(NEWS)Investigation Launched, CEO suspected for Occult Activities.

| The GCPD had launched an investigation into Jason Blau, CEO of Blau Pharmaneutical, this monday after the department recieved evidence regarding Blau's involvement in Occult Activities in Downtown.

The evidence, provided by an anonymous source, reveals that Blau was involved in manufacturing chemical hullucinogens which is used by the Cult of Savior Resurrection uses to recruit new members to its rank.

| GCPD's theory is that Mr.Blau intends to use the Cult as a mean to create unrest within the city and increase required medical supplies in order to treat the wounded, although there are many holes in this theory and nothing is confirmed.

Current whereabouts of Mr.Blau is still unknown. The company was bankrupted following multiple lawsuits from its customer as well as several private security firm.

| Amazing news. Now if the scalpel-obsessed bitch and the pale guy can follow suit, very please? Very difficult to do business with the Board being filled with complete lunatics.


Mr.Blau was found in an apartment previously suspected as a cult hideout in Uptown.

However, the GCPD unit tasked with apprehending the former CEO was ambushed and met with heavy resistance from both the members of the occult group and an unidentified third party. A shootout ensues and the GCPD retreats after taking heavy fire.

The GCPD refuses to collaborate on any further detail regarding the casualties or the mysterious third party present in the shootout.


| Another update!

Mr.Blau has been found dead in his former office, in front of his personal safe, which had been opened shortly before his death.

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