny, and ah..."

> She trailed off before her compatriot spoke up.

"Three eggs, sunny, a plate of hashbrowns with cheese, grits with butter no sugar, and two waffles for each of us, please"

> They shared a look.

| >>797208
"Sounds more like a drug to me."

>Elise comments out loud. Before realizing that she was actually saying it out loud.

"Oops, sorry. Yes I was eavesdropping, also sorry about that."

| >>797183
"What a cute kid"
>The tall dark-skinned beauty of a corpo said, smiling from ear to ear
>Her less socially adapted friend simply scoffed
"Being served' by kids' this oughta be some kinda joke or somethin'"
>She says while rolling her eyes
"Why, they're learning to be responsible you know! It's admirable if anything!"

| >>797210
>The weirdo turns to you, their red eyes scanning your face, somehow, it feels like a meat addict eyeing a nice cut instead of a stranger appraising you
"Khimir laas vaahk diino slaash ahmir."
>The mask translates this as
"Drugs, if only. Can stop drugs."
>They speak again, turning back to the small child talking to them originally
"Blood illness, congenital, born with it. Most afflicted can't even move. Half Drachis, so I'm better. Chest always hurts, feel weak, faint."

| >Suddenly, a bang, a singular guest walks in with a large exaggerated strut.
>Her long cream-colored hair flutters as she walks, and walk she does, she has to seeing how small she was.
>Two large red horns sprouted from her forehead.
>Oh no.
>Its Chanka.

| >>797215

> The bang draws the attention of none of than Tierra. She pauses for a moment, then raises a hand and calls out to the small Oni.

"Miss Chanka! Come sit with us, I shall buy you that drink you wished for me to get you. Do not mind my associate here, she is always like this."

> Lizbeth's teeth began to grind as she glared up at Tierra.

"You are NOT making my job any easier, Tierra."

| >>797216
>The Oni turns to face you, she seems a little surprised for an instant before her face is once more covered by that self-serving smug smile she always has.
"Oh! I won't refuse that!"
>The tiny Oni pitter patters to your booth, before swiftly sliding in.
"So... Who are you anyway?"
>She asks Tierra innocently after getting herself comfortable.
>I repeat.
>AFTER making herself comfortable, her coat is off and she's melting in the seat.
>And yet she doesn't recognize you.

| >>797217

> Tierra is momentarily taken aback before she nods sagely. Of course, it is easier to pretend they are not immediately familiar with one another that they might both practice conversation in a 'normal' fashion.

> Lizbeth looks down at Chanka, then back up at Tierra with an absolutely dumbfounded look.

"Tierra, you.... this little girl doesn't know you!"

"She is not a child, she is a respectable officer who I owe a drink to. Greetings, Miss Chanka, it is a pleasure."

| >>797207 >>797208 >>797210 >>797212

>The smol girl nods with grave understanding!

"My sisters and I were also... 'born' with genetic illnesses too! Although thankfully, blood disease does not rank among them..."

>She thinks for a moment.

"What is your other half?"


>The bunny girl writes both orders down almost in real time.

"Two coffees, one for you one for her, three eggs sunny side up, plate of cheesy hashbrowns, buttered grits hold the sugar, and two regular waffles!"

"Thank you for waiting, we'll be right back with your order!"

>So saying, the bunny girl dashes- and does she *dash* to the kitchen!


>Barely have the words left your lips than the squirrel "chef" has returned with a boiling hot kettle of coffee and two waters!

"Waterandcoffeeacquiredwarninghothothothot!" >She says, nearly throwing the drinks onto the table... but managing to... not.


>>797215 >>797216

>The loud banging does not go unnoticed- at once, every worker in the dining hall stops what they're doing and turns to look at the arrival of the tiny Oni. The wolf girl, having just exited the kitchen herself, bristles at the new arrival.

| >>797219
>Seems the mention of a 'Tierra' is not enough to jog the small Oni's memory, she keeps smiling nonetheless
"It's Major Chanka to both of you! I'm on lunch break but still on duty you know!"
>The Onis announces loudly, proudly puffing her nonexistent chest forward with a "hmmph!"
"Did we meet somewhere recently?"
>Chanka asks Tierra while swaying from left to right, delving deep into her brain.
>The beans within rattle.
>That is to say she doesn't remember anything.

| >>797212
"Well, I'm sorry to hear that. For what it's worth I hope you recover."

>Elise replies, shruging off the weird feeling from the stranger's gaze.

| >>797220
>The weirdo lets the mask translate before talking again, which is then also translated
>They sigh a little and go through the whole talk and translate again
"Not liked where I'm from. Most people there hated my kind, the Blight I carry did not help. Called me parasite, called me leech. Bad omen, half bloods."
>They shake their head
"Was painful, very. Sick and hated."
>They sigh again, you can see a few drops of water form in their eyes, which they wipe away

| >>797227

>The smol pats your hand or any other limb that's within patting distance given her height and the width of the counter, honestly. She looks at you with eyes that show an unfortunately all too knowing understanding.

>...and as if on cue, a cat smol arrives at the counter with a laptop slung under her armpit.

"Hey zombie, did you take these weirdoes orders yet or what?"

| >>797227
"So, outcast, huh?"

>Elise says idly, taking another sip from her coffee.

"I know a few of those."

| >>797231 >>797232
>Their eyes go wide for a bit as you pat their head
"Hmnir, saal."
"Thanks, really."
>They return the pat, awkwardly

| >>797220
"I'll hear about anything you mind telling me about sweetie, I bet everything is good!"
>The tall woman says with a wink towards the squirrel
>The Redhead goes straight to the point
"Just gimme Steak and eggs. Scrambled for the eggs before you ask"
>She orders before going back to watching around the diner.
>Her eyes stop on the weirdo and the two smols talking close to her.
>She mumbles to herself, her eyes focusing on the gamer cat:tm:

| > After some time hearing and seeing new people walk in, Pete decided that it was time to try and figure out what was going on. He began to look around in one direction while Dusty took the opposite. The two had done this too many times before, the only difference now being that they weren't being shot at.

"You know what this reminds me of? That one time in Battery City"

"you mean the one where those wannabes came after us?"

"YEAH. Except this time smells better."

| >>797187

>Yuzhen excitedly bounces up and down, all the animal girls are so nice! She sprints back into the dining room and snatches her scarf back from her brother and continues sprinting about the restaurant to "investigate" the staff and patrons.


>She lands near Major Chanka and Tierra and gives the Major a big salute.

| >>797221

> Tierra nodded, Lizbeth rolled her eyes.

"Of course, my apologies. We have met three times now. The Capsule Bar, a food truck where you apprehended a criminal, and the Karaage place where someone almost died."

"W-- Tierra, what are you getting up to when we're not together?!"

"I am learning."


> Tierra's attention is drawn to the child. Her eyes glowed for a moment before she smiled, as best as she could at least.

"Hello, young one."

> Lizbeth sighed.

| >>797386

>Yuzhen inspects the catboomer closely, noticing her clearly cybernetic hands and arms.

"Whoa! Do those make it hard to move??? You ever throw a punch?! My dad says he thinks things like that might slow you down!"

| >>797337
>The tiny major returns your salute with a large grin
"Good form little one!"
>She says while nodding her head up and down, crossing her arms
>The Oni once agaim sizes you up, her eyes go up and down, and then focus on your cat ears.
>Oh boy.
>She slams her fist into her open palm, smiling widely
"You're the tall metal cat lady! Now, don't scare me like that I thought I didn't know you!!"
>She exclaims aloud
>She's basically screaming

| >>797255


>The squirrel rattles off at the speed of light, her voice turning into white noise by anyone who wasn't paying attention directly.

>The cat smol is quite short, even compared to the girl manning the counter top, and whatever it was that she said seems to have upset the ash-skinned girl in some way, because her child like adoration of the alien has broken into a frown. She adjusts her glasses in an effort to hide this all the same.

>>797231 >>797232 >>797234

"...yes... I was just getting to that..." >The girl says, stoicly, before turning back to the "weirdo" and Elise

"I... I'm sorry, what would you two like to eat?"

>The cat smol doesn't seem to see the problem and pops open her laptop on the counter while waiting for the ash girl to finish taking the orders.


>The wolf girl heads over at last to your table, her head fur visibly frazzled. She attempts to straighten it out on her way to you and takes in a large breath of air.

"Gomenasai, have you all decided on what you would like to eat?" >She says, straightening up.



>The dog girl with large floppy ears has reentered the dining hall... this time, sporting a platter that contains freshly cooked MEAT (per request!), another two cups of coffee, some buttered grits, too many eggs and... a gorgeously topped strawberry milkshake with extra whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

>And she looks... very confused. She attempts to look at a series of tickets on her platter while carrying the food with the other, and nearly tips over the entire thing in the process.


>The oni's unearthly scream and table banging frazzles the already confused waitstaff and causes the dog girl's platter to shake dangerously. Over at Dusty and Pete's table, the wolf girl winces hard.

| >>797439

> Dusty and Pete both seem to be unaffected by everything going on. A smarter person would assume they're focused, where as they would both say 'oh, it's not important so whatever.'

"Yeah, can i just like get a stack of pancakes with fruit and stuff on top? Thanks."

> Dusty order and gives a toothy grin, acting the age that she appears to be for once

"I'll just take scrambled eggs and hash browns. Thanks"

> He gives an odd look to Dusty, who only returns one back

| >The girl with the drone rests her head on the bar counter, closing her eyes and listening around the diner.

>The small drone pecks the girl's cheek slightly.

"Mmmm...I should probably eat something..."

| >>797428

> Tierra appeared almost entirely unphased by the screaming Oni before her. Lizbeth on the other hand practically shoved herself against the wall furthest away from Chanka.

"Yes, yes, that is me. I am glad that you recognize me."

> Lizbeth's exasperated face shot between Tierra and Chanka before she slammed her face into her hands and muttered to herself.

"This is beginning to explain so much of what you keep calling normal..."

| >>797448
"Who are you though?"
>The tiny major turns to Tierra with an innocent smile
"Your lover?"

| >>797439
"Oh, I already ordered with the other waitress, Cindy, I think her name was."

>Elise quickly replies.

"But the order was biscuit and gravy, with wheat toast. In case she forgot."

| >>797452

> Tierra looked surprised, before calmly shaking her head. Lizbeth, on the other hand, had gone red in the face from both rage and embarrassment.

"No! We're not lovers! I'm her agent!"

> Lizbeth sputtered as she spoke, her datapad making a loud 'slap' as it hit the table.

"Lizbeth, calm down, Major Chanka was only asking a question. No, Major, Lizbeth is an associate of mine."

| >>797460
"Oh? So you're not? Associates it is then!"
>Chanka laughs boisterously, her hand waving through the air as if to physically dispel the misunderstanding.
"You oughta loosen up though, Lizzy! Anyone could have gotten that wrong you know!"
>The major nods to herself with a self-serving smug smile
>She's convinced that anyone would have made the same call.
>Lizbeth would clearly notice at this point.
>This Oni
>She's one of those
>"Special" people.

| >>797470

> Lizbeth looked down at Chanka with what could best be described as pitying disgust. She tilted her head down to unsuccessfully remove her frown as she regarded the small Oni before her.

"I... don't think so, but I believe that perhaps one of such unique caliber as yourself would be most capable of making these astute judgements that baffle those such as myself."

> That was an insult.

| >>797496
"That's right! I sure am of unique caliber! An adult lady worth commending you know!"
>The Oni smiled smugly once more, having completely misunderstood the insult.
>She was ecstatic to be praissd so much, as if she were a child receiving a good grade on a test.
"So, cat-lady, what brings you here with Lizzy?"
>She moved along quickly

| >>797439
>The weirdo simply reiterates through the translator
"Meat... anything to go with it, I'm not picky at all."

| >>797442

"So dear, what've we got today? Finally pick out a nice necklace for the anniversary?"

> Pete settles down and treats the whole bench he's on like the couch on his ranch. He gives a once-over at the bag carried by his closest friend. She, in turn, doesn't skip a beat

"Of *course* my love. I was walking in the shops uptown, you know the ones, and I just *had* to tell you. Do you think it would be too much?"

> Dusty wondered if the code was necessary. At least it was fun

| >>797514

> Lizbeth forced a smile and nodded quietly at the Oni before her.

> Tierra smiled at Chanka, it wasn't forced, but it was still quite awkward.

"Lizbeth wished to discuss integration of a new augment with my current ones, believing that it might assist me with my desire to become normal. She says it is a 'social aug' and will allow me to read signals from the body and can help me formulate a response."

> Tierra leaned back in her seat and nodded sagely.

| >>797692
"What, so that's what you're worried about?"
>Chanka sighs and shrugs her shoulder, turning to the closest small waitress
"I'll have a sugar rush with lots of karmotrine!"
>She declared before once more facing Tierra
"Socializing isn't so hard you know! All you got to do is speak out what you think! If people can't go along with you it means they're not the kind of people you want to talk to!"
>Chanka says, sagely stroking her chin with closed eyes

| >>797806

>The small saluting child is absolutely giddy that the major acknowledged her.

"I'm gonna be in the GCPD some day and be a hero like you and daddy!"

| > Liliya Alexeevna Starikova has been standing on the entrance podium for a good few minutes already, staring off at the odd blaxk cube amidst the dining hall in confusion as thoughts of all sorts, absolutely distracted from the surroundings and, possibly, an occasional waitress standing before her this entire time.
> Eventually, major adjusts a strand of hair to the ear, steps off the podium and wanders forth. Some could see sounds of classic music coming from her.

| >>797880
>Chanka smiles at the child
"Oh? That's reassuring! The force can always use some more people with a good sense of justice!"
>She says, before returning the child's salute with a crisp motion of her own.
>She might look like a kid, but that motion is superb, she's obviously used to it.
"But you gotta train first! and get some experience in life! You'll make a fine trooper yet!"
>She laughs boisterously.

| > Eventually Liliya ended up by the enthusiastic nosiy couple major could ever hear through her records of Russian classic composers - anything else she barely recognised to be music - and... sort of juat stopped to eavesdrop, not really bothering to conceal her presence.

| >>797806

"Oh, er... yes, it has been a concern for me. Your advice does seem to make sense, I would expect as much from you, Major Chanka."

> Lizbeth sputtered at the two of them, her head swiveling from one to the other. Tierra didn't actually believe Chanka, right?

"Tierra, how about we consider the etiquette courses I recommended rather than follow Chanka's advice? Her methods are more suitable for... people as special as her."

| >>797880 >>797883

> Tierra nodded along with Chanka's advice towards the child. She believed that children were the future, Himura had always told her that.

"Your enthusiasm will do you will, young one! Carry it with you in your every step and you will find yourself exactly where you are destined to be."

| >>797892
>Chanka shrugs
"Etiquette is easy to fake! all you have to do is read the room and act brazenly! people like honesty!"
>She's obviously not an expert at this whole reading the room thing

| >>797883

>The child's eyes shine and she clenches her fists and punches the air.

"I'm gonna work hard! 200 push ups and two hours with the dummy every day!"

| >>797442

>The wolf girl nods and quickly writes your order down before repeating it to make sure it's accurate. She turns to head back toward the kitchen, and you see her stop briefly in front of the dog girl to exchange whispered word regarding what to do with the enormous platter of food she seems to be carrying.


>The ash skinned girl nods apologetically.

"I- I see... then, uh..."

>She turns to the other two at the counter, the "weirdo" and the small girl with a drone.

>>797443 >>797538

"O-okay, uh, we'll get you bacon and eggs, and..."

>She turns to the girl now,

"What would you like?"

>The cat girl is not amused- her claws flick out of her non dominant hand and begin to tap on the counter incessantly as she posts on her laptop.

>>797882 >>797885

>Like a cartoon bunny bursting out of the ground on their way to Pismo Beach, a particularly large chested woman with literal bunny ears sticking out of her head arrives with gusto!

"Heeyyyyy! Welcome to Lily's Place! Can I get you started with a coffee or tea?"

>Throughout all of this, the dog girl stands motionless, a large platter of food in her hands. Her eyes dart from table to table, booth to booth... but she makes no move to actually deliver the food. The smell of it wafts throughout the restaurant and easily penetrates just about everyone's nostrils.

| >>797938
>The weirdo simply nods and starts observing their surroundings
"Yuhuul yhin nito... aarak ahmir yumeri..."
>The mask does not translate that

| >>797911
"I... don't think that's how etiquette work."

>Elise comments, turning over to the table that Chanka and Tierra were in. Her expressions change when she sees the face of the two.

"Wait, hold on. I'm sorry, but have we met? I feel like I've seen you before."

"It's alright, better safe than sorry. You couldn't have known I already ordered anyways."

| >>797940
>Chanka smiles smugly
"*I* never had a problem with it, so surely that's how it works!"
>She says confidently
"Also, No, no idea who you are!"

| >>797911 >>797940

> Tierra nodded while Lizbeth rolled her eyes and began to stare out the window. The conversation was meaningless.

"I see, Major, but that is why I was going to get the new aug. I desire to read the room."

> Tierra's ears perked up as she turned her head towards Elise. Her lips returned to her neutral expression of a scowl as she looked Elise up and down.

"You were at the karaage store, were you not? It was unfortunate what happened there that night."

| >>797947
>The reply earns the major a slight chuckle from Elise.

"My, if only Paul's a little more like you, he'd be pretty entertaining."

"Right. That was a messy night for sure."

>Elise replies.

| >>797690

“Until you’re out of all that mud though, I still have a shovel to find in between my writing. No time for wishful thinking”

> Dusty wears a long look, hoping that the meaning in her words made sense. Pete takes a sip of coffee and returns her look with a smile to erase such a sad stare

“We went and found you a typewriter. Yer days of writin’ with all that blood is over. The delivery should be on its way”

> upon hearing this, Dusty slides him a metal box from the bag

| >>797938
"Mmmm...Can you do chocolate chip pancakes~? Big and fluffy ones too~! With a side of eggs, over easy~"

>She smiles wide and nods to herself as her chick drone climbs onto her head.

| >>797939

>After spending several awkward minutes waiting around for direction, the dog girl approaches the "weird" man and pulls out an exceptionally large dinner plate... presented on said plate is a startlingly rare t-bone steak and two large sunny side up eggs, along with an extra plate of lightly buttered white and wheat toast.

>In spite of the platter of food being nearly half her size, for some reason she doesn't seem to have trouble actually carrying these morsels.

"Here... uh... your... meat." >She says, forcing a grin. Her eyes travel downward and notice the uninterested cat girl, who is still typing away at her computer.

"Cyka... get back to work, Melissa. Jeez."

>The dog girl turns and heads toward the small child next, turning the platter to face the strawberry milkshake toward her target. >>797921

"Hey, did you order this?"

>Behind her, the cat smol who had previously ignored the older girl's existence raises one of her clawed fingers toward the dog girl's back.


>Through the miracle of timey wimey stuff, the wolf girl took Chanka's order at some point earlier in the past, but has returned just as quick...

"Gomenasai, sir Chanka, but our manager isn't here right now and we can't access the alcohol products..." >She says, with a small hint of relief,

"Would you like to see a menu?"


"O-of course we can!" >The ash skinned girl says, writing down your order quickly! She rearranges her glasses and hands it out toward the cat girl eagerly.

>The cat girl just looks up and stares at her.

"...what do you want me to do with that?"

>An awkward pause.

"...ugh." >She relents and grabs the ticket roughly from the ash girl's hand and storms off toward the kitchen- her laptop remains on the counter, unlocked.

| >>798507
>A small grin spreads on the girl's face. She whispers something to the small chick. It does a small salute with its wing and hops towards the cat girl's laptop.

"I think you're doing a great job~! So don't feel so down~!"

>The girl's smiles wider and nods slightly.

| >>798592

>The ash girl blushes slightly and turns her head.

"Y-you really think so?"

>The laptop... is a mess. There are program shortcut icons strewn all over the place, not to mention notepad files with strange filenames, ranging from the discreet to a file that literally says SEKRIT! KEEP OUT! THAT MEANS U BIG BRO!

>Front and center seems to be an IRC client, logged into a channel named #glitch_city_voices. It seems like the cat smol had been posting here, bored out of their skull.

>Do you...

>Snoop around the icons?

>Read the IRC?

>Open the SEKRIT file?

>Anything else?

| >>798619
"Of course~! I know this kind of job isn't easy, but here you are doing it~! Oh! My name is Evening, by the way~ I don't think I caught yours~!"

>Evening takes out a tablet-looking device, peeking at the desktop. She smiles to herself, taking acute notice of the "SEKRIT" file.

>Making her decision, she directs the little chick-droid to open up the file.

| >>798242

> Pete drums his fingers on the box. The dull metal-on-metal sound reassures him

"you know me so well, you know?"

> Dusty reaches over the table to grab Pete by the chin, squishing his face. He does his best to smile as she plays like this. All she can do is beam on at him

"Oh I *know* I do, and I am so glad that I do."

"So the new specs are good?"

"*I* made it, so what do you expect? This is a fine piece of work, scaled just enough"

| >>798634
>Elise takes a glance over to the chick droid poking around on the laptop, but did nothing yet apart from looking to its owner.

| >>797962

"Indeed, it was quite messy."

> Tierra murmured, her eyes looking Elise up and down before shrugging and resting her arms on the table.

"It took far more effort to restrain Gideon than I had expected, but I did not wish to hurt him... My limbs often do more harm than I expect."

| >>798666
>Evening only smiles innocently, putting a finger to her lips. The little chick droid chirps in response.

| >>798507
>Chanka's eyes narrow and she pouts like a child would, puffing her cheek
"hmpf, well then I'll take a look at the menu!"
>She declares in a dissapointed tone
"Gideon was the one with the big metal thing on his head right?"
>Chanka says, scratching her temple
"I hope he got to see his sister again!"

| >>799088
>Elise let out a cheeky grin and nods.

| >>799123

"Indeed, Major, he had the metal pompadour upon his head. I too wish that he would be able to see his sister yet again, despite the negativity of their last meeting."

> Tierra sighed, leaning her head back against the booth. She was hungry.

> Lizbeth had stopped talking and decided to peer out the window instead, grumbling about coffee.

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