The first cool night at the end of summer

| ..when you wished you had a jacket for the motorbike ride back from the capsule bar

Still warm enough out that light trails from speeding through the city distract from the slick breeze, but brisk enough to make your hair stand on end thinking about the changing of seasons.. and well, maybe also from thinking about that girl at the end of the bar who first threw a harmless glance, then a devious smirk.

Seems familiar, but can't pin it down. Feels like may be seeing her around..


| OK dude.

| Ooh curious. Who's the girl, lover boy.


| Oh gods who the hell could be worth that trouble at that fucking dive?

- EZBreezy

| >>787661
You'd be surprised. Surprisingly friendly dive, considering where it is.
-Red 9

| I don't know how to feel on that night, when you were just comfortable sleeping on your old matress without a single blanket, to having to go out into the closet and pull out the whole kit just to make sure you can keep the shivers away while you sleep.
Having to close the windows, letting go of precious airflow.
It's suffocating at first, but somehow as it becomes colder and colder, the closed space, the heavy blankets, everything that was tedious becomes so comforting.

| Get a heater, chummer

| >>788494
If I had the money for heating, I would.

| >>788529
Get a cat and some cat food? Works for me.

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