How to set up proper hydroponics

| So I've been building an indoor farm for some personal gardening and recreation.

But I need to figure how to get it all done, I've heard it's easy to set up hydroponics but it can't just be sun lamps and small greenhouses yeah?


| dafuq is hydropony? is dat like a horse sumthin?

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Don't reply to something you don't understand.

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Y not? op isn't the only chummer that can ask a question

| >>35e9a4 its indoor farming systems man, think like a greenhouse but for your wall.


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oo fancy i want one too how do i do dat?

| Isn't that the shit where they have the plant set up with the fish tank? The fish shit fertilizes the plant and the plants clean the water? Say what you will, I'm not about to eat fish shit.

- T _ Asai

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