(News) Lifestock disappeared from Local Dairy Farm.

| This morning, a large amount of lifestock has disappeared without a trace from the local automated milk farm belonging to the TechnoMilk Company, leaving only disturbing puddles of milk in their place. Due to the type of break-in found at the site, it's suspected that some individual or group might have a hand in the disappearance. An investigation to look into the incident and search possible suspects is currently ongoing.

| Why milk, though? This is... quite disturbing.
-Iron Wolf

| >>785009
Because it’s good? What are you, a cop?
- EZBreezy

| Ah...I didn't think they would do it...

| It's the aliens, they are back for our cows!

| Update!
Footages from security cameras around the area of the break-in revealed the culprit to be a crowd of around thirteen individuals dressed in milk carton costume. The group appeared 5o have broken into the farm's outer wall via a large improvised drills.

If you've seen anyone dressed in or in the possession of the carton costumes shown below, please report it to the GCPD.

| >A blurry picture of a group of people in milk carton costume leading away a group of cows is posted. The costume includes the torso part completely enveloping their shoulder and neck as well as a matching helmet as the triangular "top" or the milk carton. They appear to have been made out of cardboard and painted black and white.

| they actually did it topkek
how long till they get found out?

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