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So uh, let's say for shits and giggles that CN and his Dynamofriends are real.

| ...how would one go about hiring them?

The Dynamoforce show doesn't really... go into any great detail about it. Do they have like... a Dynamo signal or something?

| >>760800
Contact someone more reliable I'd say
Like, actual runners or something.

| >>760818

Haha, uh, do you mean that the Dynamofucks aren't, uh, real?

| You don't ask for CN, he'll work with you if your goal collides with his.

| >>760909

W-well uh, he likes kids, right?

If a kid is involved, *then* will he help me?

| >>760927
Maybe? depends on the kid involved I guess.

| >>760927
I think he likes helping people in general. He's the strong moralist type, doesn't even carry a gun.

| >>761018

I'm talking about the *real* CN though, the one that everyone says is a master hacker and part of a team of hyper lethal mercenaries. Not the superhero show.


What kind of kid?

| >>761048
Yeah, and you clearly haven't met the bloke before. One meeting in and you already know he's balls deep in moralist territory.

| >>761050

What'd he do to earn that???

| >>761048
Are you? Cuz the way you're speaking makes you sound like you only ever heard about the cartoons.

| >>761053
You clearly knows nothing about CN. Earn what? His attitude? It's like asking how a Brit like tea so bloody much; They're either born with it or their surrounding gave it to them.

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I-i'm not a kid!


So they were born a superhero!?

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Most folks in the shadows are born a second time.

Most often, not as superheroes omae, stop dreaming.

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Bloody hell, what are your brains made out of? He's not a superhero, he's just a half-decent bloke with good skills in the shitshow that we call Glitch-fucking-City.

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I think you need to slam it chummer.
If you know this "real CN" or whatever, I bet he wouldn't like having his details shared on a site that gets used by Wetwork specialists, capiche?

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So... so the geekboy and dynamofucks are real!?!?

| >>761078
The 'details' that I've 'shared' are basically common knowledge. If any 'wetwork specialists' that saw this haven't figured those shit out, I recommend quitting.

| >>761079
Yep, you're a kid alright. Wasted my time again, oh well. If you really want to know, yes, he's real. I heard the big genitalia part's true as well.

| >>761085

A-as if i care about his dynamowang!

Now this just settles it! I need the geekboy's help!

And I need someone to contact him!

| >>761091
Right, and what exactly do you have in mind that the almighty geekboy would want to help with?

| >>761095

A kidnapping!

| >>761099
Oh boy, here we go.

| >>761099
Interesting, and have you contact the cops yet?

| >>761102

Shush, you.


Everyone knows the cops don't care.

| >>761113
Right, and who got kidnapped. I swear if it's your little teddy bear I'll fucking kidnap and shoot it myself.

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