I have a worrisome problem

| So... I haven't seen Dorothy for a week. Non-of-her stuff is here, which isn't unusual, she typically takes her stuff with her if it's a specific sort of hire. But, I'm worried she got herself hurt or picked the wrong job.

... I'm thinking about maybe hiring a detective or The Impulsive Ones or somethin' because fuck...
- Makura

| ... Something else is wrong. So, I was going to hire a detective to go looking so I went to the bank right? ... My entire savings is just gone, I had 100k saved up.

I called the bank, it said I came in and took out 100k out of my account a week ago, and I did not do that. At all. Apparently they sent an email too, but I can't find that Motherfucker anywhere.

My girlfriend is gone, I'm broke, and I live in Glitch City.
- Makura

| What was that about sharing money with your partner? I think you just got duped.

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This guy's right, if I didn't know any better I'd say your ass just got hustled.

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It doesn't make any sense thought! Dorothy isn't like this! Something had to have happened, because there's no way in Glitch City she'd just dip into my money and disappeared. Someone must've done forced her to do it! ... Right? There's just no way...
- Makura

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Look, chummer, the state that you're currently in is denial. The next would be anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance. Push through it and you'll be fine. The faster you do that, the better for both you and everyone else.

| She take my money~
When I'm in need~

| That's rough, buddy. My grandfather had something similar happen before. Might I suggest filing a case with the bank to try and at least get your money back? That's the best I can think of. It would be like a 50/50 shot, but hey.

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Thanks man, I appreciate the idea, but I have talked with the bank extensively. What I did do though, was I went to the police today with a missing persons report. All I care about right now is she's okay, and then I can worry about my money. I'm not in any real trouble right now anyway.
- Makura

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