Some people don't deserve windows

| I haven't been in GC long and don't have shit for dough so my roommate and I are packed into a small apartment in Chapel 3. So get this, there's a guy on the floor above us chucking his "waste" out of the window and on windy days, it's landing in ours. It's summer for fucks sake! I just want some air! I'm used to this place smelling like piss but this is getting ridiculous.


| Wait, you guys have window?

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Yeah, a window, singular. I thought rent was a steal considering and I guess I finally have my answer as to why.


| Establish dominance, piss on his door
-Big Neil

| Call a plumber? I'd hope that if they get their pipes fixed, they won't feel the need to emulate common practices of the middle ages...


| Closest I have to a window is a crack in the wall...

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I'm not paying a plumber to fix some other schmuck's toilet, its a matter of principle now.


Every passing moment this is seeming like a better and better option. I'll have to think about a plan.


| Collect everything then drone it back through their window or something. Should pass the message quickly

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If it fails, break in and piss on him while he sleeps chummer

| Oh! I know what you mean! Sometimes I see things in windows~! It's like they forget that they have windows, you know?

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