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| I'm tired, burnt out, whatever.
It's not getting better.
Nothing I do matters.
Why does it matter?

That rhymed... ha.

Fuck it...

I'll just go to sleep...

| K

| Same chummer, same

| You are not alone, chummer. What we're going through isn't fair at all.

Also my cat says hi.

| >>789163
What's your cats name?

| >>789164
Timber. Because if he ever got lost I'd have the opportunity to shout "Timbeeeeer!" as loud as I want outside.

| I used to be tired all the time! Then one day I decided to sleep a whole bunch, now I'm not that tired all the time~

| >>789166
Not gonna lie, that's a good name

| I woke up and I'm still tired...

What do I do...

Say hi to your cat for me...

| >>789508
He responded that since he was nice enough to grace you with his attention you owe him some belly rubs.

| is this a tired sleep can't fix?

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This thread is permanently archived