| >Welc$$m data "as%
>H$nd?hake compl&te
>Welc%me "/ser "RICHARD, YOUR FRIEND"
>Ac&6ss gra*&ted
>M%trix ac$$ss.
>Sys9*em Err0"r.
>R?&*O F$%?ND
>CA%?NT R&*N
>Awaiting imput....
>Unavailability of access.
>Switiching to local mode.
>Please enter a name to begin.
[Enter Command]

| >Mic

| >>763673
>Name registered.
>Welcome to the island access point.
>This terminal is run using Unix (1985)
>Returning to main menu...
[Enter command]

| >help

| >>763768
>This system is property of DART
>List of commands:
>Run- run the installed disquette
>Listen- Open listening port
>Cull- Cut connection and kill unit
>Data Storage- Access documents stored within current hard memory [225Kb installed]
>Transfer- Transfer command to another unit
>Command line- Access the UNIX command line matrix to enter BASIC instructions.
[Enter command]

| >data storage

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