(Setting/Bar) The Bizarre Beefeater, Day Shift.

| >Downtown, mid-day, the Bizarre Beefeater opens its door for any willing patrons. It's a slow day, the large size of the establishment seeming very out of proportion to the limited amount of patron utilizing its service. After all, people may not have time for drinks and merry-making when there's still work to be done.
>Nonetheless, the bar is still open to all patrons with open arms, like a portal into a place quite bizarre, yet at the same time also warm and welcoming.

| >The establishment, as always, has a decor reflecting the speakeasy of the short-lived Prohibition era; wooden and leather decor, rows upon rows of alcohol on display behind the counter, and the bartenders and waiting staffs dressed in bowler hats and three-pieces suits. There's even jazz band play some tunes on a stage in the corner.
>The staff roster, with the exception of Sniffer the Dog Butler, is filled with different members during the day time as it is during the night.

| >A group of three walks into the bar. The figure at the front, Impulse, is dressed in a set of camo clothing; a jacket, trousers, and boots. An olive beanie covers his buzz cut and a pair of ear protection cover his ears. His blue eyes taking in the decor as he approaches the counter.
>He is flanked by two others, one was a tall and strong man dressed in a plaid shirt with a pair of gray trousers, Andrew. The other was a woman in a leather jacket and navy blue jeans, Valentine.

| >Impulse hollers to Sniffer, the humanoid White Swiss Shepherd in an English Butler outfit that serves as the head of the staff of the Beefeater, who walks over and politely bows as the group take their seats at the counter.

"How may I be of service, Mr.Fields?"

>Sniffer asks, before nodding to each of the man's companions and quickly adds;

"Mr. and Ms. Storm as well, I see."

| "Afternoon, Sniffer, I'll have a Last Word, please. These two will have..."

>Impulse replies, turning to his companion at the last part, waiting for them to fill the gap. Valentine shrugs her shoulder and obey.

"...Piña colada."

"...and an Irish Coffee."

>Andrew adds with a grin. Sniffer nods and turns back to prepare the drink for the group.

| >Sniffer, just as quickly as he left, comes back with the order, seems having multiple bartenders have its perk. The canine butler quickly arranges the orders in front of the respective patron.

"Anything else, sir? Ma'am?"

>He politely asks, but Impulse shakes his head.

"Nothing else, thanks, Sniffer."

>He says as Sniffer bows and takes his leave.

| >Left alone, the three turns back to face one another. Impulse raises his glass, a grin on his face.

"Well, this is gonna be our last drink together in a while, eh? I'll miss this, cheers."

>Andrew smiles as well, although it seems forced. Valentine is frowning, but they raise and clink the glass anyways. They quietly take a sip and set the glasses back on the table. The group sits in awkward silence until Impulse starts up again.

"So, what are you guys gonna do while I'm gone?"

| >Andrew looks back up and answers with a cheeky grin;

"Well, first off, I'm soundproofing your fucking room. I swear, I get it you're in honeymoon phrase, but can you not be so loud?"

>Impulse chuckles out loud, pulling Valentine into his arm, but the woman stays silent as the silence begins to fill the conversation once again. Impulse winks to Andrew without Valentine knowing and Andrew stands up.

| "Al...righty. I'll be right back, I need to use the toilet."

>As soon as Andrew disappears into one of the restrooms, Impulse takes Valentine's hand and gives it a squeeze.

"It's about the trip, isn't it? What's wrong."

>It takes a moment more, but Valentine looks up and nods.

"I'm scared... that you won't come back."

>She says as she starts to tear up.

| "I know, I know, I should be happy for you. This was what you've wanted for years, but now I'm just... I don't know."

>Valentine suddenly lunges forward into Impulse's shoulder and pushes her face against the man.

"I'll come back, as soon as I know what happened, I swear."

>Impulse replies, slowly reaching his arm around the girl, but Valentine pulls back before he could do so.

| "Will you?"

>Valentine says, looking back at the man.

"You say that now, but what happens when you actually meet them. It's your home. They're your actual family, are you still going to come back? I'm just a girl, you can get that any time."

>Impulse is frowning now at the words.

"Valentine, you know that's not true. Only insane people want to date me."

| >Impulse's face twists back into a warm smile. When there's no reply, however, he continues;

"No, but actually, I'll come back, as soon as I could. Promise, okay?"

>Valentine doesn't seem convinced, but she nods and starts wiping her tears with a napkin.

"Alright, fine then, I'm gonna prove to you right now."

>Impulse says with an almost smug grin. Valentine cocks her head at the question as she watches her partner fumbles around in his pockets.

| "Prove wh-"

>She starts before she promptly goes completely speechless as Impulse takes out a tiny little velvet box, he opens the box, revealing... a ring; a plain little golden ring. Valentine stares at it, words refusing to come out of her mouth as Impulse continues.

"Look, I don't know how long it will take, but I promise you, I will come back. Will you wait for me, Valentine, will you marry me?"

| >Tears start rolling down the side of Valentine's cheek once again as she cover her mouth. It takes another second, but in the end, she nods.

"Yes. Yes, of course I'll wait! Of course I'll marry you!"

| >and so, Impulse slips the ring onto Valentine's finger while the woman smiles the widest smiles she's had all evening. The couple kisses, just in time for Andrew to come back.

"I'm bac- oh you've got to be fucking kidding."

>Andrew's cheerful expression disappears quite quickly at the sight of his best friend and his sister eating each other's faces out.

"Can you guys not make out everytime I'm gone?"

| >There was no verbal reply from the couple, Valentine simply acknowledges the presence of her brother with a middle finger, which also shows off her new ring. Andrew looks at the ring, realizing what had happened, a smile reappears on his face.

"Alright, just this one time, I'll let it slip."

>He sighs as he sits down next to the couple, and down the rest of his drink in one go.

| >He hollers for Sniffer.

"Sniffer, can I have another one?"

>He orders, pointing at now-his empty glass. Sniffer bows and turns to find the proper ingredients to mix up another cocktail for Andrew.

| (Apologies for the text wall btw. This thread is still an open setting so anyone's free to join.)
>Meanwhile, in the background, the band on the stage in the corner starts up another song as some of the bartenders and waiting staff falls into idle conversation as they wait for more possible patrons. (https://youtu.be/ryA6eHZNnXY)

| >A young woman enters the bar, wearing a drab blue jump suit and a mesh-back baseball cap that reads "BOOTY HUNTER" in bold letters with the silhouette of a woman on it. Her hair is done up in a long dark ponytail that reaches the middle of her back. She walks up to the bar with a bounce in her step and sits down.

"Hey-o~! Bartender can I get some gin, neat please!"

| >>763285
>As you enters, one of the figures dressed in the staff's three-piece suit and bowler hat standing by the door notices your hat. The woman whistles at you as you walks past them, but didn't start any conversation beyond that.

| >A pair of bartender, also dressed like the other staffs by the door, was engaged in some idle conversation as you approaches the bar, but as you sit down and order, the pair separates.

"I've got it!"

>One of the bartenders shouts out as she walks over with an old-fashioned glass and a bottle of gin, while her
co-worker stays in his place behind the counter and watches the others work, cross-armed. She pours out a shot and serves it to you.

"Hey, nice hat."

| (That last part was supposed to be red but okay)

| >>763300
"Hey thanks, girl! Can you believe someone just threw this thing away? It's hilarious!"

>She says while straightening her cap.

"Pretty classy joint you got here; can't help but feel a little under dressed, but I was out doing my rounds, heard the music from outside and decided I deserved a little break."

>She takes a sip of her drink before cringing then making a satisfied smile.

| >>763359
>The bartender straightens her back and selects out a glass to clean.

"Don't worry about it, we aren't strict on dress code. Well, unless you're staff, of course."

>She say, the bartender is an albino girl wearing an ebony black suit and hat which contrasts sharply with her skin and hair. She tips and smiles her bowler hat when she mentions the staff part.

"Well, what's your name?"

| >>763429
"My name? I'm Gomi! At least that's what people call me."

>She says with a smile and a thumbs up.

"What about you?"

| >>763444
"Me? I'm Ingrid, nice to meet you, Gomi."

>She replies, setting down the clean glass, tipping her hat once again.

"Now, do you want anything to go with the drink?"

| >Meanwhile, on the otherside, the couple quickly drains their glass and stands up.

"Leaving so soon, Mr.Fields?"

>Sniffer asks as he picks up the empty glasses.

"Yes, I think I would like to take my fiancée somewhere more private."

>Impulse replies, quite beaming with joy.

"You didn't think to take me somewhere more private when you did all of that?"

>Valentine turns to say, before smiling again.

"I'm kidding, let's go."

| >Andrew stays seated in his chair. The couple looks back at him, but he waves his hand.

"You guys do that, I'll stay here, give you some privacy."

>He says, winking at them. The couple smiles. Impulse hands him a credstick, winking back.

"Knock yourself out."

>After that, the couple left, leaving Andrew alone in the bar.

| >>763469

"Nice to meet you Ingrid, I'm good for now, I'd take another drink though. I don't like to mix liquor and food."

>Gomi was eavesdropping, hard.

"Did that guy just talk about privacy then immediately broadcast that he was gonna go lay some pipe?"

| >>763566
"Pfft, eavesdropping already, huh?"

>Ingrid grins as she pours you another shot of gin.

"Cut them some slack, the guy's gonna be out of town for a bit, so this could be their last chance. Besides, the dude's got some balls, he just proposed right here in public."

| >>763634

"No shit?"

>Gomi rests her chin on her hand and lets out a sigh

"What a move! I think I'd tell myself I wouldn't want something like that but... fuck! I dunno. I respect it."

>Gomi gestures over at Andrew.

"Third wheel, huh? How you holding up after that?"

| >The door of the Beefeater swung open widely, as a new arrival made her way in with wide steps... Okay wide might be a lie, at her height wide was just below average steps.
>With large horns sticking out of her exposed forehead and long cream colored hair, draping over a simple white dress shirt with a stiff collar and shoulder boards adorned with the oak leaves of a major.
>It's Chanka!

| >>763654
"Right? Gotta respect that."

>Ingrid says, putting the bottle of gin back down under the counter.

"How I'm holding up? I feel like I should get a medal for the best wingman of the year!"

>Andrew says as he looks back at Gomi when she calls him out.

"Alright, that's enough boasting, Andy. Another drink?"

>Ingrid shouts back.

"Nah. Sniffer just gave me one."

| >>763657
>With Andrew now occupying Ingrid, Sniffer bows as he takes a leave and walks over to greet Chanka.

>Sniffer takes form of a swiss shepherd in a butler uniform.

"Welcome, ma'am, to the Bizarre Beefeater. I am Sniffer, but you may also refer to me as the Butler, how may I be of service?"

>Sniffer recites to Chanka with a polite bow.

| >>763660
>Gomi eyes light up response to Andrew.

"A medal for best wingman? Hoooold up!"

>She quickly sprints out of the building and comes back in with a large backpack that looks fit to burst at the seams and begins shuffling through it's contents

"Here~ we~ go!"

>Gomi pulls a bronze medal with a blue ribbon out of her pack that reads:


>Gomi takes the medal and attempts to hand it over to Andrew with a sincere smile.

| >>763664
"Oh, what the hell?"

>Andrew laughs as he takes the medal. He takes a moment to look at the medal before handing it back to you.

"Sick, thanks... uh, what's your name?"

| >>763666

>Gomi struggles to hoist her mammoth backpack onto the nearest empty seat then sits down next to it

>She sits down panting heavily then takes a swig of her drink. She hollers at the bar staff, pointing at her backpack.

"This is okay right? I'll take it back outside if you need the seat."

>She turns back to Andrew, still partially out of breath and starts fanning herself with her hat.

"Name's Gemma but most people call me Gomi. What about you, world champ?

| >>763661
>Chanka is dumbfounded.
>She opens and closes her mouth a few times before finally speaking:
>She exclaims, pointing at sniffer with genuine surprise

| >>763669
>Ingrid takes a brief glance back at the backpack.

"Uh, sure. It's not like the bar's really crowded this time of the day anyways."

>Andrew looks at the backpack as well, but turns back to answer the question.

"Andy, full name's Andrew Storm if you need to know."

>He extends his hand, looking over Gomi's shoulder at the backpack.

"Why are you carrying around so much stuff?"

| >>763670
>Sniffer clears his throat.

"Well, biological augmentations, some genetic modifications. Adding Bizarre to the Beefeater, ma'am."

>He replies, very politely, althought you might be able to detect some hint of amusement in his tone if you listen carefully.

"Now, what can I get you, and may I perhaps get your name if it is not of inconvenience to you."

| >>763671

>Gomi puts her cap back on then straightens it and accepts the handshake, after wiping her hand off on her pant leg.

"Nice to meetcha Andy! Andrew Storm... Cool! Kinda like a super hero! Do you have a secret identity?!"

"Let's just say my side-hustle is salvaging. I'm out digging around landfills and junkyards looking for stuff that might sell."

"This backpack is just a bunch of cool trinkets and stuff I might have a use for."

| >>763674
"Oh, cool."

>Andrew replies, trying to adjust his own cap, before realizing that he wasn't wearing any. He chuckles and takes a drink from his glass instead.

"Secret identity? Not really, but I have the tragic backstory, so I guess that's half the way there?"

| >>763676

>Gomi takes a deep breath and looks content

"Thanks, Andy. It's not often people don't look down at what I do for a living. You didn't even flinch after I gave you handshake!"

"Tragic backstory, huh? How tragic we talking here, on the scale from dead parents to watching your home planet be destroyed?"

>Gomi asks, before polishing off her second drink.

| >>763678
"Dead parents, I don't miss them much anymore though. Can't even remember what they look like, but now my sister's all I've got."

>Andrew replies. He clears his throat.

"Sorry, probably not a good thing to tell somebody I just met."

| >>763684
>Gomi pats Andy on the back, pretty hard.

"Naaah, it's fine. I'm the one who kinda dug it out of you. If it's any consolation, I'll trade you for my less than tragic backstory."

"My nickname, Gomi. It means 'garbage'. I've had it since high school. I used to be Bosozoku and I got the nickname for my absolutely nasty attitude. I grew out of it, but the name stuck, and now I work with trash, daily. Funny, how things work."

| >>763672
>Chanka's brain isn't quite catching up, but she decides its not worth investigating further.
>She flutters her eyelids for a moment before standing tall (relatively) and proud.
"Major Talia Chanka! From the GCPD!"
>She answers in a clear voice with a slight lisp

| >>763689
"Guess that's a fair trade."

>Andrew says, finishing his second glass. He hollers to Ingrid.

"Another, please."

>Ingrid turns back again.

"What were you drinking?"

>She asks.

"Um, Irish Coffee, but I'm gonna switching it up. How about a French 75."

>Ingrid nods, already collecting bottles of drinks to prepare rhe cocktail.

"Sure, give me a second."

>Meanwhile, Andrew turns back to Gomi.

"Anyways, the couple? One's my sister and the other's my best friend."

| >>763691
"Very well, Miss Chanka, what can I get you?"

>Sniffer nods and asks. He reaches down and picks up a menu from under the counter. He hands it to Chanka.

| >>763693

>Gomi seems like she's mulling over her options.

"Ehh, to hell with it. I've already committed to day drinking, might as well keep it going. Already got a nice haul today."

>She leans forward in her seat and waves to beckon Ingrid. Then switches her attention back to Andy.

"Your best friend and your sister are an item? That sounds ideal! You all seem close; coming out to a bar together and all. You don't live with them do you?"

| >>763695
"That's my girl!"

>Ingrid cheers as she sets down Andrew's cocktail and pours Gomi another drink.

"Well, it's complicated. His room is next to mine. My sister and I were roommates, but she's been switching between his room and mine. I think she's probably gonna permanently stay at his room now, can't wait."

| >>763704

>Gomi takes the next drink with a wink

"Thanks for supporting my bad habits."

>Gomi responds to Andy.

"Yeah, having your own space is super nice! Hopefully they don't uh, *keep you awake*, I'm convinced the walls of a typical GC apartment actively makes things louder. I've pissed off enough neighbors to know."

>Gomi points to Chanka.

"Is that who I think it is? Back when I was a public nuisance I always heard the stories; never thought I'd see her in the flesh."

| >>763712
"I'll continue supporting your bad habits as long as it pay my wages."

>Ingrid says, winking back and smiling.

"Oh yeah, that's an understatement."

>Andrew chuckles.

"Why do you think I'm staying here?"

| >>763727

>Gomi giggles then shrugs.

"And here I was thinking it was cuz of my company."

>She takes another drink and smiles.

"So, I told you what I do for cash. What do you do for work, Andy?"

| >>763819
"Fine, I'll admit, having company is nice."

>Andrew takes another sip as well.

"Work? How do I explain it. Vigilante, maybe? We kill thugs and people like that for a living."

| >>763712
"Why are you pointing at me!!"
>Chanka says with a pout as she sits down
"I'll take a sugar rush! with lots of karmotrine!"

| >>763847
"As you wish, ma'am, it will take just a moment."

>Sniffer bows and quickly turns around to mixes up a few ingredients from the BTC machine, stationed in between the shelves and shelves of alcohols. He quickly returns with a glass of sugar rush.

"Sugar Rush, would you like anything else to go with it? Some appetizers, perhaps?"

| >>763838

>Gomi has a puzzled look on her face, when she addresses Andrew

"Alright, Mr. Super Hero. It's never too late for a secret identity y'know, don't worry. I'll never tell."

>Then she nearly jumps out of her seat when addressed by Chanka.

"Sorry miss uhh Chanka, right? I didn't mean anything by it. You were something of a boogeyman to the guys I used to run with. Let's just say I'm a bit starstruck."

| >>763854
"That's noted."

>Andrew does a casual salute which turns into a finger gun.

"What's should I name my secret identity?"

| >>763857

>Gomi gives around of applause

"I like the theatrics! I already feel at ease knowing you're gonna be out there keeping us safe."

>Then she rests her chin on her fist

"Hmm, I dunno. How about Nimbus or Monsoon or something. Like bro, your last name is Storm. That's super cool!"

| >>763864
"Very well, Lord Nimbus, at your service."

>Andrew says in one of the mock posh accents, doing an over-the-top bow and grinning.

| >>763880
>Gomi laughs hard enough that she snorts a bit, making her a bit red in the face. She collects herself and clears her throat.

"A hero and a gentleman to boot! I like it! Tell you what, Lord Nimbus. You and your 'league of heroes' need some spare parts or somethin' hard to find; Gimme a call and I'll see what I can do. Support the cause and all that."

>She reaches into a pocket on her chest and pulls out a metal nut with her phone number scratched into the side.

| >>763886
"You'll be the first one we call, madam Gomi."

>He keeps his head bowed while he says that, but springs back up once he's done with his dialogue and take the metal nut.

"Cool, so that's that. Please don't make me try out the posh accent ever again, that was bad."

| >>763895

>Gomi just responds back with a smile.

"I think it's funny at least, besides. It's probably the closest I'll get to living high society."

>Gomi waves down Ingrid, again.

"Alright Ingrid, I'll take a beer and something to eat. I need to make sure I'm not dead in the morning."

>Then speaks to Andy

"Y'know, Andy. You remind me a lot of my big bro. He was always looking out for us punks and always knew how to make me laugh."

| >>763910
"A beer and something to eat, got it."

>Ingrid enthusiastically replies, jumping to her feet and fetches a bottle of beer from a freezer under the counter and a pint to match.

"Zach! Get me a plate of onion rings."

>Zach, the bartender that was chilling in the background from before, also jumps to his feet and disappears around a corner before promptly returning with a plate of onion rings with some ketchup for dipping.

| "Oh, you get a lot of practice when... let's see, your dad, your sister, and your best friend all have the accent."

>Andrew replies, counting them on his fingers. He suddenly turns to catch Zach's arm as he put the plate of snacks down.

"Zach, get me some fish fingers too."

>Zach nods and turns around again. Andrew turns back to Gomi.

"Anyways, I'll take that as a compliment."

>He says as Zach sets down his fish fingers, with dipping sauce.

| >>763932
>Gomi starts eating her onion rings, nearly talking with her mouth full.

"I meant it as one, sorry I mentioned him in the first place, I just got to remembering the old days, he was the leader of our gang and I haven't seen him since he graduated. I always wonder what he's up to these days."

>Gomi notices Andy counting on his fingers.

"What's going on with that? Don't tell me you're looking for marks in here!"

| >>763947
"No worries. You sounded close."

>Andrew says, dipping a piece of fried fish into the tarter sauce. He takes a bite and dips the rest of the half-eaten finger while he defends himself.

"What? No, no, I'm just proving a point that at least half the people I'm close with has some kind of posh accent."

| >>763955

"Yeah, we were... At least I thought we were. He didn't say a word to me. He just graduated from high school and turned into a ghost."

>Gomi says, looking down at her food.

"How does your sister have that fancy accent but you don't? Did you guys grow up in different places?"


| >>764084
"Oh, that's because our dad was British but our mom was American."

>Andrew replies.

"I guess she was a lot closer with our dad than I was. By the time I was born our dad got pretty busy, so I got more accent from my mother rather than my father."

| >>764099


>Gomi looks surprised.

"That's pretty crazy, I'm sure there's a word or two that you probably say just like your dad. If I ever find it, I'll never let you forget it."

"My parents weren't around much but you probably coulda guessed that."

>Gomi finishes up her food and drink.

"Alright Ingrid, I'm tapping out. I'd like to make it home in one piece."

>Gomi digs in her pocket for her credstick.

| >>764103
"Yeah, I suppose."

>The way Andrew said 'I suppose' was almost British.

"Take care you come back alright?"

>Ingrid replies.

| >>764106

>Gomi waves goodbye to Ingrid.

"You can count on it! Later girl!"

>She puts her hand on Andy's shoulder

"Alright Lord Nimbus, I *suppose* I'm gonna get outta here. Take it easy, and give my congratulations to the happy couple. And if you're looking for some 'lightly used' merchandise or just need someone to talk to, you know how to reach me."

| >>764107
"Yes, of course. Lovely meet you"

>Andrew does the ridiculous bow again.


>Ingrid shouts after Gomi with a wink and a smile.

| >>764108

>Gomi turns around and gives Andy a curtsy with an invisible skirt.

"It's been a pleasure m'lord"

>She says in an extremely poorly executed accent.

>Gomi heaves her backpack on over her shoulders and makes her way to the exit and tosses out a peace sign as she leaves.

"Later guys!"

| >>764137

>Andrew waves after Gomi before he takes another sip of his drink.

"Later, girl!"

>Ingrid follow suits.

"You think she's gonna be okay? That pack looks really heavy..."

>She turns to Andrew, who shrugs at the question before he answers;

"Probably, she does this for a living."

| >Andrew slowly continues to work through his little plate of fish fingers. Ingrid leans in closer, resting her body on the counter.

"So, Andy, you seeing somebody right now?"

>Andrew looks up at the bartender with a raised eyebrow.

"No? Are you interested?"

>Andrew leans in closer, but Ingrid dodges out the way, leaning back straight up.

"After last time? Absolutely not. I was just wondering if you're better behaved now that your sister's getting married. I guess not."

| >Andrew shots back a grin.

"Well, somebody's gotta have some fun in the sibling bond. Valentine's getting married so I have to do that for her now."

>Ingrid picks up a glass to clean.

"What? Come on, I thought it was romantic."

>Andrew scoffs, finishing another finger and taking a sip from the drink.

"Romantic? More like boring."

>Ingrid sighs, throwing the towel she used to clean the glass at Andrew and walking away.

"You're hopeless."

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