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(News)Local bar attacked by cult, a vigilante savior: a new surge of violence in Downtown?

| Last night, a group of occultist assailants stormed a local bar. While the establishment’s security rushed to hold them off and put the bar under lockdown, another figure rushed to their aid, possibly saving them from certain doom.

The Bizarre Beefeater, a relatively new bar in the streets of Downtown, came under heavy fire by a large group of around twenty masked assailants equipped with assault rifles, said to arrive in a convoy of vehicles.

| The attack started at around the bar’s closing time, when most of the patrons were already gone and the security was loosened as the staff were packing up.

The attack had caught them off guard. While the establishment's security team of five quickly reacted and returned fire, they were outnumbered and forced to retreat deeper into the establishment by the more numerous opponents.

| The engagement quickly ended up in a standoff with the attackers slowly surrounding the establishment. One of the members of the team was heavily wounded by the initial attack and another hit while trying to save the serving staff and remaining patrons. They called for support, but the reinforcement group would need time, time that those trapped inside do not have.

| Their salvation comes when a lone figure, described by one of the bystanders as a female dressed in a deep blue suit of advanced armor and wielding an extensive array of high-tech weapons and gadgets, rushed to their aid. The vigilante provided the distraction and helped the security team get their much needed breathing time to patch up the wounded and regroup.

| The lone savior was still not enough however. Although the vigilante managed to pacify many of the attackers, she would eventually be forced to retreat to the line of defenders inside. Alas, they would have needed more help still to drive off the large force of attackers.

Help would arrive not a second too soon in the form of the requested reinforcements, who quickly organized a counter-attack alongside the defenders and drove out the assailants.

| The night ended with most of the defenders heavily wounded but alive, while the cultists faced the toll of eight dead while the rest escaped in the vehicles that they’d arrived in.

The assailants are confirmed to be from the Cult of Savior Resurrection, who was one of the factions involved in a cult war and a surge of hostility in Downtown earlier this year. The faction had since been suspected of being a cause of over a hundred disappearances this year.

| As for the identity of the lone vigilante who came to the rescue, the figure simply introduced herself to the defenders and the patrons as ‘Strigid’, and had fled away from the scene soon after the engagement, flying away with her suit’s integrated jetpack.

Although the motive behind the sudden attack remains a mystery, theories include the establishment’s supply of alcoholic beverages, which is said to be quite expensive and could be used to fund the movement.

| Another leading theory is related to the establishment’s group of security. While the security force of the bar bore no patches to indicate their origin, being dressed in a suit to fit in more with the shop’s aesthetic, the reinforcements wore a more conventional uniform and combat equipment as well as bearing a patch of Syndicate of Everlasting Twilight(SET), a splinter group consisting of former security contractors from the now-defunct GC regiment of New Dawn Security(NDSec).

| Which leads us to believe that the security team might bear similar allegiance, although Noel Pearce, a co-founder of the group, neither confirms nor denies the involvement of SET within the security team or within the engagement itself.

| The syndicate is said to be heavily involved in the action against various cult and street gangs of the city both before and after the dissolution of the Glitch regiment. The goal of the attack might simply be to cripple SET’s members and stop them from further acts against the cult.

Which begs the question, is this attack a one-off, or is this a start of another surge of violence from the cultists within Glitch City?

| Fuck! Nooo. Those cult goons are the worst! I really liked that place... I know that not everyone is 'alright' but I really hope the guys that made it out end up ok!


| Sounds like someone didn't like the talking dog or something...
I liked the talking dog tho...

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