I need cheering up.

| I had a patient of mine pass away from Nanomachine Rejection today. It was shocking because she was just fine yesterday. More then fine really, I had some genuine hope they were gonna pull through.

So, I could use some positivity rn. Anything cool, funny or good happen to you today or this week?

- Nerris

| Nanomachine Rejection's a real bitch, huh? Maybe it's best you don't find yourself too invested in a dead end. Take it from me, when shit gets dicey don't pretend like you don't already know how the story ends.

- Step

| You did everything you could for him. So cheer up.

And on positivity side: My two dogs - Asura (Neapolitan mastiff) and Yasha (Russian borzaya) staged a Meat Heist. Yasha was distracting me with his chew toy. And Asura somehow managed to open the freezer door (4 feat of the ground) and steal two steaks.

| >>786318
That's kinda funny. Did they get away with the steaks or did ya stop 'em?
- Nerris

| >>786368 well... They did. I didn't notice it at first. Only after i notice that there are mastiff saliva stains on the frige door i started to suspect foul play. Checked records of my smart frige and saw Asura's face on camera. I'm kind of not even mad it them. More like impressed. Still scalded bought.

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