Advice for a new citizen.

| Glitch City Residents,

I was instructed on the usage of this application, and was told it would be of great value for information gathering.

I have been in discussions with my former company for the purpose of obtaining a place of residence within the city, but the agent assigned to me is inept to a degree I shall not go into detail.

I am tired of living in hotels, would somebody be kind enough to inform me on the method of hunting for a decent apartment?

Iron Wolf

| You seem rather delicate, so I will put this as deeply as you can. You want to go online and look into to a place with tight security on the doors. You want codes, and deadlocks. Not all apartments have them, some are a little pricy, and the one you find is cheap and it sounds great.

Don't pick that one it's a lie. Also, you might want to learn self-defense if you're moving here.
- Nerris


| >>764818

Concern for my personal safety is appreciated and useless. Price is not a concern as my former company will handle the expenses for the time being.

For the sake of finding a well protected home, one with multiple exits and potentially a security system, to where should I look?

There are many districts in this city and I am unfamiliar with them.

Lastly, self defense is not an issue, moving forward let us both avoid patronizing comments.

Iron Wolf

| Hi hi! Welcome to Glitch City~! This place is pretty fun from day to day, so there's never a dull moment, I think!

So finding a place to live huh...I would do some walking around the districts! Find a place that you like, since only you know what "decent" to you is!

You want cheap living? Give District Chapel 3 a try! Wanna be in the center of everything? Downtown or Flooded is great~
You like Japanese popculture? Little Aki is for you and me~


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Flooded is great if you want to be in the center of ruins. Was that a slip of the keyboard?

| >>764856

I shall consider Little Aki if you believe it similar to Japan. It would be most similar to my last place of living. Thank you for your advice.

I have been within Glitch City for a week now, and have experienced some of what it has to offer. Most notably being of this 'Capsule Bar' in the Motor District.

I shall look into homes within Little Aki.

Iron Wolf

| My roommate and I enjoyed the few months we spent in Westport...


| Neon district if you wanna be near all the *real* fun.
-Big Neil

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