(Setting) C&D's Crazy Combos

| >The Food Truck with the psychedelic paint-job made it's way, and stopped at a abandoned parking lot, just shy of a small dock, that leads to the City's infamous "Flooded District". The sun-setting on the small little area. Inside, were the two stoner owners of the truck. The lanky blonde Casey and the talking German Shepherd.

"Like, I-I dunno about this Don."

>Casey said as he propped open the window, while Don seemed to be setting up tables and lanterns.

| "Rou rost re bet, Rasey."

>Don replied, as he set up the little eating area, with nothing but his teeth, and some extra help from his front paws.

"Resides, r'is is re first place re found to rark rall day!"

"Like, couldn't we just wait till tomorrow? Weed money can wait, dude!"

>At this point, Don finished wiping the many tables covered in Dog slobber making sure it looked presentable, before he clamoured his way back in the truck.

"Rould ya rou rit ror a doobie snack?"

| "... Fine, but like if we see like the monster of the black lagoon, like, I'm making like a hockey stick, and gettin' the puck outta here!"

"Rine by re!"

>It was as the two watched the road for customers that the sun finally set, the lanterns flared up gathering yellow warmth light around the small area, and a dark gloomy blue elsewhere, the creepy lake as their backdrop.

| >A pair of figures approaches the truck, they seem to be talking to each other.

"Aren't we supposed to be looking for your chick?"

>The first says in a fairly pronounced but still understandable Australian accent. The man in question is dressed fairly casually; a ball cap, a T-shirt and a pair of cargo pants. He wouldn't have caught any attention at all save for the plate carrier he's wearing and the rifle slung over his shoulder.

| "Yeah, but I'm hungry. Besides, the cultists aren't going anywhere."

>The other replies, flashing a grin. This one is also carrying a gun and wearing body armor, although he's dressed in a more militaristic fatigue with a grey-ish digital camo pattern.

"Good point."

>The Aussie replies, turning to the pair at the truck.

"G'day, cobber, wanna get us a stubbie and something for the rumblies?"

| >>788455
"Like, no problem, man!"
>Casey would duck down. grabbing two beers out of the cooler, following with handing the two the beer.
"Like, on the subject of food, C&D is like, all about trying old favorites with new twists!"

"Reah, rasically rour roptions rare, Randwiches, Tacos, Rot Dogs rand Ramburgers! Rif rou ron't like it, re'll eat rit, rand rou can ret something relse~"

| >A small woman makes her way towards the stall with wide strides, her short and fluffy light pink twintails fluttering as she does
>She's wearing the kind of clothes someone from a corp would wear, all in white and blues, an oversized white coat with military style shoulder boards and long brass aiguillettes hanging from the left side of her collar
>Beneath the coat is a short, sleeveless one piece dress, adorned with a large crest, the letter FSCA are adorned beneath it
>She waves

| >>788528
"Oh, I'll take a burger, defo."

>The Aussie said, taking the bottle and cracking it open.

"A sandwich for me, chummer."

>The other says, also taking the bottle and opens it.

| >>788531
"Like, no problem, man, I'll get on those for ya man!"

>The exuberant Don, put his paws up on the counter and gave that good ol' Dog facsimile of a smile to the lady.
"Rhat rou ya need, Riss?"

| >>788543
>The lady seems a bit taken aback for a moment, before a loose smile forms onto her youthful face

"I'd heard about the talking dogs in this city, to think I'd meet one so early"

>She snickers, her eyes narrowing

"Well, I heard about this place from someone, and I was made aware that you lot had some interesting receipes featuring odd ingredients, and so I came to ask for something made with chips in it"

>She exclaims, snickering still

| >>788547
"Rell, rare we ralkin' fries ror rotato crisps?"

>The dog asked, going to prop up his head with one paw.

"So rany rialects rin Glitch ra know, rou can rever tell~"

| >>788551
>The girl shrugs

"I'm not from the British isles or their lunar colonies, so the good old bagged chips are what I'm talking about"

| >>788581
"Rokay! Rai'll ret ron that~

>Don says, before turning aroind cheerfully wagging his tail, itching to get to work on this mess-terpiece. Casey getting to work on his own, as he got a stick of butter out, a butter knife, a loaf of bread and some brioche burger buns.

| >>788531
"So, like. What brings you two out near the flood, man?"

>Casey says as he cuts an inch off the stick dropping into onto a pan where the butter simply sizzled and melted, as he began to spread it around the pan.

"Like, I'm out here cuz I lost a bet to Don, but like maaan, I would not come out here unless I had to man!"

| >>788583
"Well, it's pretty complicated-"

>One say, before he could elaborate any further the Aussie quickly cut in.

"This cunt wanted to come find this chick he had a crush on."

| >>788582
"I'll be expecting something great"

>The girl says before sitting down at a table, a smirk adorning her youthful face

"This past few weeks all I've been eating are course meals and expensive hotel fares, I'm almost retching at the thought of eating one more full lobster or some french named confection"

>She says, exasperated

| >A gaudy red motorcycle with a large metal box on the back peels into the parking lot and makes an abrupt stop.

>The driver is a thin man with slicked back bleached blonde hair wearing tortoise shell glasses and a red tokkofuku. He pulls a clipboard off of the metal box, lifts up his glasses, and squints at the pages. A moment passes before he then throws the clipboard to the ground in frustration.

"FUCK! There's nothing here! I drove all the way out here for *nothing*!"

| >>788589
"Like, I guess it's not that complicated, then~!"

>Casey gave a laugh, as he went to grab two buns, and two slices of bread and placed them on the grill.

"Robster!? Rhere!?"

>Don suddenly alert, pressed his paws down on the counter as though on the hunt before realizing there 'twas none.


>Both Don & Casey look away from their respective customers to investigate the nuclear F-Bomb near there.

"Like, man, is everything groovy?"

| >>788747

>The man in red notices the food truck and walks over to the window.

"Unless one of you is some how actually named Ben Dover, no. What type of truck is this?"

| >>788748
"Re food kind?"
>Casey went to scratch Don behind the ears real quick, as if to say "Chill"
"Like, the basic idea is man, you pick a familiar favorite, like a sandwich or taco, and like, we surprise ya with a crazy twist on it! We even got reviews on 'Relp!'"
>Casey points to the small "Check us out on Relp!" sticker on the side of the window.

| >>788763

>The man is lost in thought for a moment.

"Say, what do you guys do with fried chicken? I'm was out for a delivery but some chode decided to crank call me."

"If I passed you the karaage I was meant to deliver, I'll pay for a meal to see what you do with it."

| >>788747
"Yeah, it's supposed to be more complicated than that."

>The man still tries to argue his case, but the Aussie sneers at his friend;

"Is it though? Face it, mate, only reason you went through all that hierachy bullshit is because you want to see the chick."

>The man rolls his eyes.

"Okay, fine, maybe that's *one* of the reason I'm coming to Flooded."

>The Aussie cheers.

"Good on ya! Finally! Only took us being at the doorstep, but ya said it."

| >>788747
>The girl points to her stomach with a large grin, laughing at the canine's excited display

"Too bad, they're already gone down here! But hey, maybe I should bring you guys one next time?"

>She's already speaking as if she was a regular, her demeanor is relaxed despite her corporate appearance.

"You'd probably do a better job at it than those cooks up in the hotel, they must have bought off that five star rating, I'd give them one and a half"

>She shrugs, still smiling

| >>788773
"Like, it's not on the menu, but like, me and Don love to experiment, man!"
>Casey states, before going into the fridge bringing out some of the mystery ingredients for the other customers. Don had stood up again on his hindlegs placing several potato chip bags on the counter.

"Re'll do rit on re house~!"

| >>788784
"Like man, sounds like you guys got a mystery on your hands!"

>Casey took the slices of bread he had toasting, and took them off and set them aside.

"Hell, like I bet it could be like sci-fi horror meets a buddy cop! I'd pay for that shit, man!"

| >>788975
"Rats pretty low!"

>Don seemed to finally pick one of the bags as he opens it up making a resounding "POP!" Which startled Casey making him jump and collide with the roof of the truck, giving a light shake to the food truck. Don gave an unimpressed look over at him.

"Ramn! Rou rare rervous!"

"Like I don't get why you >>>aren't!"

>Don giggled for a moment before turning his attention back to the women.

"So, rare rou risiting GC?"

| >>789018 >>789025
"You'd be surprised."

>The man simply remarks while he waits for his meal, taking a drink of his beer while he waits for the food. He grins at the scene of the shaking food truck and the horrified Casey.

"The dog's got balls, I'll give him that."

| >>789017

>The man in red runs back to the motorcycle and brings back a bucket of karaage emblazoned with a logo of a chicken wearing a luchador mask, "SUPERKICK'N KARAAGE"

"That doesn't sound fair to you two unless you guys eat some as well. But I gotta say, I'm game to see what you got."

| >>789037
"Like, it's no problem, man!"
>Casey replied as he simply took the bucket back behind the counter.
"Me and Don like creative customers, so it's like a respect thing, ya know?"

| >>789089

>The man nods and throws a thumbs up.

"Appreciate it. I'll repay the kindness sometime. Name's Taichi."

| >>789110
"Like, the name is Casey, man, nice to meetcha!"
>Casey would go to offer his hand over Taichi over the window, having to lean over to reach.

| >>789025
"Sure am, what gave it away?"

>The girl asks with a smile as she waits for her food, resting her chin upon her hands
>The question seems purely rethorical, if her smug grin is anything to go by.

| >A small girl passes by the truck, a small drone following close behind. She glances over at the truck and gives her drone a small pat.

>The girl had long black hair going to the center of her back. She was wearing a pair of glasses, cream-colored sweatshirt, that was about a size too big for her and a medium skirt going to her knees along with a pair of black kneesocks and boots.

"Ah, it is here!"

| >A female figure, clad in a futuristic-looking suit of deep blue armor, gracefully lands a few feet away from the truck. The jetpack she's wear making a few short burst of flame to slow her landing. She briskly approaches the truck.

"Hey! What are you guys doing around here? This area isn't safe, you know?"

>She shouts, addressing the owners of the truck. Her voice was very slightly altered, but she sounds quite young.

| >>789027
"Like, here you guys are! This is the Chow Mein Sandwich, and like my personal favorite, the Olive Jalapeno Burger!"

>Casey would place down the two surprisingly appetizing meals. The Chow Mein Sandwich, would simply have Chow Mein between two slices of bread, however it seemed to play off akin to a sloppy joe. The Olive Burger, was not truly too crazy. Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo, Cheese, and thinly sliced Olives placed on as a topping, and Jalapeno added to the mix.

| >>789683
"Like, I hope you two enjoy it!"

"Rell rif rai ras rou, rai'd leave."

>Don replied with his back turned for a moment, seemingly preparing something and cutting something up.

"Ritch City risn't re best place ror ranyone, really~"

>Casey turned to look at his Dog friend, seeming aghast at something Don said.
"Like, Don, it's not cool to say Birch City, man!"

>Suddenly, unprompted the two started laughing up a storm, before going back to what they were doing.

| >>789248
"Like, hey man, I can help you over here!"

>Casey said with a wave to the customer with a smile, ushering them over.

"Actually, can you like, hold on a second ma'am~"

>Casey directs his attention away from the cream-colored turtleneck and to the jetpack wearing solider. Don even seemed attentive.

"Like, 1, we're running a Food Truck, and 2, I'm like, very aware this place is unsafe man!"

>Don smiled smugly to the armor clad woman.

"He rost a bet~"

| >>789129

>Taichi returns the handshake.

"Nice to meet you Casey, us guys in the food biz ought to look out for eachother."

| >>789683

>The Aussie says as they take the sandwich, but the pair's attention is now fixed on the newcomer with the armor and jetpack.

"Drek, Sabre, it's >her."

>The other said to the Aussie.

"Yep. Blue armor, closed helmet, jetpack, fits the description, defo. Go on then, Ares, talk to her."

>Sabre, the Australian, tells his companion.

"Fuck it, hold my beer, and the sandwich."

>Ares replies as he moves to approach the armored figure.

| >>789687
>The figure sighs and facepalms.

"Dude, there's a non-zero chance that an entire cult, or a bunch of scavengers, or some weird monsters, or all of them combined, is on their way to wipe your truck off the face of Glitch right now..."

>She trails off.

"You're not going to listen, are you?"

| >>789705
"Well, that just makes things more exciting don't you think~?"

>The girl giggles and gives her drone another pat.

>Looking to the food truck, she looks all over, eyeing the whole thing.

"Gosh, I haven't been to a food truck in awhile now~ Last time was...When I gathering intel about a terrorist group back in the day~!"

| >>789706
>The figure turns to you and she seems to linger a second too long as if she recognizes you. She looks at your drone, too.

>At last, replies.

"It's going to be more messy than exciting, I think."

| >>789709
>Feeling that she was still being watched, the girl puts her hands behind her back and spins on her heels to look back at the woman.

"Anything that happens is exciting to me, miss~"

>The drone lands on top of the girl's head as she chuckles softly.

| >>789710
"I guess so, but I'd rather innocent people not die."

>She replies.

"Even if those innocents don't listen."

| >>789684
>The pink-haired girl smirks

"Hey now, I wish you'd call this city what it really is!"

>She leans forward with a pause.

"It's *interesting*, it's filthy sure, but that beats home any day!"

>There's an odd glint in her green eyes, as she smiles, baring sharp fangs.

"And none of the Moralists have made their way here! No Fairweather or GUS! plus, I get to go out and eat weird shit at a truck shop! Nay, I say Viva GC!"

>She looks to >>789709

"See? Interesting shit!"

| >>789715
"Well, you can't help the way people think or act...for the most part~ We're always at risk of dying, whether it be gruesome, or choking on a fishbone that got stuck~"

>Looking up at the sky, the drone slides off of the girl's head. It recovers and lightly hits her head.

"Ahaha...Sorry sorry~ This sky was too beautiful to pass up~ Kinda like life, so why live in moderation~?"

>Hearing the girl's speech, the girl gives a thumbs up and a wide smile


| >>789726
"Well, you have a point, but I'd prefer it if the cult and the gangs don't shorten their lifespans."

>She says, cross-armed.

| >>789768
"That's why people like you exist~ Those who have the potential to protect people~ I used to be one of those people, but not anymore~ I'm just your ordinary average girl~"

>She strikes a cutesy pose, grinning wide.

| >>789768
>Meanwhile, Ares calls out to the woman.

"Hey! Strigid, right?"

>Immediately, the figure turns around to look at the man, answering with a question of her own.

"Who are you?"

>Ares keeps his hand in the air.

"Ares, Tier 1 Operative, SET."

>He spills out.


>She retorts.

"We prefer ex-PMC, but mercs works."

>He replies, slowly putting hand down.

"What do you want?"

>She keeps asking.

"Me and my friend overthere wanna talk."

>Ares says.

| >>789769
"If you say so."

>Strigid turns to say, definitely not quite convinced. She then turns back to the man.

"Why would you want to talk with me."

>She asks.

"Those grenades, fireflies right? I wanna know where you got those from. Those are hard to come by if you're not NDSec or ex-NDSec."

>He nods at the grenades on her belt, the red cylindrical tubes.

| >>789771
>The girl once again shrugs and walks past the woman, back to the counter of the van. The beckons for her drone and whispers softly to it.

"Hmm...Hey mister and doggy~! Do you have something with rice in it~?"

| >>789771
>The figure scoffs.

"Surely that's not the only reason you wanted to talk to me."

>Ares keeps up a confident face.

"Nope, but if you know what we think you know, then you'll be very welcome to work with us."

>Strigid crosses her arms.

"Why exactly, should I work with you?"

>Ares simply shrugs.

"Why not? You seems to have the same goals as us."

| >She cocks her head.

"What make you think that?"

>Ares scoffs back.

"Oh, the five previous times you helped us wasn't enough was it? Oh, and that one time you saved the Impulse's boys at the bar. Face it, you want to help too."

| >Meanwhile, Sabre, the Aussie that had arrived with Ares, takes a bite out of his burger than take another out of Ares' sandwiches as he turns to address the owner of the van.

"Interesting menus you have here' eh? What's your name, mate?"

| > A catboomer woman approached from an abandoned building, her sleek black hair pulled into a ponytail.

"I thought I smelled food..."

> She was dressed in a sleek corporate hardsuit, armored padding and jump kit thrusters to boot. A third arm rested on her shoulder, clicking menacingly. Her feet clicked hard against the cracked pavement as the talons on her cybernetic legs scraped against it.

"Oh, it's you guys... what are you doing out here? Nevermind that, actually."

| >The pink haired munchkin of a woman simply looks on towards the mercs with a half smile, enjoying every bit of the discourse

| >Listening in on the conversation, the girl twirls her black hair, glancing over at the new arrival.


| >>789977

>Taichi notices the catboomer arrive and shoots a glance in her direction but quickly looks away, looking down towards the floor and pressing his index finger to his forehead deep in thought like he's digging through his memory.

| > Tierra looked at the crowd around the food truck. She didn't appear to be the only one out here with purpose; however, the sight of all of them gathered around a food truck staffed by a dog in the middle of flooded was...

> Comical. She found herself stifling a giggle before shaking her head.

> After calming she eyed the individuals again before settling on >>790022 the man hunched over in pain?

| >>790191

>Taichi springs back up and snaps his fingers.

"Right! That must be uh...."

>He snaps his fingers a few more times, like it might help him jog his already faint memory then loudly exclaims with a yell that causes his voice to crack.

"Taynara! You're... Taynara right? I think you met my boss at the bar awhile ago."

| >>789952
"Fine. We can talk, but not here."

>Strigid says after a long pause.

"Cool. Let me grab my friend and we can go somewhere else."

>Ares says, turning back towards his friend and exclaiming when he notices his half-eaten food in Sabre's hand.

"Sabre! You drekhead! That's my sandwich."

>Sabre jumps a little, but grins back at his friend.

"What? It's getting cold, how's the talk with the chick going?"

| >Sabre says, immediately changing the topic.

>Ares facepalms, turning to leave with Strigid

"Too late to order another now. Pay and let's go."

>Sabre nods, he leaves a credstick with the owners and follows his friend out.

| >>790222

> Tierra narrowed her eyes before planting a foot firmly behind her when Taichi sprung back to face her. It took only a beat for her to calm down after registering his intent.

"....Ah, my name is Tierra, not Taynara. Your boss, is he the owner of the karaage shop? You seem like you'd... fit in well with him."

> Straightening her back, Tierra approached Taichi and rested her fist upon her hip as the triternary arm relaxed just behind her.

| >>790249

>Taichi curls over and facepalms himself, with both hands which turns into a rigid bow and he just unloads.

"Shit! I'm so sorry! I got a name and a description forever ago. He told me if some corpo-adjacent catboomer named 'Tierra' came in to the restaurant that we were to treat her like family. Boss told me I'm the only one he could trust to get it right and I couldn't even remember your name."

| >>790363


> Tierra relaxed, at least to anybody that knew her. She still seemed stiff and springloaded.

"I believe I recall your boss. He sought t hire me at a karaage restaurant...? I appreciate that you would have treated me as family. Do not concern yourself with my name or its pronunciation, it does not offend me."

| >>790372

>Taichi looks up and stands back up in a stiff, almost militant fashion and locks his hands behind his back. Deep breath Taichi, this is personal business from Gideon.

"Still, I apologize. I think he wanted you to give us some pointers on our recipe. Said that you're new to GC and might like something that tastes kinda like home. Then he started tearing up and waxing poetic about how he 'learned a lesson' from you."

| >>790380

> Tierra subconsciously matched Taichi's pose, her height giving her an intimidating look when coupled with the CorpSec getup. She narrowed her eyes slightly and locked eyes with the man before her.

"I see, I am appreciative to have imparted wisdom upon your boss in any meaningful way. It is an honor to have touched him, and I am willing to try your recipe when I have time and a chance available to me."


| >The Pink-haired girl watches the "corpo" Tierra with an attentive glance, she seems to hold quite a bit of interest in the third arm attached to her body
>Her eyes are analytical, the eyes of someone who can appreciate such an extension as well as it's make.

| >>790492

>Taichi waves his hand dismissively

"Whenever you got the time! I keep trying to tell Gideon there's better ways to improve business
but he insists we *must* improve the chicken. I've known the guy for a long time; dude's got some real issues with corpo types and I think you must've helped him get over a few hang ups."

| >>790911

> Tierra opened her mouth and then shut it, her face twisting for a moment before returning to her usual polite frown.

"I see, I recall him having issues with corporate workers, and corporations for that matter. I must agree with his decision to focus on improving the quality of the food."

> Tierra glanced at the others nearby, her eyes pausing on the pink haired girl for a moment before returning to Taichi.

"Karaage must be respected, it is a way of life."


| >For the past little while, there's been a blue-haired woman hovering some distance away from the food truck, unable to decide whether or not to join the party. Now she seems to have finally decided to join, and thus makes her way towards the truck.
>Her gait is unsteady, like she's not entirely used to her own body, and she stumbles a couple of times before finally reaching her seat of choice: As far away from everyone else as possible.

| >It's certainly not so far that the music she's listening to in her earbuds--at max volume, of course--can't be heard, though:

Jealousy, turning saints into the sea...

>Oh, and also it turns out that what looked like an unwieldy pure-white backpack at a distance is actually a massive pair of folded mechanical wings.

| > Not soon after, a large biker rides up. The large motorcycle they're on seems to be much quieter than should be possible. They come to a full stop and dismount, placing their helmet carefully on the handlebars.

> Their footsteps are measured, the least amount of sound and presence possible for someone so tall and wide. They wanted to be noticed, if only subtly. They make their way to the counter and stop just before the menu, looking it over pensively


| >>789953
"Like, the names Casey, Man! This here is Don!"
>Don would give a "What up" Nod.

"Re can rake romething rith rice! Rut you ra rant rit as? Ralad, Raco, Randwich..."

>As Don was listing off the types, he paused and gave a smile.

"Ra surprise, raybe~?"

| >>791831
"Surprises are always nice, yeah~ Let's go with that~!"

>She returns Don's smile and giggles softly.

"I look forward to it~"

| >>791313
"Like hey man, Welcome to Crazy Combos, whatcha in the mood for?

| >>792288

"Howdy. I'm jus' lookin' fer something classic, y'know. Got burgers and fries and all that? I got an itch and it needs scratchin'"

> yeah, that sounds like it would be a nice reunion meal, Pete thought. And it most likely wouldn't get cold or weird on the ride back

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