(Setting) Teafluent, Afternoon

| > Downtown in Glitch City sat a small tea shop just on the corner between a dress rental and a pharmacy. The afternoon sun cast its slanted rays through the bay window at the front, giving the countertop just in front of it a bathed glow to contrast the comfortable and dim interior of the business itself.

> Tables sat mostly empty, and the ceiling fan above creaked in a way that was just quiet enough. The faint smell of sandalwood and black tea hung lightly in the air, drifting.

| > Sat behind the glass counter was the owner the the shop. His rectangle glasses framed by the hair that sound around his shoulders. He stood patiently, but fiddled quietly with the various instruments behind him. The light that hung above him occasionally wobbled, causing the shadows hooked on his clothes to dance around.

>He was dressed in a white button-down and a tan cardigan. He looked comfortably in his element, a polite smile in his face and a deck of cards in his hands.

| > Pastries also rested behind the glass covered counter top. Cakes, turnovers, and pies. They glistened with a faint coating of either caramel or baked egg wash. The faintest smell of something baking slipped out of a door in the back, piercing the present odors enough to be heard through the mix.

> The signs advertising prices were all in lower case, although a small note was attached to them apologizing for this. It appears the owner's brother stole his shift key recently.

| >Approaching the tea shop was a small girl, standing no taller than about 5 foot. Noticing the signs, she couldn't help but giggle, bringing the sleeve of her oversized shirt to cover her smile.

>She leans over slightly, looking past the signs, her hands behind her back. Her eyes scanned the interior, her eyes wide with wonder. Soon, her long messy black hair obeyed gravity and followed her movements and partially covered her eyes.

| >Finally, she entered the shop and looked directly at the owner, a wide smile on her face. She waves at him, the sleeve of her shirt flailing about slightly.
"Hey mister! How did your brother steal your shift key? You have two of them, right?"

>She has a simple long-sleeved shirt with a single 9x19mm Parabellum bullet on, along with a pair of black long pants. Nothing too remarkable except for an HK VP9 in its holster on her thigh.

| >Two men walk into the shop, One is a thin man wearing a loose green jacket, and the other a large man wearing a t-shirt and ripped sweatpants. The two are having a conversation as they enter.

>The man in the green jacket speaks first.

"Plan for tonight, Russ. We go to the cages to do some research. Pay attention and you might learn something."

>The large man replies

"But, there's nothing scheduled until tonight, what are we doing here?"

| >The man in the green jacket takes a deep sigh, and shakes his head.

"Ask yourself, would you *really* rather wait at home? At least this place smells nice."

| >>765561

>The man behind the counter smiled at his newest guest, but paused for a moment at her question. He scratched the back of his head in a moment of confusion.

"I wondered that myself, but he's very thorough when he wants to be. Which isn't very often... Er, welcome to Teafluent, can I get you anything?"


"Welcome, as well! I'll be with you as soon as I can. Please enjoy the atmosphere. If you'd like music, I can turn some on."

| >Another woman, around the average 5'7" height mark, enters the bar. She is dressed in a brown leather jacket, zipped halfway up, showing the black turtleneck and a glittering silvery necklace underneath, as well as a pair of blue jeans, sporting a sheathed knife on one of the legs, and black heavy-duty boots. A knitted beanie covers her black hair, cut asymmetrically with one side swept behind her ear. A pistol, a suppressed 9mm 2011, is holstered on her hip.

| >She enters the shop mid-conversation with somebody on her phone.

"...yeah, I'll be fine. Hey, uh, I'm at a tea shop right now. You need anything? No? Okay."

"No no. I just happen to pass it by, but you're right, this does remind me of him."

"I'm gonna hang up now, love you bye."

>She ends the conversation, pocketing away her phone and turning back to look around. Her brown eyes darting around looking for a drink menu. Her lips curl into a slight grin as she take a deep breath.

| >>765624

>As the other guests mingled within the shop, the gentle chiming of yet another brought Edgar's attention over to the door.

"Hello! Welcome to Teafluent. If there's anything I can get or do for you, please let me know. We have pastries, and tea of just about any variety you can discover. My brother even returned the tapioca pearls he stole from me, so boba is on the menu!"

| >>765628
"Oh, hey. Can I get some... earl gray?"

>The woman asks, her eyes turning to look through the pastries display. She has a slightest bit of posh accent in her pronounciations.

"Oh, and a slice of blueberry pie."

>She says, looking back up, before leaning in a little bit.

>"Hey, uh, have you tried capslock?"

>"She whispers to Edgar, a playful smile on her face.

| >>765630

"Of course, I'll get some for you now, and that blueberry pie also."

>Edgar stepped away from the counter and began to prepare the earl grey, first warming up a tea pot before placing the leaves inside and letting them steep.

> He retrieved the pie from a heated cabinet, placing pie on the counter top before handing over the tea pot with a cup and saucer, milk and sugar on the side in small cups.

"... I had considered caps lock. It seemed troublesome, though."

| >>765632
"Thanks, this smells nice."

>She replies, deciding not to press the shift matter any further, instead going through her pockets for a credstick.

"I'm normally a coffee person, but this is nice too. Plus, you've got a really cozy set-up here. Quite lovely, I have to say."

>She finally finds the credstick and hands it to Edgar.

| >>765691

> Edgar gingerly takes the credstick from the woman before scanning it and heading it back.

"I understand and both appreciate your comments. I don't have any coffee here, it incites my brother into a riot. I actually used to own a cafe back home before, well... Now I'm here!"

> He gave a gentle and brisk bow towards the woman and gestured towards the many open tables.

"Please sit, and enjoy yourself while you're here."

| >>765622

>The man in the green jacket eyes the menu.

"Yo, can I just get a milk tea? Without the bubbles?"

"You want anything, Russ?"

>Russ, clearly eyeing the piece of pie pipes up.

"I want some of that blueberry pie, I'm dying for something sweet, It's been forever! No thanks to you, hard ass."

>The man in the green jacket laughs

"And some blueberry pie for this guy, he's earned it. That and I think we need a little pick me up after the week we've had."

| >>765697

>She says, taking a glance at the pair as she picks up the tray of her order.

"Rough week?"

| >>765622
>Hopping up on one of the seats, the girl tilts her head from side to side, letting her eyes wander the establishment for a little while. Soon her attention shifted back on to the owner.

"Barley tea! Hot barley tea!"

>She rolls up her sleeves to let her hands out of captivity.

"Hmm...And whatever sweet thing you think goes well with barley tea! Anything is fine~!"

| >>765709

>The man in the green jacket plants his face directly into his palm

"That's not the half of it, we've gotten into a literal shitflinging contest with our neighbor, and we are NOT going to lose."

>Russ chimes in.

"And yet, here we are. doing everything to not stay home. That sounds like a surrender to me, Step."

>Step snaps back.

"Can it! We'll pay them back double tomorrow."

| >>765726
>The woman looks at the pair, a slight look of confusion on her face.

"Okay... good first impression."

>She says as she turns to find a seat at an empty table not far away from the counter, setting her tray down.

>She looks at the girl, trying to take a closer look from her seat, but says nothing.

| >>765738
>Waiting for her order, the girl keeps taking in her surroundings. She notices the woman looking at her.

>She grins and gives a small wave at her.

| >>765749
>The woman, caught looking, finally says something.

"Sorry, this might be weird, but have we met?"

>She asks, pouring herself some of her tea.

| >>765708

>Edgar smiled at the two men before walking off to prepare their teas.

"Of course, one bubble tea without the bubbles, and a slice of blueberry pie. I'll get right on it!"


"Barley tea, of course. I can get it for you fresh. Let's go with some lemon cookies. They're cheap and very pleasant to the tongue!"

>Edgar hummed as he worked on each person's order before he set the two teas and the pie. A small saucer with light yellow cookies rested by the barley tea.

| >>765738
>Step chuckles to himself before answering

"I get that a lot. I just can't fix this situation so we took manners into our own hands."

>Step offers a handshake

"Step, by the way, and don't worry, I'm clean now."

| >>765866
"If you say so."

>The woman replies, turning back once she's poured herself a cup. She shakes your hand.

"I'm Valentine."

| >>765836
"Lemon cookies...!"
>The girl's purple eyes shimmered slightly at the mention of the cookies before shifting her attention back to the woman.

>A finger goes to her lips and she tilts her head from side to side, her eyes looking up.
"Hmm...Maybe we have! I meet a lot of interesting people from time to time! Does the name Aduial or Evening ring any bells to you, miss~?"

| >>765933

>She mutters, thinking back for a second, before her eyes went wide.

"Oh, I remember now we met at the Moonlighter. I think it was Valentine's day."

| >>765898

"Great! Happy to meet you."

"I haven't been in town long and I'm stuck living over in Chapel 3 with this guy. It's got me feeling a bit irritable lately. You ever been there before? Everything's falling apart yet droves of people, entire communities are just stuck there and even when things do finally fall apart, they can't leave. Whole things got me feeling like I'm it's next captive."

>Step says nodding his head over to Russ.

| >>765940
"Chapel 3? I've visited a few times actually, never to stay though."

>She takes a seat at the table, but remains turned towards your direction at the counter.

| >>765941

"Well, count yourself lucky, Valentine. Someone told me not to look for a home there, but I had no choice. Nowhere to go but up, ain't that right, Russ?"

>Step and Russ fist bump eachother, then Russ speaks back.

"Damn straight. We'll be living the good life in no time."

| >>766096
"Good for you, then."

>Valentine replies with a kind smile, blowing on her cup of tea before taking a sip.

"I would be happy for you both if you can live a life free of this 'shitflinging contest' of yours."

| >>766098

>Step flashes a grin

"Yeah, us too. But we gotta win first. They have the high ground but we have slingshots and water guns."

"But if our ultimate surrender ends with us moving on to greener pastures, then it's still our win. We just need dough."

| >>766131
"Best of luck on that then."

>Valentine says, as she take another sip from her tea. She then looks at the blueberry pie on her plate, but turns back towards the pair.

"Hey uh, you guys want this pie? I think I've lost my appetite."

| >Step snaps his fingers, disappointed.

"Damn lady, you could have told us that before we ordered a piece ourselves. But... I'm never gonna turn my nose up at free food. I'll pay you back some time. With any luck, I'll make a killing tonight."

>Russ pipes up

"I hope so but last time you wasted our food budget on some pretty god awful betting odds."

| >>766149
"Go on, before my appetite comes back."

>Valentine gestures at the pie on her plate, before picking her tea cup back up.

"What do you both do anyways, apart from the shitflinging you mentioned."

| >>766158

>Step snatches the pie then points over to Russ.

"Russ here is a cage fighter. Not a half bad one but kinda a fixer upper."

>Then points to himself with a large prosthetic thumb that then sparks.

"And that's where I come in. I'm his manager, cutman, and coach. I ain't much of a fighter myself, but I've got a knack for sussing out patterns and weaknesses."

| >>766162
"Good boy."

>Valentine grins, taking another sip of her tea before continuing.

"So, cagefighting, huh? Have you alwqys done that? How did you meet."

| >>766167

>Russ scoffs at Step.

"Fixer upper, huh? I've only been at it for a year but I trained for awhile before that, Used to wrestle too. As for Step, he hasn't told me jack."

>Step shakes his head

"In the shortest of terms, I grew up around fighters. They taught me, I fixed them up, and I watched everyone toss hands at eachother. I found Russ after he got washed in a bout, I fixed him up and asked him if he'd like some help improving his game. I saw potential."

| >>766281
"...and how's our fighter coming along, mister manager/cutman/coach? Have you unlocked his true potential yet?"

>Valentine asks, the slight hint of mockery in her tone masked by her sweet smile.

| >>766301

>Step raises an eyebrow and laughs

"I sense derision. It's completely warranted. I've never gotten him lined up for a match but I'm going to get him on the next card. He's never been tested but I think he'll pass. Guy's never had a W in his life, but once he tastes one he's not gonna stop. I mean just look at the guy, he's a god damn gorilla."

| >>766302
"What? Derision? I would never!"

>Valentine acts surprised.

"Ooh, first match, exciting! You seem confident, but then you're right. He is very well built"

| >>766313

"Our guy with a 0-5 record going in for a bout against a solid puncher is gonna lead to some nice odds in side bets. We'll probably make a good bit of money if he can pull it off. My last partner's career really took off when I started in his corner."

>Step says, cocky grin, definitely full of his own shit.

| >>766402
"...and if your last partner career took off after you started, then why not just stick with him?"

>Valentine raises her eyebrow as she takes another sip.

"No offense to Russ, but if you really are good with the last one, why start over?"

| >>766404

>Step lets out a sigh before letting a couple sparks loose from his thumb.

"You listen too Russ, this is important. If it was my choice I'd still be with my old partner; My uncle. Last I saw of him he was getting led away by a group of men after a big win. When I came home I found his prosthetic arm wrapped in his jacket sitting on the doorstep. I got a tip from some mafioso that I might find answers in GC, so I left home and came here."

| >>766410
"Right, and you don't think they're just leading you here to the biggest shithole in the universe to get rid of you, why?"

>Valentine asks, raising an eyebrow.

"I'm sorry to say this, but your uncle is prpbably dead."

| >>766411

"There's not a moment that thought doesn't cross my mind. Dead or not I want answers. I gave up everything; a job, friends, a home;just for a chance at figuring this shit out."

>Step stops eating his pie before Russ cuts in angrily.

"So, I'm like a proxy for you? A tool? If someone wants you dead what if I get caught in the middle? You kept this a secret from me?!"

>Step replies quietly

"Look bud, I know I'm scum, but I really do believe in your success."

| >>766414
"You know what? I respect that. You sounds an awful lot like somebody I know..."

>Valentine replies, setting down her cup and looking at a little golden ring on her finger. She smiles softly before she continues.

"Hell, I'm about to marry that somebody."

| >>766420

>Step nods and smiles.

"I needed that. Sounds like a lucky guy, Valentine. Gives me hope that someday a stubborn idiot like me will find what I'm looking for. Say, Not that I don't trust that you can't handle yourself, but judging by your look the engagement seems fresh. Seems like you two would be attached at the hip right about now."

>As he says this, Russ grumbles to himself and steps outside for a moment.

| >>766425
"Well... he's out of town at the moment. He proposed right before he went."

>Valentine replies, looking down at her ring again.

"I know, I know, I should have waited until he comes back before getting engaged. But I have my reasons."

| >A small girl makes her way into the establishment.
>Long, wavy cream colored hair along with a pair of horns sticking out of her forehead, accompanying a scowl on cherry pink lips and red colored eyes.
>It's Major Chanka everyone!

| >>765938
"Oh we did, didn't we!"
>The girl giggles and plays with her hair for a little bit.
"You have a really good memory, miss! Though, it doesn't help I spend most of my days scrolling and browsing, letting my mind wander, ehe...~"

| >>766559
"Oh, that was the best Velentine's day in my entire life. There's no way I would forget that."

>She replies, smiling wide.

| >>766570
>Thinking for a few moments, her eyes light up
"Aaaah~! I kinda remember now~! That was a pretty fun night, even if I still left single~"
>She chuckles and lets out a sigh, tilting her head back slightly.

| >>766574
"Oh, don't worry, I'm sure you'll find the one for you soon enough."

>Valentine slowly leans closer for a whisper.

"If you *do* find any, hit me up, I'll be your third wheel."

| >>766602
>The girl waves her hand and shakes her head, a small smile spreading on her face.
"No way no way~ Not anytime soon, I think! Besides, at times, I think I like girls more~"
>She hums softly at Valentine's last statement, putting a finger on her bottom lip.
"But I will call you if I find the one or just one~"

| >>766612
"Oh, I don't care if it's a guy or a girl, call me and I'll be your third wheel."

>Valentine insists, returning the smile and picking her cup of tea back up again.

| >>766617
"Ehe...Even though we barely know each other...I knew this city was a nice place..."
>She lets out a breath and hums softly to herself, swaying from side to side.

| >>766493

>Step looks puzzled

"Weird guy, wonder what he's up to. Seems odd to spring this question and just peace out like this, think there's a chance he might be testing you or something?"


"Are you new around here too? Glad you're enjoying yourself."

| >>766638
"Oh, no, this city is a hellhole. Just a hellhole with some actually nice people."

>Valentine replies.

"Well, I knew that he was going out of town, but I didn't know he was going to propose. I'm happy that he did though. It feels kinda..."

>Valentine looks up, trying to think of a word.

"...at ease, I guess? Like, I'm just really happy to know that he wants this to be a serious thing and not just messing around."

| >>766639
>Evening tilts her head from one side then the other
"Well...I'm new to this shop! I've been living in this city for a little while now~"
>She grins wide and shrugs a bit
"I much prefer this over people screaming and shooting at you in a foreign language~ Though...That happens every so often here, huh~?"

| >>766643
"That's an understatement alright. If you count cultist talk as a foreign language, then that fits the bill perfectly."

>Valentine let out a grin as well.

"I'm technically on break right now since my fiancé is out of town. So that's one good thing about that."

| >>766650
"But I guess that's why I like it here too...Always something or someone to look out for~"
>Evening leans back and stretches letting out a soft yawn.
"Breaks are always nice~"

| >>766654
"M-hm, gotta say though, I can't wait for him to finally be back. This has been the longest we've ever been apart since we met. I don't like it at all."

>Valentine's smile slowly disappears and replaced with a slight frown.

"I wonder what he's up to."

| >>766656

>Step shrugs, and cranes his neck to the side.

"If you really trust him, I'm sure he'll come back. If he's a stubborn asshole like me, he committed to you, he's coming back regardless. Speaking of, I need to make sure Russ is okay, I need to go check on him."

>Step gets up and walks outside.

| >>766656
>Seeing the woman's smile go to a frown, the girl becomes a little bit flustered.
"Awawawa...I...I'm sure he's fine~!"
>She chuckles nervously and shifts in place, looking at the ground

| >>766660
"Yeah, don't let me stop you."

"Mm... You're right... he's probably fine. He's survived through a lot more than this, he's gonna get through this one too. I just... haven't been away from his side before, it's frustrating."

>Valentine looks down sadly at her half-empty cup. She closes her eyes for a second and takes a deep breath.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I didn't mean to ramble."

| >>766663
>She waves her hands around a little bit.

"I...I dunno how much it means coming from someone who's been single but...but...Since you feel that way, that means you care about him a bunch, so that means he feels the same way...! Or at least...That's how I felt about my soliders...! Uuuu...Does that make any sense...?"

| >>766666
"You really think so?"

>Valentine opens her eyes back upnand looks back at Evening. She smiles softly and replies.


| >>766522

> Edgar responded to the jingling of the door, signaling yet another new guest.

"Greetings! Welcome to Teafluent, if there's anything I can get you please let me know. We've got teas, and pastries."

> After greeting his guest, Edgar returned to habitually cleaning the counterspace behind the display case.

| >>766747
>The small major approaches slowly, her steps measured and deliberate.
>Her walk could be better reffered to as a "waddle"
>She looks towards the clerk and then towards the display case, furrowing her brow.
>She twirls her hair while observing the display, thinking deeply
"What's the sweetest thing you have??"
>She asks, figuring it would be better for her to simply ask rather than mull over her options.

| >>766744
>Evening lets out a breath and calms down, returning Valentine's smile.

"I'm...glad I could help...ehe...~"

| >>766775
"I guess I owe you a drink. Well, tea."

>Valentine says, before correcting herself when she remembers where she is.

| >Step returns back into the shop with his right eye swollen and with a small square of gauze taped onto his forehead. He sits back down and takes a sip of his tea like nothing happened.

"We talked it out. Russ is going home though."

| >>766817
"Didn't go very well, I reckon?"

>Valentine says, looking at Step's injuries.

| >>766818

>Step cringes and touches the gauze on his forehead.

"Could have gone worse, He didn't tell me not to come back. I couldn't get him to cool it so I told him if it would make him feel better he could have a swing at me. Luckily, I know his punches better than he does so I got of relatively light, Still hurts though."

"Figured blood and the smell of burning skin wouldn't be appreciated in here so I fixed myself up outside."

| >>766834
"It definitely could've gone much, much better."

>Valentine comments.

"I guess that's why you don't piss off a ringfighter. At least now you know he can actually fight, right?"

| >>766810
>Evening grins and waves her hand slightly

"It's nothing, really~! Just...Just me being me, I suppose~!"

>The girl looks over at the man, and tilts her head slightly, looking over his injuries, eyes fixed on the gauze on his forehead.

| >>766846
"Well, look, I think I need to scram. But I'll write down my number for you. Who knows, maybe I'll even get you an invite for the wedding."

>Valentine says, looking at her watch. She quickly jots down her numbers.

"There's gonna be plenty of boys and girls there, who knows what you'll find."

>She says, handing the paper over with a wink, before getting up from her seat and makes her way out.

"Oh, don't forget, if you need a thirdwheel, call me!"

| >>766857

>Step nods

"Yeah, there's a reason I want to partner with him over someone else, and it's not just because he's never won a fight."

"Take it easy, Valentine. And congratulations. Hope your man makes a safe return home, wherever he is. Oh! and thanks for the pie, I'll get you back one of these days."


>Step looks back over at the girl.

"You good? You never seen someone who just got split open?"

| >>766862
"Thanks, and I'll be looking forward to that."

>Valentine replies, flashing a fingergun and a grin at Step. She then waves at him before she leaves.

| >>766857
>Evening looks at the number and nods slightly, giving a small smile.

"Wedding huh...I don't think I have anything nice to wear...Looks like I'll have to find something~"

>She waves to Valentine and nods

"I'll remember~"

"Oh! I'm sorry! I was just wondering what happened~! And I have seen people split open, even blown up and shot~ It's kinda unpleasant~"

>She giggles and lets out a sigh, tilting her head to the other side now.

| >>766891

>Step raises an eyebrow

"Never heard someone giggle and talk about something like that so casually. I just made a friend or maybe more appropriately, client get angry with me. We tried to talk it over and I let him punch me."

| >>766987
>Evening nods as she listens to the man talk, putting on a wide smile

"I guess you can call it a coping mechanism~ Treat everything lightly and don't let it get to you~! Sure it's naïve, but that's how I've lived for awhile now~"

>She turns to look at him, kicking her legs slightly, humming to herself softly.

"Well, I suppose that's one way to make amends~ Then? What happened next~?"

| >>767012

>Step laughs with a small huff through his nose.

"Don't sweat the small stuff, huh? Pretty easy to do when it's all small stuff."

"I wish I knew. He just decked me and went home. I think I'm still going to go through with my plans tonight, Even looking like this, I don't feel like there's any need to look professional."

| >>767026
"Yeah! Exactly that~! And don't worry about things you can't control, that's something I tell myself sometimes too~ Like your client's attitude, you can't control that yourself most of the time, so why worry about it~?"

>Evening clasps her hands together and rocks in her chair slightly.

"A dirty job, huh? Then again, I feel like someone who looks like you won't work clean jobs, no offense~"

| >>766759

>Edgar rubbed his chin for a few moments before snapping his fingers.

"Well, I have two options for you, then. I have some freshly made baclava, or some peach panna cotta I made just the day prior. They're both pretty sweet, so I think you'll enjoy either of them!"

| >>767133
"I.. huh"
>Cotta? Baclava?? aren't those the things you're supposed to wear on your head?? why would he offer these to her? Leave the panna and the cotta out of the peaches!
>Chanka is seriously pushing her brain here, a plume of smoke rises from her head.
"... Huh, the peach?"
>Yes, that's good, just make it clear that you want the peach, and not whatever the rest of that thing was

| >>767147

> Edgar watched the small Oni struggle with the concept of peach panna cotta for a few moments before politely laughing at her confusion.

"It's a peach jelly with blueberry jelly and a cream panna cotta topped with a peach compote. It's cool, soft, jiggly, and very sweet. I'll get it for you!"

> Edgar sat the sweet treat in front of her after retrieving it from his fridge. Three diagonal layers from peach to cream, topped with four soft pieces of syrupy peach.

| >>767041

>Step looks down at his metal thumb and moves it around.

"None taken, I used to have a clean job at one point though, now I'm just a penniless loser instead of the normal kind. Truth is, I just feel like that guy 'has it' and I wanna see him live his dream too."


"Did she just... smoke?"

| >>767147
>Evening stares at the Oni, watching the plume of smoke rise up before chuckling softly.
"Cute major~"

>Shifting her attention back to Step, nodding slightly.
"Sometimes, you can't actively look for that guy that 'has it'. I think it just comes...naturally, when you're not looking for it~"

| >>767160
>What, it's just pudding... or something close to it??
>She sniffs the dish before nodding to herself and looking up at Edgar
"That'll be fine!! You scared me there! I thought you were going to give me a head covering!!"
>She seems a bit angry at the thought of being fed any piece of clothing.
"Next time just take it out right away!!"
>She demands

| >>767168

> Edgar raised his hands apologetically with a placating smile.

"I apologize, ma'am. Hopefully you'll enjoy it and I won't anger you further. Since you're so distressed, I'll let you have this one on the house."

> He typed a few buttons on his register before nodding down at the Major.

"I hope that it's sweet enough for you!"

| >>767167

>Step shakes his head.

"This guy did just show up. I watched him get his ass beat but I saw how he fought back and how much punishment he was able to take, reminded me of my last guy. I think I could quickly turn this guy into a monster in the ring. The faster he does the better chance I have to meet the people who run things here. Plus, We both need to pay our half of the rent."

| >>767420

"Mmm...Is that so..."

>Evening rests her head in her hands, and her elbows on her table, moving her head from side to side slowly.

"Well...I don't know much about that kind of stuff, but it sounds like you have a bunch on your plate, mister...especially since that guy just gave you a good hit there~"

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