Starting a Podcast!

| Hey guys! I know this is a bit random, but as the title said, I'm starting a podcast!

It's going to be called 'Terra-Rium'. I'll be telling different folktales, myths, and legends, as well as both classic and modern literatures that I have taken inspirations from to write my own novels or those that I have simply found interesting. There'll be special episodes covering how I adapted elements from some of the stories into worldbuilding my own setting that I used for my novel.

| There'll be new episodes coming every two weeks on most podcast platforms as well as on my own website, TerraPublishing.com. Currently there's already 3 episodes up covering the Rumpelstiltkin from the Grimm Brothers and a few tales related to Thor from the Norse Myths, as well as the first special episode about how I adapted them into my novels.

| If you've picked up my book and is interested in some of the behind the scene stuff, or if you are interested in any of the topics, try giving it a listen! Who knows, maybe my storytelling can help brighten up your day during your daily commute or exercising.

I also hope to bring you guys the best quality work that I can, so as always, feedback and suggestion is appreciated.

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