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| So... recently my sister's been dating someone, which I have no problem with at all. The guy's my best friend. I'm really happy for them. She's been going over to his room, which I also have nothing to complain about; It means I have the entire room to myself.

Now, the problem, his room's right next to mine, and the walls are *thin* as fuck and I can hear *everything*. They've learned to keep it down now, but there's still some of *that* coming through.

| Trust me, you guys don't know how disturbing it is to hear your sister and your best friend going at it. There's also some other stuff like music on the speamer and all that as well. Now, he's gonna be gone a little while, so I'm gonna take this chance to soundproof his walls, just so I can help the other neighbors out as well. Anybody's got any ideas about how to do that?

| (Speaker*)

| Well... question, why haven't you asked them to soundproof their own rooms?
- Makura

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I did, a while ago. They said that they'll do it, but then completely forgot about it. Since the guy's gonna be out of town, I figured I might as well do it myself.

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Huh. Well, you do you man.
- Makura

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You or your girlfriend knows anything about soundproofing walls? I'm not experienced with this stuff. Anyone you could recommend?

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Uh... I think the company that made Nanocamo has some sort of soundproofing system. Where you can choose how quiet or loud you want it. It's what she got us. I think it's something around $1500.
- Makura

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Sounds like it's time to just get some headphones and get comfortable chummer. Always works for me.

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I'll look into it, but fuck, that's pretty expensive though.

Yeah, guess you're right, might try that too if I can't soundproof it.

| Why don't you join them for fun? The more, the merrier.

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Sorry, not into incest.

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You're missing out, chum.

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Holy shit! Is this who I think it is? Bro! Headphones don't have to be expensive, they just don't have to be clean. A broken TV with working speakers makes for a nice white noise machine in a pinch too.

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Only thing I'm missing is messing up the relationship I have with two of the people closest to me. So that's a hard pass.

Oh, hey, it's you. I think I might consider the headphones myself.

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Well, you're in luck buddy, if one man's trash is another man's treasure then I'm Indiana Jones, you feel me? I found a pair of earbuds that sound acceptable, there's a bit of a whine in the left but the right's about perfect. They're all yours for 25 and a beer.

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Uh, can I think a bit about that offer?

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Oh yeah, for sure. I'll hold onto it for a bit. You know how to reach me.

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"Alright, I'll see if I can deal with the walls first. Maybe I'll see about some other stuff. Then I'll see if I want that deal.

| There's something you can do for your room

-Find the weakest points where noises travels

-Move your heaviest furniture accordingly (plush sofa, tall wardrobe, etc)

-Install shelving. Fill that shelving.

-Seal any cracks and holes in the wall with a sealant. Doesn't matter how small it is

| -Electrical switches and outlets can also be considered holes in the wall (they're hollow) Ask your landlord if you can get at them, you can wrap the backside of electrical boxes with putty pads and create an air seal + more mass

It's something you want to look up a video for how to do.

| This is about as much as I can recommend without it getting expensive

Sealant can be cheap, but you need a caulking gun. If you were okay with a stranger coming over to your apartment I'd gladly let you use it.

| I also recommend finding acoustic caulk because it's overall more useful for what you'd want it to do (it's kind of in the name)

| And again: This is for YOUR room, not theirs

| >>40a0ec
Alright, thanks for the tips, bud. I'll try it out.

| >>764655
No problem

I looked up if you can do something for those speakers today

"Acoustic foam isolation pads" came up. Do with that what you will

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