Looking for a new gun.

| Hey. So I'm looking for a new gun. I have my eyes on one shotgun from Ares... You know, the one with a cheese grater ontop of the barrel. Anyone used it? Is it any good?

| Hey, if you're looking for guns we got some, we deliver too! Dunno what you're planning on doing with the thing but our merchandise is unregistered, no questions asked.

-T _ Asai

| | I'm certainly tempted. What do you have in in 8 gauge?

| Do you really need a gun? Isn't the city bad enough?
- Sun//Ray

| I need it exactly BECAUSE it is so bad. As a wise man once sad: you can get much further with a kind word and the gun then you can with a kind word alone.

| I have a few guns too~ I normally carry around a pistol, either a Walther or an HK pistol~
You never know who might show up in this city, you know~?

| What are you using it for? There's a time and a place for all kind of guns. If you're lugging it around all day, I would say a pistol is a better match for you than a shotgun.

I don't care what you're using ut for, but I have a few in store if you're interested.

| >>786189 Home defence mostly... I have Arasaka HJKE-11 Yukimura for everyday carry. But some times I'd like to have something more substantial. How much for it?

| >>786192
Home defence, eh? Are you sure you want a shotgun? 8 gauge nonetheless? I'm of the opinion that something more forgiving or something soft recoiling might be more appropriate, and something that wouldn't go through your wall and blast your neighbor. My recommendation are AR-platform or something similar, 5.56 is also more widely available and cheaper than 8 gauge.

That said, it's still your choice.

| >>786204


Personally, I'm of the opinion that the customer is always right, destructive tendencies aside an 8 gauge is basically impervious to user error. If that's what you're looking for home defense anyway. I'm not super privy about our product myself though, I'll have to ask the boss.

- T _ Asai

| >>786204 I still think shotgun in better. Yeah, 8 gauge might look like overkill. But it's kind of a point in it of itself. Sheer size of that thing would make any punk think twice before doing anything funny.

| >>786226 -Tetriandoch

| if only there were less roods we wouldnt need guns!!


| >>786226
Of course, just my opinion. If that's what you want, who am I to stop you.

Ares manufacture, 8 gauge, 5 rounds tube fed and 1 in the chamber. I'll go with 4.5k zenny.

Wouldn't call it impervious to user error, excessive concussion and flash, extremely unpleasant to shoot and quite likely to makes you go deaf when used indoors. Increased risk of overpenetration, could make a mess of your neighbors. Of course, low capacity even relative to other shotguns.

| >>786259 It's not robots, it's people who are a problem. I'm pretty sure my neighbor is selling some sort of crap. Like Black Lace or Blue Glass

| >>786300 Deal. Send me your address.

| >>786320
Sent, pleasure doing business.

| >>786435

| >>786319
I said roods, as in ruders, rude people. Riders need to be punished so the world can be nicer!!

| >>786449 You can't change human nature.

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