Idiot Weeb Patients.

| So, this guy comes into the ER, he has a serious case of hypothermia, and he has an infected wound. This man is wearing a Julliane Tee, and a Ninja Bandana, and he just DOES not want to cooperate. He needs treatment, but his excuse is absolutely rich.

"I can use my breathing techniques!"

Sure it'll DELAY it, but he ain't gonna HEAL like that. I can't believe some people.
- Nerris

| two things:
1: Can this person teach me whatever the hell he's talking about
2: Will I get money if i can make him cooperate

- EZBreezy

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There's a very simple fix to this, if he doesn't like it, tell him he can leave. If his 'techniques' work like he says, he'll be safe. If they don't, He'll collapse and come back to the hospital whether he likes it or not. Some people need a dose of reality more than they need a dose of vanco, you feel me?

- Step

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Daptomycin. I think you mean a dose of >>>daptomycin, not vancomycin. The former is associated with higher rates of clinical success and lowered mortality, compared to the latter.


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why you still acting surprised bout this shit omae?????????encounter w/ uvula dude not enough to drive it home???????worlds fulla fucken idiots g/u/rl!!!!!!

keep that in yr head next time youre tryna coax some popsicle doin kujikiri into forkin over an elbow for a 20


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Alright doc. You really think this fuckin weeb is insured? Like the hospital is gonna take a dapto treatment in the pants for a guy who thinks he can breathe away an infection? I swear, docs are always out here talking like a goddamn pharmaceutical commercial.


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uhhhhhh why WOULDNT they????????maybe hes ON to smth omae.........keep him from goin septic,, might let slip his secret infxn fightin lamaze techniques........ everybody wins wwwwwwwww


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Administering vancomycin would be on >>>par with him flexing his diaphragm-- at best, it would give him a few more "in through the nose"s and "out through the mouths" before he'd finally end up expiring-- in both senses of the word. This has been best practice for decades, now.

Was continuing ed. not necessary for license renewal back when you got your credentials (which, judging by your choice of treatment, seems to be around the time the wheel was invented)?


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Yeesh, wouldn't you know it, the doc can speak for himself! I can't lie, I've been out of the game for a spell. But this isn't about evidence based practice it's about some wannabe shinobi applying for his darwin award. If going out to sepsis is his nindo who are we to interfere?

- Step

| Just dope him bro.


| Guys, all I know is I had trouble just trying to get him in the ER, even after he passed out on our floor. I think our "Hokage" weighed like 260 or something. It took me, a doctor and one of the receptionists to lift him up with a stretcher alone.
- Nerris

| A breathing technique huh...That sounds kinda familiar~!

| Wait, so was this piece of work training under a waterfall or something?

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