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So I'm new here and was wondering if there is anything I need to know

| Hey so a coworker of mine recommended this to me and I'm a little overwhelmed if I'm being honest. I've never really done anything like this before so I was just wondering if there was anything special here or the like. Thanks!


| >>760848
I reccomend you watch DYNAMOFORCE in it's entirety. and then read the archives.

| If it says Rat, leaaave it alone.
- Nerris

| Keep it simple; keep it surface.


| Huh, alright thank you all! I don't know what Dynamoforce is but I'll keep it in mind I guess, along with the other stuff


| in the words of indiana jones dont trust anybody


| Get a gun, or guys with guns, preferably both.

| Don't croak.

| Avoid the Motor District once the sun goes down.

- EZBreezy

| Avoid the flooded

| >>761146 Oh jeez that sounds kind of rough, thanks for the tip <3


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This thread is permanently archived