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[NEWS] Man's Problems never cease.

| Written by Marion "May" O'Naiz
What once was a cute romance, quickly turned dark. When Nick Makura met Rebecca "Dorothy" Graem at a pet shop, he quickly tried to meet her once again, even resorting to Danger/u/ for answers. When he thought he found her, he went on several dates with the Lilim, but as it turned out, this was not the Rebecca he met.

Nick Makura was found bloodied in an alley this morning, after a meeting with the mystery Lilim.

We'll have details soon on this.

| Poor guy just can't catch a break, can he?

| I shouldn't be laughing but this is kinda funny~

| That's why one-night stands and friends with benefits are superior to actual relationships. No need for stressful commitment and trying to make it work, no somebody that will catch you off guard and leave you blooded in a weird alleyway somewhere, no people robbing you behind your back when you aren't looking.

But you've caused like what? 5-6 heartbreaks now, when will you stop being a womanizer and settle down.

Did you listen to anything I just said?

| Whooaaa, tough break! Hope the guy's alright. You never know who you can trust these days. I better not find his body in a dumpster.
- Gomi

| As one man once said, "Payers only love you when they're playing."

| >>769466
I'm not in a dumpster, thank you very much. I am in a lot of pain in the hospital, however. I'm lucky, because the actual Dorothy paid for the expenses.

It... it might be a long time before I go on a date with anybody again though.
- Makura

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Whew. What a relief! And in more ways than one, I don't do dead bodies. Glad you're still kicking! Good luck getting your life back in order there chief!

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