(Setting) The Cyberspace Museum

| >In the neon district of GC, tucked between a multitude of multipurpose buildings, what was once just a measly edifice now stands taller than any other after full renovations and improvements
>The glorious Cyberspace Museum, a place for the finest of arts and the most discerning clientele... if it was ever truly opened with a normal schedule
>Tonight, all within GC are given the opportunity to visit these halls, FOR FREE
>Also, pet a cat.

| >>779558
>In the entrance hall, decorated with a slew of fancy artworks and glassworks stretching towards the tall ceiling
>A desk decorates the room, with minimalistic decorations and adorned with rack upon racks of pamphlets and maps
>Behind the desk lurks a tall woman with a mean smile and a meaner glare, along with a very smug and corpulent cat, lazing around on a cushion

| >A pair of figures steps into the hall. The first is a slender young woman in a sweatshirt and trousers, her long black hair partially covered by a ball cap. She drags the second figure — a man of around the same age dressed in a flannel button-down shirt and a pair of jeans — by the hand into the hallway.
>The woman look all around, admiring the different works present, her excitement obvious.
>The man's excitement is more concealed, although his interest is still apparent.

| "Fancy, huh, Ally?"

>The man comments, adjusting his watch cap a little and turning to the woman.

"Well, yeah, but isn't it beautiful?"

>The woman replies, an joyful smile on her face. Before the man could reply, her eyes fall on the cat and the woman behind the desk.

"Oh look, Red! A cat! Let's go!"

>The woman says very excitedly, briskly making her way towards the desk, still dragging along the man.

| >A patron approaches the cyberspace museum, a tall woman wearing a red bomber jacket, with glistening pearly white hair and red eyes
>Falschen waltzes in

| >>779718 >>779829
"Well, well, well... welcome dear guests, to the Cyberspace museum!"
>The woman with the evil face cackles as she welcomes the guests
"I am C, one of this fine establishment's servants."
>She bows
>The cat looks at the guests with it's smug gaze, and meows loudly
"Ohoho, it seems Rin also welcomes you boldly. This is Rin, the owner's pet."

| >>779875
"You're a confident one aren't you, little kitty."

>The man, Red, comments with a grin as he kneels down to look at the feline on the cushion before he stands back up and greets C.

"Nice place you guys have here."

>The woman, meanwhile, is not fazed at all by the evil cackle. She's still very much awe-struck by the place.

"What he said, this is awesome."

| >>779888
>The cat only smugly looks at you, it's gaze piercing and strong
>C, for her part, nods at the words
"Indeed, our master Iris has poured a great deal of effort into this place. Each day we have toiled for this grand reopening..."
>She sneers
"We only hope you will enjoy it enough so that the efforts were not in vain."

| >>779897
"Please, pass on our compliments to your master."

>Red turns to tell C, while his hand idly hovers over the cat's head, waiting to see if it will scratch or bite.

"I'm sure you guys did a great job. If this main hall is any indication of what to come, I'm excited to see the rest of it."

>The woman replies to C, her eyes still wandering around the room.

"Oh, and I look forward to meeting this master of yours too."

| >>780030
>The cat does not seem to move at all, it simply gazes at you with unrivaled confidence
"Ahaha, you put it quite well, for sure."
>C cackles once more
"I certainly hope it will be more than pleasing to you."

| >>780052
"Yep, yeah, me too..."

>Red tensely replies while he slowly eases his hand down onto the cat's head, trying to pet it.

"Red, honey, you're petting a cat, not defusing a bomb."

>The woman muses at her companion's attempt at petting the cat for a second before. The man snaps out of it and clears his throat, turning back to C once again.

"Sorry about that. I suppose we should move along?"

| >>780281
>C smiles menacingly
"Oh no, by all means pet the cat, it really enjoys it so take your time."
>She cackles as the cat purrs under the hand, although it's face remains the picture of smugness despite everything

| >>783508
>Red finally raises an eyebrow at the woman's facial expression, abruptly stopping his petting.

"Are you guys always this... gloomy, or are you just tired from all the preparations. No offense, you look slightly off-putting right now."

>The girl tugs disapprovingly at the man.

"Red, that's rude, we're the guests here."

>She says, before turning to address C.

"Please don't mind my boyfriend, he can be a little rough."

| >>783544
>C's face hardens at the words uttered towards her face
"Haha...ha, you certainly don't mince words. I was born with this face, my apologies for it's evil disposition."
>She looks upset, although something tells you she meant it as an apologetic face
>The cat simply meows
"Pfft... hehe, evil face..."
"A, I swear to Chaos..."
>A young boy(?) comes walking into the room, dressed in... a maid outfit, of the long an prim variety

| >>783573
"Red! Now she's upset with us, and we haven't even started yet."

>The woman said to her partner.

"I know, Alix, I know. I'm sorry."

>Red replies, before turning to see the sudden newcomer.

"Oh, hello there. miss...mister?"

>He raises another eyebrow at the outfit.

| >>783609
"Hm? Ahaha, I'm a guy. It suits me, right?"
>The boy twirls around as C seems to become even more distraught
"Well, with all the pleasantries out of the way, will you be visiting our fine establishment? I suggest a map if you do."
>He gestures to the maps on the main desk
>C nods, face grave
"We also offer guided tours, given by A here or his collegue, B."

| >>783612
"Oh, of course."

>Alix, the woman, replies. She smiles and picks up the map on the desk.

"I think we'll be fine by ourselves, thank you."

>She continues, turning to her partner and take him by the hand.

"Red, let's go."

>They make their way into the museum.

| >>783858
>The two wave you off, smiles on their face, although one of those is a lot less menacing
>The map seems to expose a wide variety of exhibits spread across five floors
>The first floor is the permanant exhibit, a collection of fine works from europe, most dated to the renaissance
>The second floor is the owner's personal contributions
>The third is an exhibit on modern art from America
>The fourth is an exhibit on art from early civilizations and their meanings

| >>784042
>The fifth floor houses a complete exhibit on art from civilizations from outer space, the names are suitably alien to you, at least

>The lobby leads into some sort of in-between area, before you is the permanant exhibit and to the left are the stairs, along with an elevator

>Also present are snack machines and a water server

| >>784044
>Alix looks through the map, while Red hugs her and rest his head on the her shoulder from behind so he could also take a look at the map.

"Let's go through this one floor at a time, we have time."

>Alix says and Red nods in agreement. The woman folds up her map and Red lets go of the embrace.

"Yeah, sure. Let's go."

>He says, as they both walks towards the permanent exhibit on the first floor.

| >>784122
>You walk into the permanant exhibit, the room is large, with sections partioned using large glass structures of varying shapes
>The walls are lined with paintings and other creations such as carvings and fresques
>In the middle are a multitude of statues

>The scent of oil paint hangs thin in the air, along with that or plaster... overall, it smells like a museum

>Some of the pieces here are quite splendid, and the hall seems to cover quite a bit of ground

| >>784241
>The couple stroll through the exhibit, stopping when they find something that peak their interests, taking their time to admire at each piece. They also sometimes stop by and joke around when they find something amusing for them.

| >>784318
>The diaplays are tasteful, and while the art here is more grounded and plain compared to other, more modern pieces, one can clearly tell that they are each masterpieces of their times
>Talent and mastery is exhibited on every canvas, along with distinguished history, all made clear and easily digestable with small plaques detailing the work's intricacies

>The ambiance is quite nice, too, with bright lighting and tasteful color accents throughout the room

| >>784416
>They take in the atmosphere, the ambiance, and the pieces of art. Once they're done, they circle back to the lobby.


| >>784531
>The atomsphere is calm and soothing, a welcome reprieve from the usual GC climate
>It also seems you are not the only one currently admiring this exhibit, a very tall catboomer women with an eyepatch is doing the same with a pensive look on her face

>Her long blond locks really remind you of a Lion's "crown" so to speak

| >>784639
"I just love the atmosphere, it's so calming."

>Alix quietly comments, still looking around the exhibit, wrapping her partner's arm in hers and resting her head on his shoulder.

"Maybe not as cozy as our place, but it's quiet, I love that. I would love to write here

>She continues, as the pair walks closer to the catboomer.

"Oh, hello, miss!"

>She waves over at the catboomer.

"Beautiful, isn't it?"

| >>784639
>The catboomer turns to you, a level look on her face as her ears twitch
>Her greenish blue gaze lands on the two
"Indeed, the works here are quite beautiful no matter how many times I see them."
>She turns back to the piece, a world famous Rambrandt

"Art in this form is quite approchable, all one needs is an eye to appreciate it's qualities or lack thereof."
>She crosses her arms

| >>784882
>Both of them follow her gaze to the piece.

"True, but it does take skilled eyes to fully appreciate their value and how much effort are poured into their making."

>Red replies as he looks at the piece.

"I don't have those, but this is still impressive."

| >>784972
>The woman finally smiles a little
"At least you're honest. Many pretend to understand the highest of arts, but true appreciation is ultimately born of humility."
>She turns back to the piece
"One needs not completely understand something to feel it's pull... it's beauty and power, so to speak."
>Before turning back to the couple
"Ah, but where are my manners, I am Vita Arcand, I am pleased to meet you."
>She extends a hand

| >>784981
"Hmm, of course, it wouldn't be truly world famous if its value is known to only the chosen few."

>Red grins as well and turns back to the catboomer. His arm still intertwined with his girlfriend's.


| (Fuck, hold on)


| >>784981
"Hmm, of course, it wouldn't be truly world famous if its value is known to only the chosen few."

>Red grins as well and turns back to the catboomer. His arm still intertwined with his girlfriend's.

"Red, Redford Bell, and this is my girlfriend, Alix."

>He says, tightening his arm around the woman.

"Terra Fleming, nice to meet you!"

>She says, a gentle smile on her face.

"Pleased to meet you as well."

>Red continues, shaking Arcand's hand.

| >>784988
>The catboomer nods
"It's a pleasure. I always look forward to meeting others who share my passion for art and it's more extrinsic aspects."

>Her ears twitch a little
"After all, not many will choose art over food in this city... those who would visit a museum such as this are few and far between."

| >>785043
"Oh, we're always open to opportunities. This is a nice change from... everything else really."

>Alix remarks, her gaze shifting to other pieces nearby, then back to her partner

"Picnics and restuarants are nice, but they can get repetitive when we do it too often."

>She continues, while Red throws his arm around her and turns his head to look at her, matching her gaze. They both smile, before turning back to the catboomer.

"Yeah, the change of scenery is always nice."


| >>785129
"Indeed. It's good to look away from the grim and the gloom from time to time. Art happens to provide a good way of distracting ourselves so."
>The catboomer nods, a gentle smile on her lips
"Ah, but please don't mind me too much, I'm just an old woman waxing philosophy. You two should enjoy your date to the fullest..."

| >>785391
"We wouldn't mind the extra company, Miss Arcand. Art is always a good escape, but I'm more interested in the people."

>Alix replies, looking back at her boyfriend as if looking for some kind of approval. Red simply nods and adds;

"You seem to know about the pieces than we do, might be nice to get a bit of an insight into them."

| >>785451
>The catboomer's ears twitch a little and she nods
"I see... well, if my company does please you, who am I to refuse?"
>She turns back to the painting
"And while I do dabble in the arts, I'm afraid that I am not the most knowledgeable... I merely possess a keen sight, not any sort of omniscience."

| >>785587
"Great! Come then, miss, show us where your keen eyes will lead you."

>Alix replies, the catboomer's last reply not making her any less enthusiastic.

| >>785630
"Alright then, let us walk these halls together."
>The woman smiles
"As you can tel, this place is dedicated to what one would imagine when they hear the word art... classics so to speak. The works of Rembrandt, Picasso and Dali most notably."
>Indeed, that much is easy to notice, the entire room screams 'Famous and Valuable'

| >>785903
>Alix takes her boyfriend by his hand and the couple follow the catboomer.

"I've heard about some of those. That's cool that you actually have some of their works here."

>She says.

| >>785983
>The boomer nods
"While I appreciate the compliment, I'm afraid this collection isn't mine... but indeed, it is quite impressive of the owner to have gathered so much."
>She looks at the statues in the middle
"Especially since some of these were previously owned by much more prestigious establishments... one must wonder how the owner even gathered a sliver of this collection."

| >>786059
"Very impressive indeed."

>Alix remarks, following the boomer's gaze to the statue in the middle.

"It is truly a wonder to see them, here in this city to boot."

| >>786339
"Is it not?"
>She nods
"These sorts of things are few and far between in this town. There is an art atelier in the old Chapel ruins... but otherwise the arts are quite poorly represented in these parts."
>She sighs softly, disappointment creeping in her voice
"Running a museum is not lucrative much these days, explains their lack of popularity."

| >>786341
"Makes you wonder why the owner would go to this extent to collect and display these arts."

>Red replies.

"They must be very enthusiastic about them."

>Alix adds.


| >>786354
"Well, this place's owner is notorious for being an art freak. After all, she is an artist herself, if memory serves, her works are also displayed in this museum."
>The boomer looks to another painting, a Dali recognized worldwide for it's melting timepiece...
"One who makes art most likely has a different opinion of the classics as opposed to us."

| >>787073
"I suppose."

>Alix says, stopping to also admire the painting.

"I think that my views on stories in general have changed as well since I've become a novelist."

>Red moves up beside her, throwing his arm around her;

"She never seems to lose her enthusiasm about them though."


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