| >Low quality audio is coming through the matrix, hurling itself into any receiving port connected to some unaware chummer or curious netheads paying attention.
>It's a song, awfully old one, last century old.
>The quality is awful, it grinds and stops, rewinds and repeats.
>The lyrics all blend into a messy rendition of something that can barely be called human language anymore
>A clicking noise
>Deep breathing.
>Something oily moving.
>The audio cuts suddenly.

| So̡ùr͏c̨e͝ ͠med͘i͏a ͡p̨u͝r͘g͝e̡d̀ ͜o͟f ̶kn͢ǫwn ag҉e̵n͝ts.͏ R͢e͠tu̢r͢ņi̶nǵ to ҉st̨a̕n͏d-b͝y ҉m̶ode.

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