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fifty six runners in all...

| thirty three deckers,
five riggers,

half of 'em considered "solos" if i'm reading this night city lingo right,

at least four newly founded groups of razorkids, all dead.

in broad *daylight.*

not to mention no less than 18 so called "samurai," questionable but that's besides the point.

Y'all really gonna let this keep on going? Shit!

I have half a mind to finance counter-assholes to counter these assholes. this is worse than bullying newbies on mmos.

Come the fuck on. -Dread

| also whomever's out there taking that damn offer...

you really shouldn't be going after registered lilims so bold. y'all dumb.

eventually more'n the GCPD are gonna take notice, ya know. -Dread

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I don't appreciate the condescending nature of these "Punisher" type jackasses, runners have a code of honor we adhere by and these guys are pissing on it like its fucking toilet paper.
I say we teach them how much they should learn to respect the pecking order.

| >>761092

I hear that. Heard tell that some of the old fogies are considering some temporary "pro bono" work, if you get my meaning.

I got enough to eat for the next couple months anyway. Been awhile since I had a good shootemup. -Dread

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Everything is temporary.

-Neon Knight

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Lemme check my contacts.

I too haven't had a good sport in a while chummer.

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