I think my problems are increasing.

| So, the GCPD didn't have any troubles finding Dorothy. Well, they didn't, I have trouble believing what the fuck it is I'm seeing or hearing.

This isn't my Dorothy. Sure, she's wearing the same clothes,she has the same hair, but the eyes and height are different. She doesn't even know who the fuck I am. Well, she remembers meeting me at a pet-store where we-- I mean I got my cat.

So... I think I've been dating the wrong Lilim for half a year. AND she robbed me.
- Makura

| Uh... woah just like...
She's not herself or do you mean like, she's not the same person???

| >>765525
I mean she's not the same person I've been dating at all!
- Makura

| Wow, that sucks. Sorry to hear that.

I KNEW that girl was fake, she refused to give me her number.

Why are you such a dick?

| >>765624
Nah it's fine Sierra, I appreciate such humor right now.

Wait, Echo you seem like the kind of guy to waste his money on things to drown his life away! Where's the best place to get wasted?
- Makura

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