(Leak)Incident D-31-7

| >A video file has been leaked on the matrix.
>The file seems to be from a helmet cam feed of a team-leader of a group of soldiers. According to the patch on the plate carrier and on the troops' arm, they are from a unit or an organization called 'SET'.
>The group is currently situated within some kind of apartment compound, they've just finish off a cultist wearing painted ballistic mask and a set of black cloak.

| >The team-leader kneels down to rips off a necklace from around the dead man's neck. He inspects the item on the necklace, a metallic card-like piece of machinery.
>"We've got it."
>"Command, this is Joker 1-1, we've got the item."
>"Roger that, 1-1, go for exfil, over."
>"Copy, proceeding to exfil, over."
>"Time to get out of this hellhole."

| >The group proceeds to clear out but as soon as the first man steps out he was greeted with a shot to the head. The man falls backwards into the room.
>"Command, this is 1-1. We've got contact, man dow-"
>He didn't get the chance to finish his sentence as a gas grenade erupted near him, forcing him to cough and gags for a while, the camera following the movement of his head.

| >When he looks up, a few more suppressed shots ring out and the rest of his squad falls to the ground. He turns to the origin of the shots just in time to see a group of figure, dressed similarly to them, except the equipment are in all-black with nothing to tell each member apart, the patches were left blank. Their faces are covered by S-10 Respirators, not even the eyes can be seen as the lens were painted black.

| >The team-leader raises his own weapon, but was promptly shot, the camera turning to look up the ceiling as his body fall to the floor.
>Silence, only the silent commodity of the gas and some shuffling sound as one of the attackers go through the dead men's pockets.
>The camera catchs one of the figures as he stand up, the necklace from before in his hand.
>"This is Foxhound, jackpot."
>The voice from the figure seems... glitched, distorted, inhuman.

| >The figure looks back right and notices the camera. The last thing you could see before the feed cuts was the business end of a suppressed rifle.

| And this right here, gentlemen, is why you are "constantly dog muzzled" and "forced to suffer" the "tonn of plate" "on every fucking out". Author of the next report containing these complains will be forced to watch this video on repeat for 24 hours.
I suppose enough of you frequent this board. Spread the word.
—Sabre Fase, K-TRAN Corporation, Security Department.

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