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The hounds.

| Tonight the Streets are red.
The lights are blue and blinding.

You know the rest.
About this story, about the hounds, chasing lies with bathed breaths.

The noose ties itself unto your neck.

Now this, this a hunt worth the while!

No degree of your Half-light will save you from your own ignorance.

Keep running, I'll keep fanning.

Run and run, just as you've always done.

Keep your morality while the world burns around you.

I will teach you what it's like to regret regrets.

| Brooooooo...

That don't even rhyme wth...

| >>761274
Rhymes can fuck off.

They're cramping my style.

| >>761279

Your style sucks bro

| >>761281
It's not meant for you then.

| Whatever's on the table, plays.

| >>761295
Wether truth or lies, it gets said all the same.


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This thread is permanently archived