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[Job Opportunity] CRI needs you!

| The Crimson Research Institute (CRI/The Company) is looking for private contractors to conduct investigation and recovery operation at it's newly acquired Site 59. Work entails delving within the dimensional anomaly that overtook the old Yhule Logistics centeal Depot in Neon. Workers may be paid up to 10k Nuyen per investigation, with bonuses for those who recover objects and info worth it's price.

The Company seeks competent members who can handle themselves in any situation.

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But also scholars and other trained professionals who may be able to lend a hand in understnading and studying Site 55.

All those who perform work on Site 55 are also entitled to a medical coverage of 50k nuyen for injuries sustained on duty, although the Company does not claim responsability for mortal injuries or death.

In addition, all who perform succesful investigations are eligable to payment in goods and other services by The Company.

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The Company will be testing all willing workers to deem their eligibity to different tasks, but otherwise, you do not need credentials or precedents in similar lines of duty.

The Company will be waiting for you!

To join us, please contact Yokir-zaal-Metatronia at Site 55, located on Dream St, 678 Neon District!

We hope to see you soon, and in large numbers!

-CRI HR Department

| Uh yeah how about no, Investigating a "site" that starts with the number 5 never turned out good for anyone.

| make it site 69 then maybe i'll be interested

| >"Dimensional anomaly"

Yeah no.

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