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Foreclosure reports, Data set #17-09-7X //Midnight//

| Data acquired by C&C, shared at the behest of paying customer DD.
Thanks for the business omae!
-Code 00

>A large document is posted unti the matrix, it seems to be a PDX shared amongst realtors by the Glitch City board of Real Estate, concerning foreclosures within the midnight district, and the prices of closing establishements open for bids to allow resale.

>The text is filled with jargon, and details property details...

| >##457-O-78##
>[4373 Star road]
>Open property, in good repair, past owner was arrested due to failure to pay debts, the property is a storage area, 70 square feet wide. No commercial license. Built in 20XX, renovated by previous owner, inspection: all green.
>Bids open via Channel 125.788.5555-09
>Recommended Resale price: 200k nuyen/105k Zaibatsu Scrip
>Good location within a commercial sector close to the resort: would fetch a good price as alternate storage for businesses.

| >##765-0-76##
>[54-15 Selene plaza]
>Foreclosed property, past owner has gone missing. Residential property, 680 square feet. Abandoned since 20XX, advanced state of disrepair, gas and water systems are under investigation.
>Part of a larger building, three other locations are available within 54 Selene Plaza.
>Bids closed as of 09/20
>Recommended Resale price: Lease.
>Net worth of 50k nuyen.

| >##7666-89-765##
>[Waterfront, 40]
>Commercial property, past owner found dead in his freezer. Large service area and moderate storage, along with a comfortable living space on the second floor. Cleanup pending due to investigation request of the GCPD, signage and decor intact.
>Might be haunted.
>Disrepair noticeable within the storage area, collapsed flooring leads into underground eclipse tunnel.
>Bids open at: 127.66:555.0
>Recommended resale price: unavailable at this time.

| >>788999
Yo can u make a haunted house out of this?

| >>789495
That would be AWESOME

| >>789502
Yooooo someone buy dis let's do it

| Living in a warehouse might be nice...Plenty of space to operate on drones...

| Man, these reports are usually really well kept secrets amidst investors and corpos within the speculation market, yet this guy just leaks out his data after asking a firm like C&C to get it for him?

Weird, hell stupid even omae...

| I smell a story here...

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