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Anyone know these suits?

| >A picture is uploaded, with a crypto signature reading: "KT"
>It's a picture taken within what looks to be an expensive hotel lobby, a group of black suited men are talking with another group, composed of two women and a man.
>They wear white coats over white suits, each-one adorned with rose-gold aiguilettes and shoulder boards.
>The man is in center-frame, a tall kind with a large black beard and tired looking green eyes

| >The woman next to him is as tall as he is, with long flowing black hair and thin-framed eyeglasses, her blue eyes are quite stunning.
>The last one is as small as a young girl would be, with short and fluffy light pink twintails.

So, I was stalking out some Zibatsu guys for a job, not gonna talk about which job but still, y'all catch my drift, when suddenly they went out of their preplanned routine to meet these jokers, some kinda miltypes or stripes?

| I thought the UK incursion from a while back taught Zaibatsu to not involve foreign militaries tho? we in for a twelve minute war next? Or maybe they're just some losers from the old knights??

What do you chummers think? and more importantly, if someone knows; Tell me. Of course I'll pay for info and trackers!

I don't usually go all the way for some suits, but these guys are obvious pros, hell, the blue-eyes is clearly staring at the camera!

Got my attention is all!
-Kokeshi Tou

| I'm getting real secret service vibes from the black suits~! Kinda spooky~! Hopefully something exciting comes out of this...~

| >>789671
Those guys were Zaibatsu, so I assume they're probably some real secretive goon, or Ex-WK atleast.
-Kokeshi Tou

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This thread is permanently archived