| I need someone who's knowledgeable on the subject asap

no time to explain but a patient's presenting with symptoms and he looks like he was run over by a garbage truck but was mercifully spared

he's holding a bag of unknown contents and is threatneing to unleash it please send help i'm not paid enough for this drek

| Slash it open and see what's inside...

| Can you see what's it he's holding?

| why is this titled bioweapons how do you know it's a bioweapon

| >>764146


>>764147 >>764148

i mean what else could it be dude's just standing in the middle of the waiting room yelling obscenities and holding what looks like a sandwich bag full of marble sized whatevers.

he keeps shaking and shaking it and i swear i saw the thing move. we already called the cops, but like that counts for anythign in this city.

| >>764152
What? Call the dude's bluff. It can't be that bad...

| >>764152
Well fuck. Get the hell away then? You don't want to get with in 10 foot range of a bioweapon, chummer.

| fuck fuck fuck fuck me man are you seeing this shitt??

| >a grainy, shakey photo is uploaded to the Matrix showing what appears to be a thoroughly unkempt man attempting to chug a sandwich bag full of unknown, black colored objects roughly the size of oreos.

| >>764152
if he's shaking it of course it's gonna move you fucking dumbass

| >a second photo is uploaded that is somehow worse than the first. it appears to depict the someone in scrubs holding a sliding glass window closed while on the other end, a black covered humanoid presses its face against said glass.

| >>764157 >>764161


fake and unbased...? idk

| Moving oreos, so cool...

| op here they were not OREOS i repeat they were NOT OREOS

im hiding in the closet because security was shouting for help to restrain the patient and we're understaffed at the moment ever since the cookie cutter shark incident

i took a few more photos but none of them are clear enough to see

but basically what happened was

>crazy guy ranted in the waiting room

>shaking bag around like it was full of explosives

>not sure wtf was in it but he started dumping it all over his face and some people also waiting in the room passed out

>get asked to go around back ways to check on those waiting so i didnt need to deal with crazy man

>crazy man is gone, there's just this pile of black marbles or some shit just piled in front of the patient access desk, moving and squirming about

>fucking book it back inside

| 10 bucks you go check it out

| >>764181


| >>764183
15 bucks?

| Are you still on scene chummer?
I think I may have some things you can try.

First off, I need a better account of the marbles. anything is fine
Second, I need you to tell me where you are, and what systems or items you have access to.
Third, don't call the cops if you care about not being a burnt corpse.

I'll try my best to help.

| They already called the lakeys, lmao. But it could be concerning if it is an actual, propagating bioweapon. I might need to make some calls myself.

| >>764294 >>764297

im inside the clinic still john pulled the fire alarm to close the dooros

soruri fi mistype im shaking sk hard rjght now where the fuck are the cops

| im in ome of the patient rooms i blockdd off the bottom of tbr door and locled it shut

| god fuckingn hell ami going to die

| Well, you did call the cops, and, assuming you told them there is some kind of bioweapon in the building, you're very likely very dead. QUINCY isn't what you'd call very particular to the details. They'll probably just torch the building and call it a day. Thats assuming whatever it is hasn't spread to other buildings, in which case they'll torch them as well, assuming.... Well, you catch my drift.
Feels like a right time to evaluate your life choices to me.

| >>764298
Are there sprinklers going off along with the fire alarm?
Maybe those things will react to the water.

Other than that, any way out from where you stand?

| >>764303

what?? do you think this fucking funny!! why woudl they vorch the whole buodlingMam


no the sprinkers onky go off if theres a fire the alarms blaring rigt now and all the fire doors autoclosed

thetes fire exits at the back the clinics dmall but its down thr hall

| I don't really think your situation is particularly funny? Ironic, in a sense, maybe. They would torch the whole building because it is: 1) easy; 2) effective; 3) quick. And, if torching the building doesn't work, they can always try something else. ????????????????????. You should really consider either collecting your thoughts for the rather short remainder of your life, or try to get out of there.

| Oh, didn't know they'd even censor ????????????????????.

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